11 best dried fruits to start eating

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In terms of food availability and accessibility. Fruit is one of the easiest foods to satisfy your hunger. Dried fruit is a delicious snack when you don’t have fresh fruit!

They’re packed with nutrients and their natural sugar content makes them appealing to both kids and adults with a sweet tooth.

It’s also easy to use as a topping on salads or add to other dishes, or use it on road trips if you’re on the go.

The following dried fruits taste great in many dishes. Although these fruits all make great snacks on their own merits.

best dried fruit

Read on for a list of our favorite dried fruits.


Delicious but not too sweet, apricots are one of the most popular dried fruits.

They are rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene. And most grocery stores sell them even outside of the area where they grow.

But the best feature is the size of the apricot. Because you can put each dried apricot in your mouth as a snack.


Plum is a common name for dried, pitted plums.

thick and moist. Packed in paper bags is very convenient and contains many flavors of each fruit.

Plums are rich in vitamins B and K and minerals, and their high fiber content makes them favored for laxative purposes.


They are much smaller than prunes but similar in texture. Raisins are a favorite dried fruit in the world.

These small dishes are great served in any style. Include as a salad topping as part of a healthy ingredient or pair it with stir-fries or other Asian dishes.

Mix it with your favorite peanut butter and celery for a classic after-school snack.

cranberry tree

It is common to see sugar-coated dried cranberries. because it’s not the sweetest fruit

The tart flavor goes well with the combination of nuts and biscuits. It’s sweet enough to be used as a substitute for chocolate candy.

This acidic berry tastes even better thanks to its high vitamin C content.


Victorian favorites like Figgie Pudding. It was remembered in songs and made famous by writers such as Charles Dickens and the Bronte brothers.

But dried figs taste better. because it helps with digestion and blood sugar

There are many varieties on the market like Turkish figs, tasks and twigs.


Although many apples are available in their natural form. But the dry version is still delicious and convenient for snacking occasions.

They seem to become sweeter when combined with crunchy pieces.

Dried apples cut into bite-sized pieces. Cinnamon is often sprinkled on top to enhance the flavor.

goji berries

Native to Asia, goji berries are an exotic substitute for dried fruit.

Bright and sour taste. And each berry has a high nutritional value.

Lycium barbarum is the scientific name. Although you will sometimes see them sold as berries.

Try these fun dry anecdotes. And you’ll find that you’ve got your new favorite snack.


Peach is the mood of a lazy southern summer.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy them year-round. Therefore, dried peaches are the next best option.

Firm fish meat. Enjoy chewing as soon as you take it out of the bag. Or pair well with nuts that are mixed on the go.


It is popular in the Middle East and the Western world. Dates are very nutritious for the amount of sweetness they provide.

In fact, dried dates are even sweeter when they are dried.

Dates are an excellent source of calcium, iron and vitamins. They also work as a great natural sweetener!


Raisins grow in bushes and come in a variety of colors such as black, red, pink and white.

They substitute for other fruits in the dish, but you can eat them raw.

However, be careful as it is more acidic than many dried fruits.


Dried pears are a bit harder to find than other fruits but the advantage is that you can dry them at home using the oven.

A favorite way to enjoy it is to layer cheese on top for a complex flavor in a simple snack.

Pears are naturally sweet with no added sugar. It has an impressive potassium and fiber content.

Learn about different types of pears and find different types of pears to dry yourself!

dried fruits

  1. apricots
  2. prunes
  3. grape
  4. cranberry tree
  5. figs
  6. apple
  7. goji berries
  8. peaches
  9. day
  10. grape
  11. Pear

final thought

We are fortunate to live in an age where dried fruits and nuts are abundant. Check out some popular nuts to combine with these fruits to create your own path!

Enjoy the taste of each item on our list and know you’re providing your body with some benefit in the process.

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