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Where to find today’s hot photo frames when checking-in at Phu Quoc United Center 1001 free check-in points at the Phu Quoc United Center Super Complex to ensure satisfied followers.

Art Park Urban Park, Venice Canal, Vietnam’s largest bamboo house, Vietnam’s most beautiful ancient fortress, super inspirational water show, donut-shaped teddy bear display tower and countless other amenities for visitors easy to choose. Check in Phu Quoc United Center 1001 photo styles of all kinds

City Art Park

The urban park is the highlight in front of the building. “City that never sleeps” Grand World Phu Quoc This project is consulted and operated by IRMS, a reputable unit that has participated in many world famous theme parks such as Universal Studios (Singapore), Genting (Kuala Lumpur). …

In the middle of a 5,000m2 campus, Urban Park owns 55 large and small projects, all meticulously crafted from 20 tons of unique Vietnamese materials. but also convey the connection between people and nature. There are interesting works such as Mother Earth, Child of the Earth, Explosive Life, and Creatures of the Trees.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center


Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

The Biggest Bamboo Project Of The Legend Of Vietnamese Bamboo

Next to Urban Park is the largest bamboo house in Vietnam Bamboo Legend This work combines three symbols of Vietnam: bamboo, lotus flower and bronze drum Bamboo legend is a work of art by the architect Designed by Vo Sung Nghia. On 32,000 bamboo peaks, Legend of Bamboo is a great creative example of Vietnamese people. It offers a unique experience with a spirit of national pride.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

The building is the place Check in Phu Quoc United Center Whether shooting outdoors or posing cutely indoors, they are all super hot. Building a landscape for visitors to take impressive photos That’s why the bamboo house check-in fever has become so popular in recent days on social networks.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

Check in at Phu Quoc United Center with the project “Vietnamese Essence”.

Continue to check-in while strolling to the project ‘Essence of Vietnam’, an ancient citadel that recreates life in ancient Vietnam. Here, you can stroll through the old streets in “aerial” costumes of honest citizens. Gentle Confucius and religious officials

At a corner of Furusato no Aji, you can enjoy traditional pho. Or join the vibrant flower parade of the ancient nobles for an unforgettable experience The essence of Vietnam is open for free every day from 8am – 6pm is a special check-in point at Phu Quoc United Center, where you can Feel free to keep memories of the old world.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

Italian-style Venice Canal in the heart of Pearl Island

The city gates and canals of Venice across the street will transport you into space and time in Italy. A rich and magnificent medieval European country. This place has vibrant carnivals, colorful streets, famous arch bridges… all form a 1001-style mecca. Check in Phu Quoc United Center in every style

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

teddy bear show

A teddy bear exhibit in a stylish donut-shaped architecture. Right next to the Venice canal is also a famous check-in point for thousands of young people. The 15 m high bear icon is an extremely cute and attractive work.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

Sign up for a live performance of ‘The Colors of Venice’ at Central Lake.

The stunning display of the underwater scenes is an attraction for all visitors. with the colors of Venice held every night on the central lagoon This is also the place many people check-in at Phu Quoc Complex Hand-painted photos of actors in medieval European costumes shimmering on gondola boats. Or a photo showing the beautiful light backdrop of Venice.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

Get lost in the low end of famous Italian watches.

The famous Italian clock tower can also get lost and tilted in dozens of dramatic poses from close-up, making it an “extremely deep” or “bright” sight with friends.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

Perfect background with brilliant gold-plated night market gates.

The gates of the golden night market and busy commercial streets are arranged scientifically and beautifully. This makes it the perfect backdrop for photography enthusiasts to shoot.

Plus, the frame will look artistic and fancy in your tropical disco space. The architecture is spacious with an impressive light tower decorated with works of art.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

There is also a great street scene at the Phu Quoc Grand World Night Market. With over 1,000 stylish commercial townhouses, canal cafes, milk tea and pedestrian streets, this is more than just a place to stop for a food tour to recharge. This place is also a check-in point with thousands of unique and equally romantic frames every day.

Check in Phu Quoc United Center

Thousands of experiences based on local landmarks. Check in Phu Quoc United Center Bring impressive and extreme frames. This place is also a great experience for you to enjoy and enjoy unique fun and entertainment activities. Phu Quoc United Center is the perfect place for a fun vacation of a lifetime.

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