11 Tourist Attractions Not To Be Missed In Thanh Hoa City

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The land of the ‘talented’ with many interesting destinations. Your trip to Thanh Hoa makes you wonder where to explore, here are 11 tips to help you find the answer!

Thanh Hoa City Tour You won’t just discover amazing sights. But you can also visit the historical and cultural sites of the Vietnamese people. This will increase their love and pride for their homeland Vietnam. Where is the ideal place waiting for you, save these 11 extremely hot places in Thanh Hoa and plan your trip right now!

1. Scenic spots in Thanh Hoa city

1.1. Hua Le Thai Temple

No trip to Thanh Hoa is complete without visiting Hau Le Thai To Temple Located in Quang Sa – Dong Ve – Thanh Hoa City, Hau Le Thai Hau Temple is a great place for those who love Ancient architecture and discover Vietnamese history

This temple was built in 1805 to worship the Empress Dowager of the Koraku Dynasty. The temple consists of the front hall and the back hall on the same floor. And is a collection of antiquities bearing the culture of the end of the Lu Dynasty such as diaphragms, sacrifice towers and relics…

1.2.Vinpearl Thanh Hoa

Vinpearl Thanh Hoa is a 5-star inner city hotel located in the heart of Thanh Hoa City.

Vinpearl Thanh Hoa is a luxury and class hotel in the heart of the city.

The hotel provides high-class services such as gym, yoga, massage service, seasonal swimming pool. With a system of luxurious restaurants and bars, this place also attracts tourists with high-class bedroom facilities, Vincom Plaza commercial center, as well as modern commercial buildings.

Vinpearl Thanh Hoa attracts tourists with 5-star standard tourist services.

Especially if you choose to stay at this Vinpearl, you also have good conditions to visit and explore other attractive tourist attractions in Thanh Hoa such as Sam Son beach, Mae waterfall, Ben Yen national park, Thanh Hoa relics. House of Ho…

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1.3.Dong Son Ancient Village

If Hanoi is famous for the picturesque Duong Lam Ancient Village, Thanh Hoa also has the beautiful Dong Son Ancient Village. The village is located on the south bank of the Ma River in Thanh Hoa commune, Ham Rong district, follow National Highway 1A (from North to South), turn right to the beginning of town and go about 1 km.

Dong Son ancient village stands out with beautiful and splendid ancient architectures (Source: Collectibles).

The beautiful Co Dong Son village has a skylight roof. But you can also see Dong Son culture, historical sites, ancient buildings, historical and cultural scenic spots. and man’s war against the ancients This is the place to help the Vietnamese. From the reviews of many travelers This is the most impressive place in Thanh Hoa. ‘True Vietnam’

1.4 Hoang Long Antiquities Museum

Among the attractions in Thanh Hoa, what impresses visitors is the Hoang Long Antiquities Museum with a collection of 17 artifacts containing 16,000 antiques, the Hoang Long Museum is Vietnam’s first private museum. , is a repository of the lives and struggles of our ancestors in the past. As the saying goes, “Even as time passes, History lives on.” The patterns and textures of each object seem to bring us back to the past.

Thanh Hoa tourism

  • address: Nguyen Duy Hieu Street – Dong Huong – Thanh Hoa
  • Business hours: Morning 9.00 – 11.30 Afternoon 15.00 – 18.00

1.5. Truc Lam Ham Rong Zen Monastery

Located on C4 hill (Dong Co, Ham Rong, Thanh Hoa), Truc Lam Ham Rong Zen Monastery is one of the top destinations when traveling to Thanh Hoa. The ‘mountain overlooking the water’ on Ham Rong Mountain overlooks the legendary Machuan.

A modern temple with an elegant and serene appearance. This is where the essence of Cukram Zen Buddhism meets and where people can escape the world and find rest in the world.

Truc Lam Zen Monastery from Macheon's perspective (Source: thanhhoa.gov.vn)

1.6. Ham Rong Mountain

Among the hottest tourist destinations in Thanh Hoa, it is impossible not to mention Ham Rong mountain. Ham Long Mountain of Thanh Hoa located on the south bank of the Ma River is famous for its unique landscape, shaped like a winding dragon. The edges of the mountain are characterized by overlapping rocks that resemble the jaws of a dragon sucking water from the Ma River.

Ham Rong Mountain - Thanh Hoa scenic spot is famous for its unique landscape (Source: pinterest)

Ham Long Mountain is not only an important strategic place of the Vietnamese resistance against the US, but also attracts tourists to Thanh Hoa by its majestic beauty and countless scenic spots. The cultural and historical heritages such as Long Quan cave, Thien Song cave, Ngoc mountain, Ham Long bridge, Can Tien mountain, …

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2. Recommend places to visit around Thanh Hoa

2.1 Samson Beach

Coming to Thanh Hoa without visiting Sam Son beach is a pity, Sam Son Beach stretches 6km from Lac Hoi to the foot of Tuong Le mountain belonging to Thanh Hoa is Sam Son.

Charming Sam Son beach - A beautiful place to take pictures in Thanh Hoa (Source: Collectibles)

This beach is not just for swimming. enjoy the blue sea, golden sand, but also have the opportunity to explore other fun places in Sam Son such as: Wat Dok Quok, Wat Khai Nam, Wat Ko, Koh Trong Mai… The best time to travel to Sam Son is from beginning of March to the end of October.

2.2. Haitian Beach

Among the beaches of Thanh Hoa, the most famous are Sam Son beach and Hai Tien beach, which is likened to Hawaii of the North Central region, Hai Tien beach is a destination not to be missed when traveling to Thanh Hoa.

Hai Tien - Hawaii in the North Central Coast (Source: Collected)

Hai Tien beach is located in Hoang Hoa district, Thanh Hoa town, the beach is 12 km long and 17 km from the city center, so it is easy to go to. It has only been in use since 2015.

However, this place has quickly attracted the attention of many visitors with its natural beauty and rapid development of tourism services.

2.3 Hai Wah . Beach

Although not as close to the city as Hai Tien beach, Hai Hoa beach belongs to Hai Hoa commune (Thin Gia, Thanh Hoa), about 60 km from the center of Thanh Hoa city.

Hai Hoa Beach - Beautiful scenery of Thanh Hoa town, famous for its wildness and poetry (Source: Collectibles)

Besides fun activities on the sea, visitors can also explore other attractions such as Nghi Son Island, Quang Charung Pagoda, Wen Ning Fort, Tin Hai Fort…

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2.4 Hamron Bridge

Ham Long Bridge Thanh Hoa across the Ma River witnessing the country’s tragic history Built in 1904, Ham Long Bridge has a similar structure to Hanoi’s Long Bien bridge, with a track in the middle and an umbrella road. baby bowl. vehicles on both sides

Ham Long Bridge is the top favorite sightseeing spot in Thanh Hoa (Source: Collected).

Today, there is Ham Rong bridge sharing the transport load on Ham Rong bridge, many people still come here to watch the long flowing Ma river, sunrise and sunset. Ham Rong Bridge at night is wonderfully lit. This is the check-in point in Thanh Hoa not to be missed when coming to Thanh.

2.5. Thian Nong Nok Sa . Beach

On the tourist map of Thanh Hoa, Bai Co Tien Nong, don’t say Bai Co Tien Nong is located in Tien Nong Community, Trieu Son District, Thanh Hoa City.

To explore Thian Nong Stork Beach Take Highway 47 from Thanh Hoa, cross Chu bridge, turn left along the Hoang Giang River as the ancients told. The stork garden has been around for more than 100 years and is the home and nesting place for birds, storks and gourds, mainly storks.

Thien Nong stork yard in Thanh Hoa is more than 100 years old (Source: Collected)

Heron Park is about three hectares wide in the middle of a large lake and surrounded by rich vegetation. Considered as a precious natural resource that needs to be protected and developed into an eco-tourism area of ​​Than Hoa.

Above is a summary of 11 famous places that you should definitely try when traveling. Thanh Hoa City TourOne of the Thanh Hoa travel experiences that you need to pay attention to is choosing a good quality accommodation that is convenient to travel. to make your trip convenient and complete

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