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Chocolate liqueurs take it to the next level compared to chocolate liqueurs as they are an alcoholic chocolate garnish that makes a refreshing addition to cocktails, coffee, ice cream, sauces chocolates, cakes and other delicious desserts.

Have a chocolate liqueur ready for baking during the holidays for extra flavor. And they can make delicious cocktails for the holidays, too.

Alternatively, you can drink the chocolate liqueur out of the bottle as an after-meal dessert, however, we think you’ll enjoy it better when mixed with your favorite cake or coffee drink. .

I have tasted ten brands of chocolate liquor and recommend them in this popular line. You will learn the best ways to enjoy each brand.

Best Chocolate Liquor

Are you ready for the biggest chocolate adventure of your adult life? Challenge your taste buds!

Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao

Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao is a chocolate liqueur with 24% alcohol by volume (ABV) and Swiss-inspired recipe with British and French accents.

It is a blend of Mexican Vanilla and Venezuelan Cocoa. The producer uses only the highest quality cocoa and vanilla from Venezuela and Mexico.

I love that the higher alcohol content makes the homemade macaroons I bake more juicy with a richer chocolate flavor.

I also have this on my side when I eat some homemade macaroons for dessert one night after dinner. Of course I can’t have enough macaroons!

Godiva Dark Chocolate Liquor

Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur combines aromas of black cherries, cold brew coffee and citrus peels with melted Godiva dark chocolate.

Starting at 15% ABV, the company’s website recommends using this liqueur for your Grand Martini, Chocolate Martini, or six other drink recipes for reference so you can enjoy it at home.

Because of its fruity taste, I made a Chocolate Envy Martini from the Godiva website, topped with a slice of orange.

I also make orange cake and chocolate ice cream. I added Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur to chocolate ice cream to compliment my favorite drink.

I love the combination of orange and chocolate!

Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry

Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry is 17% more pungent than the Godiva variety.

The liqueur has a nutty flavor mixed with deep black cherry flavors and the recipe has more dark chocolate than milk chocolate.

I tried their suggestion of putting Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry on top of the ice cream.

I tried it with vanilla ice cream and a black cherry on top. And there’s also chocolate ice cream with black cherries on top in a separate bowl. I love both sets.

However, I feel that the vanilla ice cream goes well with the cherry and chestnut scents. more than chocolate

Godiva Chocolate Liquor

Smooth Belgian milk chocolate with 15% alcohol is a simple recipe. But delicious for Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.

Its smooth texture makes this wine perfect for lovers of simple flavors in desserts.

The proposed drink recipe of Truffletini and Chocolate Martini is perfect for drinking Godiva Chocolate Liqueur year round.

Since fall arrives, I’ve been trying Pumpkin Pie because it’s garnished with my favorite fall food: candy corn.

I enjoy a drink with a slice of pumpkin roll from my favorite local baker. and was very impressed with the warm spices that the two complement each other

Bottega Gianduia Wine

With a shelf life of 30 months and a low ABV of 17%, Bottega Gianduia Liqueur is sweet, creamy and rich.

The drink has its origins in the early 19th century, when Gianduia chocolate originated in Piedmont, mainly based on ground beans when cocoa was scarce at the time.

I drank it directly and it was very unique compared to the famous American spirits on the market.

I also let the wine soak into the homemade muffins, and the delicious coffee, cocoa, and nuts add to the flavor of the cake.

Shilin White Chocolate

Enjoy this smooth Irish whiskey blended with white chocolate cream for a more seductive chocolate liqueur.

The company recommends enjoying it with ice or mixed with a creamy cocktail or coffee drink.

This product also won a silver medal at the San Francisco Spirits competition.

I mixed the Sheelin White Chocolate into the white cake. Then I covered the cake with vanilla ice cream mixed with a bit of white chocolate cheese before chilling.

The aroma of ice cream both in the cake and with ice is amazing!

Mozart Chocolate Liquor Ice Cream

Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur comes in four delicious flavors: cream, vanilla, praline and milk chocolate.

Originated in Austria It’s a richer, richer alternative to other popular American brands.

This product has won the 2022 Double-Gold World Spirits Award among three other awards this year.

Although in the US they are hard to find. But I was able to order bottles overseas and it was worth the high shipping costs!

I drank it with ice and tasted its lovely creamy texture and marshmallow flavor. I bought some pistachios from the store to dip into my drink and what a great compliment!

Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa

Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa is perfect for those who prefer a stronger alcoholic flavor as it has 30% ABV.

Mexican Criollo dark chocolate paired with low quality coffee and tequila. Complement each other rich, warm flavor. Unlike other chocolate liqueurs you’ve ever tried

I make a Mexican chocolate cake topped with cinnamon and enjoy a Patron with ice.

Letting the cake melt in your mouth while drinking Patron is the perfect combination, one of my favorites out of all the items on this list.

Dorda . Double Chocolate Liqueur

What chocolate lover doesn’t love double chocolate?

Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur contains no artificial flavors and is made with only the highest quality Chopin Rye Vodka and dark chocolate from the finest sources.

Dorda wine is not difficult to find at my local liquor store. I enjoyed a double Dorda chocolate liqueur along with trying the Dorda chocolate cake recipe.

Adding alcohol to the cake mix is ​​the right combination to enhance the rich chocolate flavor of the coffee and create moisture for the cake.

Royal chocolate Marie Brizard

Like the other liqueurs on the list, Marie Brizard Chocolat Royal is a French chocolate liqueur that sits in the Heroes Collection at just 17% ABV.

Cocoa beans come from Africa. But you’ll also get caramel and vanilla flavors that complement the dark chocolate flavor.

I picked up a packet of ladyfinger cookies from the local grocery store and ate it with a glass of Marie Brizard Chocolat Royal on ice.

I even went so far as to dip Lady Fingers in my drink to let the cookies soak up the chocolate flavor. I’ve had five Lady Fingers dipped in liqueur and still want more!

Best Chocolate Liquor

  1. Tempus Fugit Creme de Cacao
  2. Godiva đen Dark Chocolate Liquor
  3. Bailey’s Chocolate Cherry
  4. Godiva Chocolate Liquor
  5. Bottega Gianduia Wine
  6. Shilin White Chocolate
  7. Mozart Chocolate Liquor Ice Cream
  8. Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa
  9. Dorda . Double Chocolate Liqueur
  10. Royal chocolate Marie Brizard

final thought

Chocolate liqueur is great with ice or mixed with your favorite dessert.

What is your favorite chocolate liqueur in this category? Is there anything you haven’t tried yet?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below to join the conversation!

Check out other popular liqueurs to add to cocktails like coffee liqueur or orange liqueur for something lighter!

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