10 tips for your stay in the most comfortable hotel

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Politeness, finding discount codes online, joining a loyalty group… are the things you need to do if you want to travel and stay in a hotel.

consequences barefoot nomadEveryone has at least one “horror” when staying in a hotel. It could be that the hotel closes when you get there, the service charge is doubled, or the check-in takes up to 45 minutes instead of the few minutes advertised… Here are some great tips that will surely help you. You have the best hotel experience.

When traveling, there are several ways to ensure a good hotel experience. Photo: Travel daily.

Knowing What You’re Getting Many places are within walking distance of the city center, leaving travelers wondering what the hotel means by distance. In most cases, Google Maps is a great tool to quickly check your hotel’s location. Current property valuations are also a good source of information. You should also call the hotel directly to inquire specifically about the amenities offered during your stay. This way you avoid disappointment when the beautiful hotel pool that awaits you is being renovated or even closed in the summer. Inform the hotel in advance of special offers While staying at the hotel for special occasions such as birthdays or honeymoons, it is advisable to inform the hotel prior to check-in in order to receive a complimentary room upgrade or more special treatment. If you notify yourself when you arrive, it may be too late for you to take advantage of the offers. It is best to call the reception first to inform them of your important occasion. This gives employees time to prepare. Get the best rates Don’t think that hotel room rates are the average hotel price for a room. In fact, the actual price is usually the maximum price that the hotel charges for a room. Even if you’re not a fan of bargain hunting, searching on Google (which usually only takes 10 seconds) will help ensure you’re paying a lower price than usual.

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Make sure you pay a lower than normal room rate. Photo: RQI.

There may still be a room available. If you travel frequently, you will sometimes come across a hotel sign that says “No rooms available”. Don’t be disappointed as there is a chance the hotel may have a room or two left. In some cases, rooms are reported as booked due to maintenance issues. Talk to the hotel, they might get a good discount for a room with some minor flaws. Don’t Be Rude Anyone who works in the service industry knows that a rude customer is treated worse than usual. Do you want to help, treat someone rude, condescending, abusive or not? Keep in mind that the front desk staff has quite a bit of power in the hotel. Not only do they give you free stuff, but they make sure you stay in a comfortable, air-conditioned room with full curtains… There’s nothing to lose by being friendly. , a little kindness and respect towards the front desk staff can do wonders. Sometimes they’ll help you upgrade your room for free, check out later, or help you with a thousand other errands. Even if the hotel staff cannot help, at least your kind gesture will make them a better, happier day. It’s really worth it. Tip When Necessary Many people who work in the hospitality industry, such as maids, porters… have very low salaries. So your tips can make a difference in their lives. Don’t be so frugal that you only tip on the last day (if you can afford it). If you want perfect room service and a clean room during your stay, do it more often.

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Don’t skimp on tips if you want to experience impeccable service. Photo: Guide.

Ask/View Other Rooms If you are not satisfied with the first room you are given, ask to stay in other available rooms. Normally, management often sends customers to rooms that aren’t the best. So don’t be surprised if you find that other places have a much better view. Join Hotel Groups/Clubs Even if you only want to stay at the hotel once, joining a hotel loyalty group/hotel club can give you some perks. It usually only takes you less than 5 minutes to fill out the online registration information, but the effect it brings to you is much greater. Avoid Cancellation Fees If the hotel room you booked is overdue, please politely call and ask for a new appointment. Then call back in a few hours or the next day to cancel the new booking. This little tip can save you a lot of money. If that doesn’t work, you should find a way to resell your room to those in need.

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