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Bosnian cuisine is an interesting blend of traditions in and of itself.

The diverse dishes represent a blend of Western and Eastern European cultures. and historical influences from the Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary.

Exploring Bosnian cuisine is both a history lesson and a delicious one.

You probably know some of the most popular Bosnian dishes that are part of the richness of the Mediterranean. Other dishes are unique to Bosnia.

Read on to discover a list of the most popular Bosnian dishes.

Cevapi is the national dish of Bosnia and a favorite of the surrounding Balkan countries.

It is a grilled minced meat dish similar in shape and texture to Turkish barbecue. Depending on the region and ethnic diversity, cevapi can be beef, lamb, lamb, veal, or pork.

Cevapi has 5 or 10 pieces of meat per plate, usually accompanied by flatbread. Sour cream sauce, spice and onion sauce

Mince has a rich texture with a good balance of fat and lean meat.

I love the cevapi wrap. Roll each succulent piece of meat in flatbread with sour cream, tang and chopped onion.

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Every culture has a convenient stew in a pot. and for the Bosnians that dish is called Bosanski Lonac.

You’ll hear it literally in English as “Bosnian Pot.” Its status as a popular Bosnian dish rivals the national dish.

This is a hearty and healthy stew that’s easy to make and the longer it cooks, the better.

Includes beef and lamb, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, celery, garlic and pepper.

You chop all the ingredients into large pieces, put them all in a deep pot. Cover with water. Then cook over high heat until all ingredients are soft.

I like my stew with sour cream.

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Originating from the Ottoman Empire, Burek is a spicy phylo cake popular in all countries under Ottoman rule. including Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

May be called differently in different regions. But the cooking techniques and ingredients are almost identical.

Contains filo flakes and butter with vegetables, flour, milk or meat.

In Bosnia, the most popular burek is a round hash brown with a layer of filo dough topped with minced meat and onions.

My favorite Burek is the vegetarian one called Ispanakli Selank Boregi with chopped spinach.

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Tufahija is a healthy dessert. It’s a tunnel apple with walnuts.

Peeled blanched apples are moist and soft. Serve in a glass ice cream plate and topped with whipped cream.

Tufahija is another delicacy that has its roots in the Ottoman Empire. It got its name from the Turkish word for apple.

In my opinion, it tastes like apple-walnut beef. And it will be a great dessert in the fall!

If I want to make it delicious, I put vanilla ice cream on the bottom of the plate before topping with tufahija and whipped cream. lead to a kind of parfait

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There is nothing more decadent than fried dough. And each culture has its own style. From donuts to bennets

In Bosnia, these yeast-based fries are made by Ustipci, which comes from the verb “to pinch or nip.”

I imagine the early Bosnian cooks taking freshly made dough balls and throwing them in the fryer.

My guess is as good as everyone else’s, because Ustipci’s true origin remains a mystery.

This crunchy dough comes in both sweet and savory flavors. You can enjoy it with a variety of toppings and toppings, from cheese, jam to powdered sugar.

You can also add ingredients to the dough, such as fruit, meat, or cheese.

I like to eat sweets Eat with fruit or Nutella.

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Surely you’ve heard of this wonderful honey-soaked dessert. Baklava is a dessert staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries.

As you might have guessed, baklava is a product of Ottoman cuisine and is probably one of the most popular desserts in the world.

They have many varieties. Instead, they are bite-sized squares or triangles of honey-soaked filos filled with nuts.

In Bosnia, baklava is usually cooked in a large round tin that is cut into long thin triangular pieces.

I don’t like Baklava pistachios or pecans, but a variety would be a delicious and cheerful meal.

Enjoy with espresso or Turkish coffee.

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Begova Corba is the Bosnian equivalent of chicken soup.

Corba is a Bosnian version of the Arabic word “chorba”, which means stew.

Each Middle Eastern and European country has its own proprietary variety. use ingredients and seasonings sourced from their geography

Begova Corba is the ultimate cold stew that warms and comforts your soul.

It’s a popular holiday soup in Bosnia. But you will find it in traditional restaurants.

I was caught off guard by okra. But it is thinly sliced ​​and adding okra will definitely cure you.

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Another staple of Ottoman cuisine, dolphin is a typical appetizer or mezze. Serve with other small dishes. for main dish

Dolma is grape leaves stuffed with rice. Porridge is usually mixed with fresh mint or other fine herbs, then wrapped into bite-sized rolls and steamed.

Dolma is usually served cold and topped with a generous amount of fresh lime juice.

They are soft, creamy and refreshing. You can easily eat the whole plate if you are impatient.

I like to serve it with crispy mezze to create a balanced texture.

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If you want to cook stuffed grape leaves, the Bosnians offer that alternative with a tastier version of the porpoise called Japrak.

Japrak stuffed with rice and minced meat The leaves used as the toppings for these bite-sized dishes range from collard greens to kale, turnips and even Brussels sprouts.

Unlike Greek porpoise, Japrak is served hot and as a main dish rather than an appetizer.

They are strong, light and healthy. I like to serve them with yoghurt or lemon zest to add flavor to them.

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Bosnian manti or dumplings. Klepe are Bosnian beef and onion balls. Steamed or grilled with garlic sauce

Whether it’s pierogis in Poland or gyoza in Japan. Dumplings are a universal food.

They are laborious dishes that will always remind you of home cooking. Although you can now buy these foods packaged in the frozen section of any grocery store.

Klepe is a cross between Turkish manti and Italian ravioli. But the most outstanding for me is the greasy, fragrant yogurt sauce.

There are also paprika seasonings, salt and pepper for the meat and onion fillings that make for a great flavor.

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Dolmas vary from country to country and from region to region.

I think it’s stuffed grape leaves. They are grape leaves, but “dolma” is a more general term for stuffed foods.

Sogan Dolmas are stuffed onions made by layering onions with minced meat, rice, tomato puree, and spices. and sour cream

Despite biting hard into the raw onion, Sogan Dolma still boils the onion to soften the outer skin. They also cut the inside pieces to stir-fry with the meat.

Finally, the stuffed onions are simmered in a fragrant broth. Thus, the finished product is sweet, delicate and melts in your mouth.

What if I ordered a dolphin expecting stuffed Greek grape leaves and received a Bosnian dolphin instead? I won’t be angry!

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final thought

Bosnia is both a Slavic country and a Mediterranean country. It is made up of three ethnic groups that share culture and religion with Europe and the Middle East.

Such ethnic diversity is evident in Bosnian cuisine.

Popular Bosnian dishes include stews, meats, meats, desserts inspired by Mediterranean flavors and recipes collected from ancient times.

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