10 Ways to Preserve Fruit & What Makes It Different

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I love fruit, nothing but natural sugar and fruity flavors. Unfortunately, the fruit quickly goes out of season. Imported fruit and canned fruit are not the same.

Preserving fruit is a good way to enjoy fruit at the end of the season. Plus they have a lot of fun.

Many people do not know how many fruits are preserved. Each dish is unique and goes well with other dishes.

I will share with you my favorite pickled fruit.

fruit preservation

From jam to jellies to jam Learn the difference between all types of jam.


Jam is perhaps the most famous preserved fruit.

Chefs do this by cooking the fruit and sugar together until it thickens and is almost all liquid. Adding pectin will help thicken the jam.

You usually make jam with berries. But you can use any fruit. Ice fruit makes great jam as well.

Jams served with toast, PB&Js or even on a spoon are delicious! My favorite jam combination is strawberry jam with cheese, which is part of the charcuterie table.


Marmalade is similar to jam. But you do it with citrus fruits.

The peel of the citrus is cooked with the fruit and sugar to create a coating when bitten lightly.

Orange jam is delicious on toast or scones. You can also use it as a glaze for meats or cocktails. If you’re feeling adventurous, Marmalade can even make ice cream as a topping!

My favorite is marmalade. I love the added texture that the orange peel adds. And it’s the perfect accompaniment to hot toast.


You produce jelly by cooking fruit and sugar together until the fruit breaks apart and releases juice.

The juice is then filtered to remove any hard masses. The result is a clear, fruity-flavored liquid that hardens due to the presence of pectin.

The difference between jam and jelly is that jelly does not contain fruit.

Traditionally, you make jelly with berries. But you can use the fruit again. Delicious jelly on toast, in PB&Js, or even on its own!

My favorite jelly is grape jelly. They go well with PB&J or with cream cheese on bagels.

Chili sauce

Chili sauce is a processed fruit that originated in India.

The Indians make it by cooking fruit, sugar and vinegar together until a thick paste is formed. The addition of spices gives the chutney its unique flavor.

Chili sauce is delicious when eaten with toast, sandwiches or even used to garnish curries. My favorite chutney is Mango Chutney, a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

I love the extra kick that vinegar adds. It’s like a mixture of jam and pickles. And has a lovely sweet and sour taste.

I love adding Mango Chutney to hot dogs and burgers. The sweetness adds a nice touch. and vinegar reduces the flavor of the meat.


Conservation is one of my favorite fruits. You can do this by cooking fruit, sugar, and nuts together until thick and lumpy.

The addition of raisins and spices helps to preserve the unique flavor.

Jam goes well with toast, sandwiches or even as a topping for ice cream. My personal favorite is the preserved apricot.

It’s sweet and has a lovely nutty texture. And raisins also add sweetness.

My family has always preserved it during the Christmas season. The addition of spicy spices like cumin, ginger and mustard seeds adds to the festive feel.

fruit butter

You make fruit butter by cooking the pulp, sugar, and spices together until thick and creamy.

You can also add an acid like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for a spread. I also love the balance that acidity gives the avocado fruit.

Avocado is delicious on toast, in bread, or even sprinkled on oatmeal. My personal favorite is the peach butter.

It’s sweet and has a lovely peach flavor. Adding cinnamon gives it a nice warmth. I love spreading it on hot pancakes and puffs.


Compote is one of the most unique fruits. And it combines two of my favorites, fruit and alcohol.

Cooking fruit, sugar and alcohol for a long time causes you to cook the wine until only thick syrup remains

Fruit also ripens to break down and release juice.

Jams with toast, cocktails or even ice cream are great. Personally, my favorite is the strawberry jam.

I like to add it to cocktails for added sweetness and complexity. A glass of Scotch with strawberries is a great combination.


You can trace the history of compotes from the Middle Ages. Compote is different from the other compotes on this list.

Most other varieties require you to cut or stretch the fruit. You make compotes with whole pieces of fruit.

in compote You will need to cook whole fruit with sugar, water and spices to make a thick syrup. The fruit can be fresh or dried.

I like to use dried apricots for juices because they are already sweet and have a chewy texture.

This mixture is delicious to use on toast, in yogurt or even as a topping for pancakes. My favorite combination is apricot juice with unsweetened yogurt.

The sweetness of dried apricots goes well with the sour taste of yogurt.

fruit curd

Fruit curd is preserved fruit with eggs, butter, sugar and juice.

Traditionally, you use citrus fruits. But you can also use tropical fruits and berries.

Add eggs to make the cream thick and beautiful.

Fruit curds are delicious on toast, sandwiches, or even as fillings for cakes and pastries.

My personal favorite is to use it to fill the inside of a pastry.

minced meat

Minced meat is a processed fruit with a long history.

It was originally used to preserve meat. But over time It becomes preserved fruit.

You make minced meat with minced fruit, sugar, spices, and sometimes meat. Adding meat gives it a unique flavor.

Although many people don’t like a bit of meat. But I think minced meat is very good.

It’s a great topping or filling for pies, cakes, or even topping for ice cream.

My personal favorite is the mince pie. It is sweet and has a lovely spicy taste from the meat.

fruit preservation

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  6. fruit butter
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  9. fruit curd
  10. minced meat

final thought

I hope you enjoyed learning about the different types of fruit preserves. There is a type of hosting for everyone! What is your favorite compote? Let us know in the comments below.

Cooking fun!

Consider different types of bread. To spread these jams!

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