10 Best Garena Games Worth Trying At Least Once

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The game Garena is too familiar to the players when almost every computer in the online store also has at least one game from this publisher installed. So what games does Garena have that make the gaming community “fever”? Find out with Innnewyorkcity VN.com through the following article!

League of Legends – Garena’s most popular game

League of Legends is undoubtedly the most popular game in Vietnam. And if you don’t know, from the very beginning, Garena was the editor who brought this game to our country.

League of Legends is a popular MOBA game introduced in 2009, with each level consisting of 2 factions, each with 5 warriors, on a Summoner Rift map. The task of the two teams is to do everything possible to destroy the main house of the opposing team. The game has very good graphics quality, beautiful effects and extremely rich tactics, although so far there have been 155 generals corresponding to the roles: rifleman, supporter, gladiator, tank, mage, killer.

FIFA online 4

If you love football and top quality games, FIFA Online is a Garena game that you cannot ignore. FIFA 4 continues the success of the previous installments, bringing players to more than 30 tournaments and 15,000 different players in real life.
FIFA online 4
Part 4 keeps most of the advantages of FIFA 3 and takes the game to a completely different level compared to the previous part. The picture, sound and quality of the tournament have all been improved, much more thoroughly.

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sword & soul

Blade & Soul is a martial arts-inspired game of fighting and flying in an open world. If you don’t know, this is one of the few great games featuring the first airship to fly in the wind in Vietnam. The game has pretty good gameplay when players have to combine moves to create the most effective chain of attacks. Also, many new elements are added to create a unique feature that only Blade & Soul possesses.
sword & soul

Lien Quan Mobile – The most successful Garena game for mobile devices

Lien Quan Mobile is a very famous game and a must-have for everyone who loves MOBA series. The Alliance army is also split into 2 sides with 5 generals and 3 attack lines on each side. Your task is also to do everything possible to destroy the enemy’s main house.
Lien Quan Mobile - The most successful Garena game for mobile devices
The game has beautiful graphics, clear picture quality, easy to watch and gorgeous skin. Really, once you’ve played Lien Quan, it’s hard to keep your wallet intact because the costumes are so beautiful and the effects are super cool. Besides, the attractive and extremely easy-to-play gameplay makes Lien Quan very popular among young players.

Free Fire – Garena Game with the most scandals

Regarding Free Fire (or “Fire Temple”), this is not a strange name since this game is really famous. The game allows up to 50 players to parachute onto an island where players must search for weapons and items to survive. Whoever survives at the end wins.
Free Fire - Garena Game with the most scandals
This is also the game that Garena criticized the most due to the pay-to-win element of the game. The more you charge up in Free Fire, the more powerful characters and weapons you get. But there’s no denying that the game has created a community with hundreds of thousands of players on Garena’s team. Currently, Free Fire also has its own tournament and attracts many teams to participate.

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Game garena 1 gkart
GKART is a lesser-known Garena game compared to other MOBA games, but for those who love speed sports games, this is a product worth checking out, the game was released in 2016 with an extremely interesting gameplay. Players only need to use arrow keys and function keys to change speed and create beautiful drifts. There are multiple racing modes to choose from, each with free in-game props to boost your competitiveness with other players.

Black fund

Although not as famous as Garena’s other games, this really is an extremely “gory” shooter action game for “battle-blooded” players. The game features a unique first-person development system with an extremely intense battle and terror scene. Granted, the graphics of this game aren’t top notch like Free Fire or other popular shooters of today, but this is a lot of people’s childhood.

team tactics

Game garena 3 battle tactics
The Arena of Truth is one of the Garena games in the League of Legends game system, this is a product developed by Riot Games with the main inspiration coming from Dota 2 custom map Dota Auto Chess. The game revolves around 8 players. Build teams Fight each other, the last one standing wins. The battlefield of this game is hexagonal and the player can most strategically place his units at the corners of the hexagon. With this game, you’ll never know what it is as Riot Games updates it every few months.

Garena Contra returns

The classic game Contra seemed to have been forgotten, but suddenly the Japanese game company KONAMI, in cooperation with China’s Tencent, was “reborn” as a mobile game and published by Garena. This game still features linear shooter gameplay, fighting monsters, killing bosses and experiencing new scenes, new music in each level will delight players because they just got challenged with new challenges. The PvP game mode is more difficult as it both relives childhood with the 30+ year old game and makes waves among many close friends.

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Elysium Rings

Game Garena 5 Ring of Elysium
This online garena game is more popular and famous in Europe and America. The game belongs to the survival fighting genre. The game’s plot is divided into several seasons, the player will gradually explore the plot by doing quests, fighting with enemies to pass the next levels and moving to other “seasons”. Each season you will meet new characters related to the events of that season. During the seasons you will be taken to different lands with hidden dangers waiting for you, lost in a land without life, the player’s task is to fight to escape this deadly place.
Above are 10 best Garena games that are good, quality and highly supported by players. It can be said that the attraction of all 5 games has been instrumental in the success of the Garena brand.

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