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Find a hotel flight Destination information, must-try dishes and more on your smartphone through 12 travel apps.

Everything you need for your trip: plane tickets. hotel rooms Destination information, must-try dishes, all of which can be found on your smartphone. Here are 12 of the most popular and useful travel apps available today.

1. Google Translate

An essential app for traveling abroad, Google Translate is getting smarter by the day. with big data from our users Therefore, communicating with native speakers of any country will not be an obstacle to the journey.

2. the way to

Google Translate is popular in Latin-speaking countries. Waygo is an application dedicated to Chinese and Japanese translation. Waygo is also capable of working offline. This allows users to use without a Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection, but the application will be charged when users translate more than 10 documents per day.

3. Speak and translate

This application has the ability to translate voice instantly and even without an internet connection. This app supports multiple translations and converts both text and audio to speech.

4. Google Maps

This application probably doesn’t need much explanation because of its popularity and usefulness, Google Maps is still an indispensable tool in our daily lives. With ever-evolving information and smarter features, Google Maps doesn’t just help you find the most convenient route. It also gives you an overview of your destination. The downside of this app is that it requires an active internet connection at all times.

5. City Map 2Go

If you need a map app that doesn’t need an internet connection, don’t forget City Maps 2Go. The app also allows users to share opinions about destinations and build travel communities.


This is a map application that does not require the Internet, TripAdvisor is also a repository of traveler reviews. Support booking flight tickets and book tables at restaurants

7. Best friend

Sidekix is ​​a pedestrian locator app, Sidekix also has the ability to suggest nearby destinations on request, for example if you want to search for a restaurant. The application will display directions and distance to your location, Sidekix also has safety features that allow relatives and friends to track your journey. If you are walking alone at night

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8. Triplets

This is a free app that provides basic information about your destination. You can also enter Triplt flight and hotel information to plan your trip properly.

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travel 9. m

An application very familiar to people who love to travel and travel a lot, mTrip saves a lot of time searching for tourist information by providing a list of places to eat. You can also send virtual postcards through social networks, however, this application only supports information about specific cities.

10. Scream

Using GPS location Yelp allows you to find restaurants, cafes, etc near where you stand. It also provides complete information about the places you want to visit.

11. Travel Smart

If you have health problems while traveling and don’t know how to call an ambulance, consider TravelSmart, a free app that can provide you with information on overseas travel insurance. check flight information Find the nearest medical facility, etc. It can also translate medical information into foreign languages. Make it easier to communicate with foreigners. Nurse/Doctor.

12. American Red Cross First Aid

We never anticipate potential health risks during travel. That’s why you need American Red Cross First Aid, an app that tells you what to do in an emergency. The accompanying video gives you the clearest picture of what needs to be done.

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