12 Best Oat Milk Brands of All Time

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Oat milk is a great choice for vegetarian and plant-based diets. Milk is made from oats and water and has a thick creamy texture.

Many people are considering switching to a plant-based diet for better health. Oat milk is an excellent source of beneficial nutrients and vitamins that are essential to our diet.

Most oat milk contains calcium, vitamins, protein, and fiber. Oat milk is known to add flavor to our drinks.

There are many to choose from. Different brands of oat milk have different flavors and nutritional values.

oat milk brand

If you want to add delicious nutrients to your diet. Here are the 12 best brands of oat milk you can try.


You can’t beat the original. Oatly was one of the first brands. oat milk launch

Fat-free milk was invented in the 1990s and is still a good choice for many people.

Its taste, nutritional value, and texture have remained stable and delicious since it first won people’s hearts decades ago.

Oat milk is very useful. Oat milk is fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. calcium and beta glucan supplements

In addition to its health benefits, Oatly Oat Milk is loved for its creamy taste and texture.

Oatly is an oat milk that you can drink on your own. If you like a little more flavor You can also try other flavors like Full Fat, Low Fat, Chocolate or Barista Edition.

Personally, I like the chocolate flavor. I love a strong chocolate.

California Farm

Califia Farms is one of the most popular oat milks on the shelf.

Plant-based milk is rich, creamy, and flavorful. Califia Farms Oat Milk contains no stabilizers or gum.

There are different flavors to choose from, including Vanilla Protein Oat, Vanilla, Original Protein, Oat and Almond Plant Milk Blend, Extra Creamy and Zero Sugar.

I find the Oat + Almond Plant Milk Mix to be a unique flavor that no other brand has. It’s the perfect combination of oat cream and smooth almond milk.

This milk mixture is best suited for cooking and baking. But it’s delicious when you drink it alone.

Barista Blend was created for latte drinkers. Oat milk is heated and foamed like regular milk.

You can whip up the rich creaminess of your coffee with this flavorful oat milk.


Elmhurst oat milk is more expensive. But some people may find the price tag worthy.

Elmhurst 1925 Unsweetened Oat Milk is made with five ingredients: cane sugar, salt, natural flavors, white oats, and filtered water.

The minimal ingredient list makes this brand of oat milk widely popular with fans of natural and health-conscious ingredients.

It is also recommended by nutritionists who appreciate the nutritional value of this oat milk.

Free of additives, fillers and preservatives, this brand maintains the nutritional value of oat milk.

Elmhurst oat milk is considered one of the healthiest options. It has a rich creamy taste and texture.

Oatmeal planet

Everyone loves when their taste buds are satisfied and Planet Oat is known to have done so with a sweet taste that makes it tastier than most oat milks.

Planet Oat’s oat milk is rated as the best for smoothies. It comes in six flavors – Original, Vanilla, Extra Creamy, Dark Chocolate, Unsweetened and Unsweetened Vanilla.

The vanilla flavor is a particular favorite for smoothies. The lightly sweet flavors of oatmeal and vanilla with added vitamins and minerals blend easily into your smoothie.

Dark chocolate oat milk can be eaten on its own. The taste is rich, greasy, sweet but not too sweet, very tasty.


Apricot is one of the best budget-friendly oat milks out there. Most people take this brand in the market when looking for the best deals with great taste.

Inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap. Saimai does not neglect taste and nutritional value.

This brand of oat milk is an excellent source of calcium, riboflavin and vitamins A, D and B12.

In addition to the price, many people love the Silk brand because it tastes as close to milk as possible.

Anyone switching from milk to non-dairy milk will love the Silk brand because it has a similar taste and consistency to cow’s milk.

You can add this oat milk to your cereal, coffee or smoothie without missing out on your regular milk.


Chobani is best known for its Greek yogurt and is now known for its oat milk.

Like most oat milks Made with simple ingredients blended with essential nutrients Rich and flavorful No preservatives or artificial flavors

Coffee drinkers love Chobani Extra Creamy. This flavorful oat milk is thick and creamy and perfect for anyone using oat milk for ice cream.

You can also try Barista Edition, Original and Vanilla for your drinks. Their Zero Sugar tastes great with no added sugar.

Chobani also produces delicious oat ice cream in a variety of flavors. Some are our favorite dairy-free ice cream picks!

Pacific Foods Organic Vanilla Oatmeal Factory

Pacific Foods’ organic oat milk is considered one of the best organic oat milk available.

Pacific Foods is known for using local and organic ingredients. Oat milk is naturally sweetened with organic oats and has no added sugar.

This is a great option for those who want to reduce their sugar intake.

This oat milk is not as thick as other oat milks. But its thinner consistency makes it best suited for cooking and baking.

The name of the chain of stores Trader Joe’s

People love Trader Joe’s products. The brand offers high-quality products and oat milk is no different.

Trader Joe’s Oat Milk is one of the best oat milks available with two ingredients: water and hydrolyzed oats.

Non-dairy oat milk breaks down starches to create a sugary sweetness.

Trader Joe’s Oat Milk is a sweet, smooth, and unsweetened plant-based milk.

TJ’s oat milk is sweeter than most oat milks. and thinner consistency Many people love the natural sweetness of Trader Joe’s oat milk.


Another great oat milk for your coffee or latte is Oatsome. Oat milk is steamed and frothy like powdered milk.

Oatsome Oat Milk is made with organic oats and contains no added sugar or artificial ingredients. The natural base of oats, vitamins and calcium creates a smooth creamy taste.

I get a good source of protein, calcium, vitamins and fats first thing in the morning when I add Barista Blend to my morning coffee.

I also love warming up a glass of chocolate oat milk when I want hot cocoa.

cool + collectibles

Another budget-friendly oat milk brand is Good + Gather. This oat milk is sold and sold exclusively by Target.

Many consider this brand an incredible bargain. Although priced lower than other brands of oat milk, Good + Gather doesn’t disappoint in terms of taste and texture.

Good+Gather Oat Milk is different from other brands of oat milk. It is creamy, slightly sweet, and has a rich, oatmeal flavor.

The perfect Barista Blend for your coffee. And mildly sweetened oat milk is a better choice for those looking to reduce their sugar intake.


You don’t have to stray too far from the taste of your milk with Natural by Nature Oat Milk.

The brand was originally a dairy producer and has entered the dairy-free world with oat milk.

This brand is good for our health and planet. Natural by Nature produces products using natural resources and organic farming.

The company created oat milk as an organic milk alternative made with organic oats and natural resources.

The natural flavor and consistency is known to be delicious. Protecting the earth and being environmentally friendly makes it more delicious.

just the original oatmeal

Coca-Cola continues to bring us great-tasting milk alternatives.

It recently introduced almond milk as its first alternative to dairy-free milk.

After successfully producing non-dairy milk for the first time, Simple has gone above and beyond to provide us with one of the best oat milks available.

Simple Oat Original is made with simple ingredients. No Preservatives Thickener aka gum is the perfect combination of oats, sugar, salt and natural flavors.

This oat milk comes in three flavors – original, cream, and vanilla. Each flavor of oat milk has a creamy, vanilla flavor.

It’s thinner than what people recommend is best in your cereal or smoothie.

final thought

You don’t have to sacrifice flavor when it comes to adding essential nutrients to your drinks and meals.

You can enjoy coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, cereals, cakes and a milkshake with the best oat milk from these brands.

Check out some of our favorite brands of almond milk. If that’s the non-dairy alternative you want!

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