10 tips for smart packing: Keep your entire wardrobe in a suitcase

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Bring these convenient ways to pack for your trip. Keep your luggage organized and full of necessary items.

A large, bulky suitcase is something no one wants to carry on a trip. But there’s too much to carry. Check out some easy and smart ways to pack your suitcase below.

Roll the fabric instead of folding.

Folding clothes has long been a habit of many people. You’ll find that rolling clothes saves space in your suitcase and keeps your clothes wrinkle-free. You can pick up different items.

This is a very simple and convenient method that you can use while traveling or in your closet at home.

wear bra on top

Bras are essential items for women’s travel. But even just one, you will have to carry a considerable amount, however, there is a caveat that you need to flatten the bra to avoid damaging the cup.

Put your shoes in a slim bag.

Shoes take up a lot of space and can stain clothes if you’re not careful According to the common experience of many travel enthusiasts, putting shoes in a thin cloth bag can both keep it clean and keep the shape. the shape of the shoe when packing.

You can also invest in a shoe bag, especially if you travel a lot. Don’t forget to tuck a few pairs of socks into your shoes to save space.

How to pack for travel

Coordinate before putting in baggage.

Matching the clothes you plan to wear not only makes it easier to take off, but it also makes it easier to put on. But it also helps reduce redundancy! Coordination means planning specifically for each item you wear each time. So you don’t have too much. but don’t use it

Turn clothes inside out.

Turning the fabric upside down will prevent the clothes from wrinkling and staining. When you have a lot of things in your luggage From shoes to cosmetics The risk of these stains getting on your clothes is very high.

If you are too busy and do not have time to wear different clothes Try to prioritize light colored clothes.

technical tools organization

Do not pack cell phones, iPads, laptops, cameras or other technical products. in your travel bag It should be placed in a small backpack and worn at all times to prevent breakage or impact damage. Keep it safe and avoid it being stolen.

Be careful with fragile items.

The bottles of deodorant, perfume, cosmetics, … are quite fragile or open and easily spilled on strong impact, a safe arrangement is to put soft items such as clothes, towels in the middle of the suitcase = for technology goods.

How to pack for travel

Store jewelry carefully so that it does not fall or break.

Please keep your valuables in hand luggage. for jewelry in general Put it in a small pouch or bag so it won’t fall or break.

in cosmetics

The best way to pack travel makeup and toiletries like milk and shampoo is in zippered plastic bags because they won’t affect anything else.

In addition, if you use bottles and small products You will save space and you will not regret forgetting!

Make the most of any space.

If you organize basic things like clothes, shoes and makeup and take up the most space. You’re sure to find gaps around your shoes, between your roll of clothes and your luggage. This is enough space. There are accessories, trinkets, or a few pairs of socks…

How to pack for travel

Carry out simple suitcase packing The use of the above will keep your luggage more tidy. Easy to move and use

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