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Ice cream is an age-old frozen dessert made at the most basic level with cream and sugar. Over the centuries Ice cream has expanded to include hundreds of flavors and matching combinations. Including strange ice cream flavors that you did not expect

Chocolate and vanilla may be tried-and-true favorites that still top the list of flavors today, but adventurous eaters will love recipes and brands that enhance their original flavors. cream.

Ice cream makers of the last century created some very unusual ice creams. This often widens the range of flavors to create savory, salty, and even fishy flavors.

I’ve compiled a list of the weirdest ice cream flavors for you to try if you dare.

strange ice cream

If you’re adventurous, try these exotic ice cream flavors.

Jalapeno Honey Pickle Ice Cream

From an informal survey of the desire to get pregnant. I hypothesize that a pregnant woman created this ice cream flavor after chopping dill pickles with a spoonful of ice cream.

That said, many ice cream shops around the US have some exotic ice cream flavors here, including Lick and Sweet Action ice cream.

This ice cream has a sweet creamy base. Emulsified pickles and honey. Then, add chopped fresh jalapeno peppers for extra flavor.

I can eat honey and jalapenos in ice cream. But the sweetness and pickle in the same spoon made it hard for me to wrap my head around, let alone my teeth.

Lobster ice cream

Lobster ice cream is a Maine specialty ice cream that originated in Bar Harbor.

Historically Bar Harbor, Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium started selling lobster ice cream in 1988 on a humorous recommendation from a serious patron.

Lobster ice cream uses a vanilla base and is mixed with buttered fresh lobster meat.

Lobster is often the most expensive crustacean on steakhouse menus, but in Maine, lobster is common.

We always enjoy lobster steamed and dipped in melted butter. So, lobster buttercream mimics this flavor by adding sugar and vanilla.

Although I only eat vanilla ice cream. But the buttercream and ice cream with lobster are really edible.

Smoked salmon ice cream

A favorite breakfast and appetizer in countries around the world, smoked salmon is often paired with cream cheese or other butter products. To eat on toast or bagels.

So why not use ice cream instead of cream cheese and cones instead of bagels?

Smoked salmon ice cream has won acclaim from fine dining. It is usually an appetizer prepared with grated cucumber and chopped chives for garnish.

I found a lot of ideas and recipes for smoked salmon ice cream. Some people use a whole salmon to coat the fraiche or beetroot as if it were a cone dip.

As long as you can get rid of the notion that ice cream is dessert. You will be surprised how delicious the smoked salmon ice cream is.

curry cream

Recipes from India to Japan use curry as the main seasoning in chutneys, soups, marinades and seasonings.

Curries are usually a mixture of many different aromatic spices. There are three main types yellow, green and red.

The curries have a rich flavor that most recipes combine with spicy and pungent ingredients like coconut milk, cream, and starchy vegetables.

So using it in cream is a logical step. You can use it in coconut ice cream and add pistachios for extra nutrition and sweetness.

My favorite curry is massaman curry. So, in honor of the main ingredient, I’m going to try the peanut ice cream and curry.

Ice cream fish and chips

The famous British pub and street food inspired British ice cream maker Fredericks Dairies to create a Fish and Chip flavored ice cream using:

  • ice cream code
  • vanilla
  • pepper powder

They don’t give up their fries. Flavor ice cream with potatoes, salt, and vinegar for fish and chips.

Another fine British ice cream maker in Yorkshire has created a fish and chip sundae with bean ice cream. A scoop of fish and chips ice cream for garnish

Potato ice cream with salt and vinegar fascinates me. I would only consider cod ice cream if it was rolled in batter and deep fried. At least the battered crust makes the cod delicious in the first place.

Oyster ice cream

If you are a fan of raw oysters. Oyster ice cream is a texture upgrade.

Oyster ice cream is one of the oldest on my list. It appeared in an early 19th century cookbook called The Virginia Housewoman.

Born from a rich oyster soup recipe that cooks can freeze.

Later, oyster ice cream was revived in the 21st century, debuting as a popular flavor at the New England Oyster Festival.

New recipe with ginger for sweet and spicy taste. But I am part of a frozen soup recipe.

Perhaps you could make a bowl of ice cream out of soda crackers for extra realism.

Mango Pickled Ice Cream

This is an unusual ice cream flavor that I can associate with as a mango lover in every form, from dried, fresh to pickled.

Mango is the sweetest fruit in the world. It is often served with chili, salt and lemon to balance and add sweetness.

Pickled mango is a popular dish in India and Thailand. Therefore, the use for making ice cream is not far away. Be a genius!

Mango pickled ice cream can be frozen or emulsified mango ice cream. Alternatively, you can add it to coconut ice cream or milkshakes to add extra creaminess to the ice cream.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams makes a great version of mango pickled ice cream. Divide into sweet cream cheese balls topped with mango pickled sauce including:

  • mango pulp
  • White pepper
  • pepper
  • Clove
  • Balsamic White Vinegar

pizza ice cream

Pizza is a global sensation found in every country. Because there is no appetizer more popular than this one.

Most of us enjoy it for breakfast in the evening just as much as we enjoy a slice of it hot right out of the oven. It could be pizza-inspired ice cream in the morning.

It’s fitting that New York-based ice cream maker Van Leeuwen launched a pizza-flavored ice cream earlier this year.

They invented mac and cheese flavored ice cream. So they decided to expand the cheese flavored ice cream range.

Van Leeuwen’s Pizza Ice Cream uses rich cream cheese, using extra egg yolks for a golden color and creamy flavor.

Tomato sauce comes in the form of tomato jelly, a flexible ribbon.

Ink cream

Squid is a common additive to pasta and rice in the Mediterranean diet. The deep black color of the squid is very prominent and rich in flavor.

You will get the same deep black color when you add squid ink to the ice cream. which has been a popular ice cream flavor in Japan for decades.

The traditional squid ice cream recipe combines squid with starch, milk, salt, and sugar.

Tapioca and sugar will drown out the fishy taste of the squid. I recommend mashing some wasabi beans and sprinkling them on top.

The ink makes this cream more shiny. Interesting if not appetizing.

cream cheese

In my opinion, another ice cream flavor that is not uncommon is cheese.

The cheese is ripe and tastes great as dessert. Many European cultures serve cheese platters for dessert.

Many cheeses are double cream cheese or soft cheese. The liquid that you mix with the mixture is as if it were cream.

Cream cheese can use any type of cheese from cheddar to cream cheese. I think it’s important to use egg yolks in cheese recipes to bring out the creaminess on the cheese.

If you’re Midwesterner, you might like some cheddar cream cheese on a slice of apple pie.

Cicada ice cream

Finish with the most unusual of the cicada-flavored ice creams.

Cicadas are mysterious summer bugs we’ve all heard of but never seen. I only know them naked. that they pour out in the dark

Apparently there was an epidemic of cicadas in New Jersey a few years ago. And ice cream shop Bent Spoon decided to take advantage of it.

They mix dried cicadas with chocolate and brown sugar to create a cicada-flavored ice cream. It is very popular because it tastes like chocolate ice cream.

Cicadas add an element of attraction. Not to mention lean protein.

strange ice cream

  1. Jalapeno Honey Pickle Cream
  2. Lobster ice cream
  3. Smoked salmon ice cream
  4. curry cream
  5. Ice cream fish and chips
  6. Oyster ice cream
  7. Mango Pickled Ice Cream
  8. pizza ice cream
  9. Ink cream
  10. cream cheese
  11. Cicada ice cream

final thought

Many of the world’s most famous recipes are the result of experimentation. Now, it’s common to flip the original flavor scenario. Create sweet, savory and vice versa.

My list of the weirdest ice cream flavors has changed the standard. Let it be the disappointment of some and the joy of others.

Check out other exotic foods on our blog!

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