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I would venture to say that pizza is the most loved food in the world. Perhaps its allure is that pizza is one of the most adaptable foods. Compatible with changing cultures Including vegetarian pizza.

Pizza celebrates American tradition and innovation with authentic Neapolitan pizzas and regional standards like New York style and Chicago cuisine.

The latest pizza adaptation in the US pays homage to the growing popularity of vegetarian cuisine.

There are many types of vegan pizzas. Using plant-based meats and cheeses can fool meat and dairy lovers. Pizza shops have gone vegan. By opening plates, restaurants, vegan eateries succeed all over the United States.

Where can I find vegetarian pizza?

Read on to see where you can find the best vegan pizza in America.

double zero

Many people visit the site.

Double Zero is the world-renowned premium vegetarian pizzeria by renowned vegetarian restaurant Matthew Kenny. Concept creator for over ten fully vegetarian restaurants with locations around the world.

Double Zero, like other Matthew Kenny restaurants, makes healthy, plant-based pizza.

Double Zero creates their signature thin-crust wood-fired pizzas using tree-nut cheeses, organic vegetables, and plant-based meats.

Their main location is in New York City, but Double Zero has plenty of great restaurants all over the United States. including Baltimore, Boston and LA.

The menu includes organic natural wines, appetizers, vegan pasta and desserts. I love the cashew cream pizza with wild mushrooms, kale and lime sauce.

Screamer’s Pizzeria, Brooklyn, New York

620 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Phone: 347-844-9412 Visit website

New York City is as famous for its pizza as Italy, so you can expect at least a few of the top vegan pizzerias in the US to be New Yorkers.

With locations in Crown Heights and Greenpoint, Screamer’s Pizzeria is the pinnacle of authentic New York. with giant slices and white paper plates

If not for marketing You would never know these pizzas are vegan.

There are New York-style thin-crust pies and Sicilian grandma pies, which are deep square pizzas.

My favorite is buffalo cake with tomato sauce, vegan cheese, buffalo cauliflower. Ricotta Dolly Ranch Almonds Drizzle and chives

Sugar Pizza 20

108 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: 215-398-5748 Visit website

20th Street Pizza is the sister restaurant of Blackbird Pizzeria, a unique vegetarian pizzeria and bistro that has spent 12 years a Philly favorite.

Although Blackbird Pizzeria is the original store, 20th Street Pizza still serves the famous vegetarian pie after Blackbird closed in early 2022.

Their menu includes creative vegan pizza. Most are made with mozzarella, cashews or ricotta.

Their innovative pizza also has other toppings. 20th Street Pizza also serves a signature vegetarian salad. appetizers as well as desserts

We hope they follow in the footsteps of Blackbird Pizzeria and try their vegan cheese steak and other vegan breads. with their future popularity. But for now, we’re going to choose a premium vegetarian pizza.

Vegetarian pizza

5301 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105 Phone: 206-343-1415 Visit website

Nestled in a cozy counter in Seattle’s University District, Pi Vegan Pizzeria claims to be America’s oldest vegan pizzeria.

I have no way to confirm this. But I believe it was the pioneering vegan bakery in Seattle. They offer premium specialty pizzas that use an unlikely topping.

The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming at this beloved pizzeria. They have an extensive menu with delicious salads, cheese sandwiches and pizza specialties ranging from the traditional to the creative.

One of their bestsellers is the Magic Mac pizza with white garlic sauce, Mac-n-tubular cheese, and Canadian bacon, all plant-based, of course!

Pancakes, Portland, Oregon

949 SW Oak St, Portland, OR 97205 Phone: 503-234-7437 ext. 1 Visit the website

Sizzle Pie is a New York-style pizzeria in Portland with locations in the Central Eastside, Downtown, Hollywood District, Providence Park, and Moda Center.

They bring modernity and glamor to old New York pizzerias. It presents elegant caricatures of New York decor for each location.

New York-style pizza here is just like the real thing. There are meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans on the menu.

You can make your own pizza with a variety of veggie fillings, cheeses and meats. Or choose from a great menu of vegan scones.

I went for Steve Caballero’s vegan pizza with vegan pepperoni. Italian sausage, bell pepper, onion and curd cheese

two boots

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Two Boots takes its name from the boot-shaped landscapes of both Italy and Louisiana. These dishes, the founder hailed as a luxurious and creative menu

Founded in 1987 by independent filmmakers Doris Kornish and Phil Hartman, Two Boots is a pizzeria that combines casual and festive Cajun-Italian style.

The top spot is in New York City’s East Village. But they have since expanded into neighborhoods in New York and Brooklyn along with Jersey City, Nashville and Smyrna.

I could not have seen a more unique menu. They have meat pizza and vegetarian pizza. They all use their signature ultra-thin crispy corn tortillas.

I recommend the VCBGB with vegan chicken, broccoli, basil sauce and non-dairy cheese.

Pizza Factory Los Angeles, California

55 S Madison Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101 Phone: 424-341-1969 Visit website

Once a friendly pizzeria in Los Angeles, The Pizza Plant has become a popular vegan frozen pizza brand that you can find at grocery stores across the country.

Founders Marvin Acuna and Ravi Choudhry are committed to using 100% organic ingredients in their entire line of vegan pizzas.

The Pizza Plant offers a variety of homemade pizzas based on the restaurant’s original recipes.

They are plant-based, corn-free, dye-free, and GMO-free pizzas. I always have some in the freezer for rainy days.

I like a simple Salsiccia Italiano pizza with Daiya-free cheese, a plant-based sausage. and ketchup

vegetable peel

8 Cypress St, Brookline, MA 02445 Phone: 617-383-5884 Visit website

Veggie Crust is a vegetarian pizzeria and Indian restaurant with two locations in the Sommerville and Brookline neighborhoods of Boston.

They make all the sauces, doughs and creams from scratch. Location is an outstanding take away store. But there’s also a stylish industrial-style restaurant for a casual dining experience.

They are a vegetarian restaurant. So they have pizza, bread, pasta and dairy free Indian food.

However, you can choose to display vegan in any menu item. Because it is an Indian and Italian restaurant. So there’s the interesting fusion pizza.

I have never eaten anything like the Pav Bhaji pizza with mashed vegetables, ginger, garlic, chives, cilantro, lime juice and chutney.

It usually comes with mozzarella cheese, which I omitted to make it vegetarian.

Pizza Square Village

Multiple NYC SitesVisit

Village Square Pizza, as the name implies, is a pizzeria and slicer that occupies the entire New York City. It has branches in the East Village, West Village and Upper East Side.

Named one of the best slices in New York by The Infatuation, The New York Post and Conde Nast Traveler, Village Square Pizza offers all sorts of square pizzas.

Whether it’s grandma style or Detroit style. They have it on the menu. Using the famous sauce of the owner, Joe Musso.

It is not a vegetarian establishment. But they have great vegetarian options. My favorite is the Eggplant Square with sautéed eggplant, tomato puree, garlic, fresh basil, and extra virgin olive oil.

burnt pizza

Many people visit the site.

Blaze Pizza is a successful pizza restaurant that promotes healthy and eco-friendly eating.

Pizza owner and chef Brad Kent uses homemade dough that’s fermented 24 hours a day, making it light, crispy and healthy.

All toppings arrive responsibly. And every takeaway pizza uses biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging.

Blaze Pizza has more than 300 locations in more than 40 US states. As a health-conscious pizzeria, they have options for every dietary need. From gluten-free to vegetarian

The menu is fully customizable. So you can choose what you want on each cake.

I had a spicy red sauce cake with mushrooms, grilled garlic, cherry tomatoes, black olives and roasted red peppers with arugula and balsamic glaze on vegan mozzarella.

Where to find vegetarian pizza in the US

  1. double zero
  2. Screamer’s pizzeria
  3. Blackbird Bakery
  4. Vegetarian pizza
  5. hot cake
  6. two boots
  7. pizza factory
  8. vegetable peel
  9. Pizza Square Village
  10. burnt pizza

final thought

Whether you want a Cajun-Italian fusion or a classic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, we’ve got you covered. You can find dairy-free and meat-free versions at restaurants, slicers, and frozen food aisles across the United States.

My list of the best vegan pizzas in America offers some great options for delicious plant-based pies like meat and dairy.

Check out the most popular pizzerias in America where you can find every kind of pizza!

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