10 traditional Hanukkah dishes and their symbols

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While Christians celebrate Christmas, Jews celebrate Hanukkah

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is an eight-day holiday honoring the Jewish victory over the illegal repressive forces of Judaism in the second century BC.

The Jews reclaim their temple in Jerusalem. who miraculously lived with the lamps lit for eight days. For this reason, Jews light candles every night to light their lamps. by placing each candle on a structure called a volume

Hanukkah is also associated with many songs. play dreadel And most importantly, to enjoy a variety of delicious food.

Below, I’ll go over some of the most iconic traditional Hanukkah dishes you’ll see at every Hannukah party.

Latkes is the most iconic traditional Hannukah dish.

A Hanukkah party wouldn’t be complete without these delicious potato pancakes.

They involve a combination of potatoes, onions, eggs, and masou dishes that are molded and fried to the perfect golden color.

Crispy outside soft inside Latte usually comes with sour cream and apple sauce.

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These light and fluffy Hanukkah donuts use orange juice to add a hint of lemon flavor. This formula is a labor of love that involves two processes that add up. In my opinion, they taste like beignets. You also add powdered sugar.

This will be a fun project for kids.

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No Christmas Ham for Jewish Holidays! That won’t be kosher.

Fortunately, the carnivore’s staple food is none other than the king of succulent roast beef. It’s a strong chest.

This recipe comes from my Jewish friend and Travel Channel star, Andrew Zimmern.

Vinegar, tomato puree and a variety of spices give the dish a complex flavor and tender, succulent meat.

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You don’t have to make beef stew to eat egg noodles.

Kugel noodles are stewed egg noodles that can be savory or sweet. This recipe is very spicy and reminds me of Jewish mac n cheese.

You will get sour, creamy, milky flavors with every bite. I especially like the brown and crispy egg noodles.

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Sufganiyot is an Israeli tradition for Hannukah sweets.

They are also a type of donut. But instead of a duplicate beignet, Sufganiyot is a jelly donut.

They usually call for red berry jelly, such as strawberry or raspberry.

If you don’t like jelly, you can always use ice cream, chocolate or Nutella instead.

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Every food culture has a soothing soup to soothe your ills. For Jews, it’s Matzo Ball Soup.

Matzo Ball Soup is not only a Hannukah dish but also a dumpling soup that you can enjoy on any occasion.

Matzo foods are unfermented breadcrumbs ground into a fine powder that you mix with water and eggs to create light and spongy dumplings drenched in a delicious simmering chicken broth.

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Ruggelach is such a popular Jewish dessert that I liken it to a marriage of croissants and Danish food.

They are small crescent-shaped pastries with layers of fruit jelly or cinnamon sugar and chopped nuts.

The final step is to roll the crepe in thick granulated sugar for a delicious taste.

Rugelaash with coffee is the perfect way to end your holiday party. and if you are lucky you will have a great breakfast the next day.

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Challah bread is a staple in Jewish cuisine.

You read your prayer and cut the challah into cubes into each Shabbat. Not to mention it’s the main course on the Hanukkah menu.

Challah bread is essentially a brioche bread with a glossy eggshell and a dark, slightly sweet filling.

The only difficult part of making challah is knitting the dough. It’s one of my favorite breads!

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Hannukah Gelt is a chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil. A popular decoration for the Hanukkah table and wish list to win in Dreidel games.

They look like Doubloons.

This recipe bypasses fancy molds and creates a golden glaze that is edible by sprinkling.

I make some with milk chocolate and some with dark chocolate to please all chocolate lovers.

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Cassola is a sweet cheesecake that tastes like fried cheesecake.

Cassola uses rich ricotta cheese with cream, eggs, sugar and flour to create a dessert that is incredibly sweet and rich.

I like to eat casserole with compote. Strawberry favorite to mimic classic New York-style cheesecake.

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final thought

Serve traditional Jewish Hanukkah during the holidays!

Pair these foods with wine or holiday cocktails.

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