10 Types of Pizza Dough Worth Tasting

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To make pizza, you have to make several choices. From pizza to toppings

But the pizza base is just as important. with what you put Unless you order a standard pizza. That can make the experience of ordering pizza seem intimidating. And you are not alone in this.

This article tells you about the different pizza dough options. to help you make more informed decisions. It will compare different pizza doughs. Plus discuss what I like and why.

Type of pizza dough

Learn about different types of flour. Used to make pizza and find your new favorite style.

thin crust

The thin crust pizza is one of my favorite crust pizzas. It’s not just thin crust pizza that feels healthy. It also tastes better.

Regular pizza dough is quite mushy. And I love the crispiness of the thin dough. However, it is more fragile than other powders. And limit the number of toppings you can put on the dough.

More than two or three slices and your pizza starts to crumble.

Another caveat when making thin crust pizza is that it cooks faster than other thin crust pizzas.

Pay attention to the dough if you’re new to thin crust cooking or often making thick crust pizzas.

thick crust

Some people appreciate the dough crust. Interestingly, there is not much difference between preparing thin or thick crust.

The main difference between these pizza doughs is the depth at which you place the dough.

Some forms of thick crust pizza may have a 1-inch-thick crust.

I find the hardest part about preparing a spongy pizza crust is spreading the dough evenly. Using pizza stone can help prevent one side of the crust from being thicker than the other.

Because of its importance, it takes longer to bake. but due to its greater density, it can accommodate the entire toppings on the selected pizza.

Remember that if you eat the crust, the thicker crust will fill you up faster than the crust. It depends if you want leftovers or not. That could be an advantage.


at my house Family members often like to leave out the pizza crust.

It’s also unique to my house, because in 1995, the popular pizza chain Pizza Hut introduced dough. This is one of Pizza Hut’s many pizza crust options.

Dough is a pizza dough coated with cheese and tomatoes along the edges. when rolled into a pie crust shape, the extra coating will act like the filling.

They add flavor to the pizza and encourage families to eat the crust. It works for me!

crunchy biscuits

Cracker Crust is another famous thin crust pizza. It originally came from Tuscany. But many locations in North America have stamped this delicacy.

The most famous is the Chicago cracker crust, which is thin and flavored with dill.

The secret to making crackers is to pull the dough as thin as possible. After baking, the crust should be translucent.

The name Cracker is also not a coincidence. When done properly this pizza dough has a crispy and brittle texture.

It is because of that thinness that it is difficult to do. You usually cut the pie crust into squares.

This way, the baker can stretch the dough without having to struggle to spread the dough into a circle.

Note that the natural crispiness of the crust makes it unsuitable for more than one or two toppings. moreover It retains its name and crumbles into pieces like crackers.

flat bread crust

If I had to make pizza dough, Flatbread is one of my favorites.

Because it does not increase or does not require yeast. Therefore, it takes significantly less time than other pizza doughs.

And because it’s lighter than other pizza doughs. Flatbreads are a popular choice for small pizzas and appetizers.

it also fluctuates. The important thing about flatbread dough is that it does what it says on the tin and bakes flat.

It will be thick or thin, up to you. My favorite is sliced ​​bread, but there are no rules.

However, the lack of yeast will prevent the dough from rising. Remember that when you roll out the bread dough,

Pizza with cheese

Cheese dough pizza is a dough filling. Perfect for those who like to add cheese to their pizza.

Prepare the dough rolls and add cheese before baking. different flavors But for cheese crust pizza lovers. The consensus is that the more viscous the cheese, the better. It will taste better.

Remember, just because you use cheese Doesn’t guarantee that the cheese crust is vegan-friendly.

Parmesan, in particular, contains rennet. So if you have guests with specific culinary needs or preferences, pay close attention to your ingredient list.

chicago deep dish

Usually, when you prepare pizza dough, you roll it up.

The secret to Chicago’s famous deep rim is that instead of rolling, you press and squeeze the crust against the sides of the pan.

The result is a thicker pizza dough. It takes some time to bake. And the best point in the culinary competition is the spicy pie crust.

It is also a frame. Suitable for those who like the crispiness of thin crust pizza but prefer a thicker crust.

Check out our favorite Chicago pizza places for real food!

Sicilian crust

The Sicilian pizza crust is outstanding. It has much in common with New York’s exotic pizza dough. But the baking process is different.

Sicilian pizza dough is the thickest crust pizza you can find. It should be about an inch thick if you prepare it at home.

Once rolled, carefully shape the crust into a deep pan and lightly fry in oil. It takes a long time to cook and the result is a thick and chewy crust.

enamel shell

Coated dough is another popular pizza dough.

It’s an interesting variation on the stuffed shell. But instead of filling the crust inside, you season the outer crust.

You can do this in many ways. Favorite nut toppings include salt and pepper, sesame seeds, garlic, and Parmesan cheese.

Apart from the coating, this is another flexible pizza dough, it can be thin, thick or flat depending on your preference.

Importantly, be aware of anyone’s allergies to coated pizza. If you are allergic to nuts, it is likely that you are allergic to sesame.

greek bark

The Greek continental crust has a texture that is significantly different from that of other types of crust. instead of dough or crispy

It’s more like a focaccia than a classic Italian pizza crust. In addition to the swelling factor, this type of peel is also oily.

That’s because part of the baking process requires you to coat the dough with oil before putting it in the oven.

Cooking time is also longer. This is because the best way to make Greek-style pizza dough is to use a lower temperature and keep the dough in the oven longer. Another important difference is the type of oven.

Brick ovens will generate too much heat too quickly and cook Greek food unevenly. Instead, bakers use electric ovens for consistent results.

Type of pizza dough

  1. stuffed
  2. thin crust
  3. thick crust
  4. crunchy biscuits
  5. flat bread crust
  6. Pizza with cheese
  7. chicago deep dish
  8. Sicilian crust
  9. enamel shell
  10. greek bark

final thought

Taste is personal. Especially when it comes to pizza dough. Your favorites may be different from my favorites. However, I like the Sicilian pizza with a thin crust.

The great thing about pizza is its versatility. So feel free to experiment with different pizza doughs. until you find a style that works for you and your family. Happy pizza eating!

Try some of the best cheeses to sprinkle on your pizza while you’re here. or learn about the different forms of pizza to make!

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