11 Delicious Italian Sausages and Sauces Worth Trying

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Italian food culture is famous all over the world for its wonderful and varied products with only a few ingredients. It focuses more on the quality of the ingredients than on the complicated preparation methods.

No matter where you buy sandwich fillings at your favorite store. Try something from the Charter Council. Or looking for something new to pair with your favorite pasta dish. There are many options.

Marinated Beef and Italian Sausage

Here are 11 delicious Italian sausages and marinades worth trying.

Italian sausage

You may have seen this type of sausage in stores under the name “Salami”, which is the plural form of the Italian word salame.

The term can refer to any meat that has been minced, seasoned, stuffed, and treated.

Salted sausages may also be called salame, however, the term refers to a type of sausage made from dried and salted meat.

The most common meat in salami is pork. Although beef, lamb and poultry sausages are also available.

Salame has a characteristic salty, sweet and savory taste. I think it goes well with gouda cheese and red wine.

the point

Speck is a ham from the province of South Tyrol in the Alps.

This delicacy is processed and smoked using a combination of traditional and Mediterranean cooking methods.

The Italian government has certified Speck genuine with the Speck Alto Adige IGP label. The manufacturer had to detect it in South Tyrol according to traditional methods to achieve this certification.

Speck Alto Adige IGP must be extracted from lean pig genera from pigs that have been adequately cared for and monitored. Then they rub the pork with a mixture of spices including salt, pepper, juniper berries, bay leaf, and rosemary.

The meat is then left in a cold room to marinate for up to three weeks. This process is called aromatherapy or salmis ratura.

After this initial aging, the meat goes through a unique smoking process. This includes five alternating days of exposure to fresh air and Tyrolean smoke (up to 68 degrees Fahrenheit) from trees with little sap.

The smoked ham then makes a second trip to the aged cellar for 22 weeks in the fresh mountain air, during which a protective layer of aromatic mushrooms forms. Only one pig can be called a point.

I love Speck’s deep, spicy, smoky flavor with juniper and flying notes. It’s a great snack, especially when paired with light fruity Piave DOP cheese, red radicchio, eggs or pasta.


‘Nduja (pronounced ‘en-doo-ya’) is a type of sausage that you can cook like a pate. and is usually sold in bags or jars

This spicy roast comes from southern Italy, specifically the Calabria region.

It’s made with four simple ingredients: pork (traditionally, this pig is made from a less popular part, including the head), fat, chili, and salt.

This mixture produces a bright orange-red color that is pressed into large pods and left to harden for about four weeks.

‘Nduja is very spicy with a strong chili flavor. I like it best when spread or mixed with sauces. You can pour it over everything from spaghetti and hot dogs to eggs Benedict.


We are going back to northern Italy to buy bacon. This is another regional specialty covered by IGP certification.

In this case, you are looking for Bresaola Della Valtellina. This certification is only issued to bresaola from the Sondrio region of Lombardy, made from salted butt and aged from 18 months to 4 years old cattle.

After harvesting the meat is chopped and dried. Season with salt and spices with herbs and spices. and soaked in water for ten days.

After fermentation The meat is placed in a sausage casing and left to age at a temperature of 53-64 degrees for 4-8 weeks.

Bresaola is characterized by its uniform bright red color. Solid and flexible construction. and mild taste

Pairs well with juniper butter, rye bread and light Lombard wine.


This marinated pork sausage is a product of the Abruzzo and Molise regions in central Italy.

Ventricina del Vastese is a hard sausage resembling an Italian sausage. Made with minced lean pork, garlic, sweet and spicy peppers, black pepper and cumin seeds. I usually eat it on a thick slice of cookie.

Soft and easy to spread, Ventrica Teramana is made with lean pork, lard, rosemary, cumin seeds, peperoncini, orange zest and salt, and pairs well with Abruzzo red wines.

Ventricia di Montenero di Bisaccia is a type of Ventricina from Molise. It is made from pigs that are fed dry grains and legumes.

Made from lean pork seasoned with salt, bell peppers, chili peppers and cumin seeds.


Guanciale is similar to bacon in that it is fatty. They are usually served in strips. and add savory and meaty flavors to every dish. But the similarities end there.

Unlike bacon that comes from the belly of a pig and is usually smoked, finance comes from the cheek or jaw of the pig and is usually cured.

Guanciale can be used anywhere you want to use bacon. when you do this, you may notice a finer and smoother texture due to the absence of bristles, but no smoky flavor.

Guanciale is the meat used in the famous Italian dish Carbonara.


lardo is an Italian dish that uses fat to cover the back.

Like others on this list, lardo is protected by PGI certification. Lardo di Colonnata PGI must be produced in the Colonnata region of Tuscany.

The traditional treatment for Lardo di Colonnata takes place in a marble bowl rubbed inside with garlic and coated with alternating layers of back fat and a spice blend of sea salt, black pepper, rosemary and other types of garlic.

This curing process takes six months. The result is a charcuterie that is delicate and has a fresh taste. which you can enjoy sliced ​​on toast or with clams and a glass of Vernacia wine.

Also of note is lard from the Arnad region in the Valle d’Aosta. This variety is aged in boxes made from local wood and served with black bread and honey.

dead body

You may have eaten bologna, a Northern Italian cooked pork sausage known as the American mortadella.

Mortadella di Bologna is similar to Bologna. It is made from various parts of minced pork together, stuffed into a shell and cooked.

Mortadella di Bologna is distinguished by the presence of visible bits of fat throughout the meat. Mortadella di Bologna is great in sandwiches, pastas, quick cakes and salads.

Another form of mortadella, mortadella di prato, has a distinctive bright pink color due to a combination of natural red dyes. It also has a stronger flavor thanks to the garlic.

ham capo collo

The ham capocollo is one of my favorites. It comes from the Calabria region in southern Italy from the pork loin.

The meat is dried or salted for 4-10 days before rubbing with wine vinegar and sprinkled with black pepper.

The ham is then wrapped in pig skin and pierced, followed by a 100-day processing.

Capo collo ham salty but delicate. Perfect for making bread with a delicious glass of red wine.


Prosciutto is a classic Italian ham that comes in two main varieties: cooked prosciutto cotto and raw and aged prosciutto crudo.

For this program we will be looking at crudo. The production of prosciutto begins with the knuckles of salted pigs and leaves for several weeks.

The ham is then washed, seasoned and aged for 14 to 36 months, giving it a unique flavor. Salty yet sweet

The Italian government has licensed the PGI for many varieties of prosciutto in different regions, each with its own distinct characteristics.

Aged prosciutto is served in paper thin slices, on its own or with fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese and wine. I like aged prosciutto on pizza and pasta as well as on the grill.


This is a fermented and dried sausage raised in northern and southern Italy.

It is made from shoulder ham or lean ham. Then season with salt, dried chili, black pepper and red wine.

The seasoning will vary depending on the region where the sausage is made.

Northern Italian Pressata uses more aromatic spices like garlic, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. Southern Italian sausages use more chili peppers.

Any kind of sopressata you like. Sausages go well with pizza, sandwiches, and cold cuts.

Italian sausage and marinated beef

  1. Italian sausage
  2. the point
  3. Nduja
  4. Bresaola
  5. ventricles
  6. guanziale
  7. lard
  8. dead body
  9. ham capo collo
  10. Prosciutto
  11. Sappesta

final thought

We hope you enjoy this food tour with cold cuts and sausages from Italy. This small country has produced some of the most loved foods in the world.

May these meats be your kitchen favorite for years to come!

Check out the Italian Cheese to combine these meats!

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