10 Classic Gelato Flavors You Must Try

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If you love ice cream, you’re probably a huge fan of gelato too.

Like ice cream Gelato is a frozen dessert made with milk and cream. But it has less air and more flavor than ice cream.

These contents make gelato thicker and smoother than ice cream. and the flavor is usually more intense.

There are thousands of flavors of gelato. So choosing which flavor to try can be difficult. What you can choose will depend on the gelato shop you go to.

But if you want an insight into the most popular gelato flavors to choose from. I’ve got you insured.

Best Gelato Flavor

Here are 10 of the best gelato flavors you should try if you want to enjoy this classic Italian dessert.


When people think of gelato, they tend to think of gelato first with milk, cream, chocolate, or vanilla.

And while it’s delicious (and don’t worry, I’ll make it with them soon) Lemon Gelato is underrated.

Lemon gelato is one of the most refreshing gelato flavors for hot summer days. I love how the lemon gelato has a balance of sour, sweet, and slightly sour.

Those who love sour candies or fruit tarts like lemon, lime and orange will love this flavor.

Lemon gelato is a great summer treat. But it’s also good in the fall and spring. Especially when combined with other seasonal fruits.

Try combining it with summer berries. autumn apple or spring pear

Lemon flavor can also be used to soften the palate between spicy meals. This way, you can feel the full flavor of the following dishes.


Pistachio is one of the most classic and beloved gelato flavors.

It is a rich flavor that is both sweet and spicy. People who like pistachio or other nut flavors You should try this gelato flavor.

I also appreciate the light green color of the pistachio gelato because it looks so appetizing. Especially if you add toppings like chocolate or berries.

This flavored gelato is perfect for every season. You can enjoy it all year round.


Stracciatella It’s one of my favorite gelato flavors. It’s vanilla gelato with thin chocolate chips.

This gelato – originally from the northern Italian city of Bergamo – is rich and light. It has a sweet and spicy taste.

Chocolate crumbs add a nice texture to the smooth gelato.

Lovers of stracciatella soup inspired this gelato flavor.

But if you have never tried this soup. You’ll also love this if you’re a lover of the classic vanilla and chocolate combination.

The year-round refreshing vanilla and chocolate crumbs give it a festive feel.


Tiramisu gelato is my go-to for dessert after dinner. Because it is the perfect combination of coffee, cocoa and sweetness.

It is also a rich and flavorful gelato.

This gelato flavor is perfect for tiramisu lovers, coffee lovers, and chocolate lovers. And if you like all three You will have a really great experience.

Tiramisu gelato is best in winter and spring. When you are looking for a warm and pleasant sweet treat.

But if you still can’t find enough tiramisu. You can enjoy this gelato flavor all year round.


Another favorite flavor of gelato is Bazio. it’s chocolate chestnut flavored gelato

This flavor is perfect for Nutella, Chocolate and Hazelnut lovers. It is rich and decadent. Therefore, it is suitable for special meals.

Baciogelato is also lovely when paired with berries or other summer fruit.

The Chocolate Hazelnut flavor is a classic that never goes out of style and goes well with strawberries and raspberries.


Cioccolato is a unique gelato flavor perfect for special occasions.

It’s a chocolate gelato made with chunks of raw cocoa powder and dark chocolate.

This flavor is a must-try for all chocolate lovers.

because of the delicious taste of chocolate So I enjoy this after dinner. Especially on a warm spring or summer day.

However, it also goes well with hot drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee or mulled wine in the fall and winter.

black chocolate

Dark chocolate is a controversial flavor. People either like it or hate it without argument.

This argument may be due to the fact that dark chocolate has a strong, intense flavor and high bitterness.

But if you are a fan of dark chocolate. You should try this flavored gelato.

If you want to try dark chocolate gelato but are worried about the bitter taste, we recommend pairing it with a sweeter gelato like strawberry or raspberry.

The sweetness of the fruit balances the bitterness of the chocolate.


Fragola or strawberry gelato is a classic flavored gelato that goes well with other gelato flavors. more intense, such as dark chocolate

But this isn’t your typical strawberry ice cream – the frago lagelato is made with fresh strawberries. Gives a richer flavor

This flavorful gelato is perfect for summer when strawberries are in season.

But if you still can’t get enough of this flavor, try it as a year-round after-meal dessert, or enjoy fragola as a summer afternoon snack.

Because the strawberry flavor goes well with chocolate. So I recommend taking a spoonful of fragola with a spoonful of chocolate or cicolato.


Nocciola or Hazelnut is a classic flavored gelato that is perfect for nut lovers.

This gelato is made with real hazelnuts. and has a very rich and greasy taste

Nocciola goes well with chocolate, coffee and even fruits like strawberries.

I also love pairing this flavor with other gelato flavors like dark chocolate or stracciatella.

It is especially focused. That’s why I love to eat this flavorful gelato after a hearty meal like steak and mashed potatoes. Because it helps to clean the palate perfectly.

Fior di latte

Fior di latte is a metaphor meaning “Milk Flower”

This flavorful gelato is made with fresh cow’s milk and has a very mild and delicate flavor.

This quality gelato is a good choice for those looking for something sweet but not too sweet.

I like this Fior di Latte gelato best during the warmer spring months. But the weather is still cool.

In the summer, you can also enjoy fresh fruit like peaches and blueberries.

If you are thinking of combining this gelato with other flavors in the same cup. I recommend pairing them with fruit-flavored gelato, such as fragola or lampone. it’s raspberry gelato

Gelato flavor

  1. Lemon
  2. pistachios
  3. Stracciatella
  4. Tiramisu
  5. Bazio
  6. Chocolate
  7. black chocolate
  8. perfume
  9. Nocciola
  10. Fior di latte

final thought

This is just my favorite gelato flavor. But there are endless possibilities for this delicious Italian dish.

So next time you want to eat something sweet. Head to your local gelato store and try some new flavors.

And if you are already a fan of gelato? What’s your favorite gelato flavor? Let me know in the comments!

If you can’t make it to Italy, check out Talenti’s best gelato flavors or check out the popular ice cream flavors instead!

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