12 tips for traveling frugally

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For many people, travel is a luxury in life. And traveling around the world is like a dream come true for a millionaire. will make you think again

1. Take advantage of your free time.

Museums and attractions are free. Pay attention and plan your visit. Entertainment venues often have promotions for certain occasions or for certain audiences.


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2. Get information from villagers.

when stepping into a new land Many people think of hiring a guide or buying a tour. But if you take the effort to ask locals or find local friends on travel forums. You will save a lot of money and have the opportunity to meet new people.

3. No need to go anywhere

Instead of racing against time to move from one place to another. Try traveling slowly. Choose the place you are interested in. Then, take the time to explore thoroughly, if you want, you can find a seat to soak up the atmosphere of the destination, the scenery and the people around. It will definitely save you a lot of money and make your trip more meaningful.

4. Flexible itinerary

If you really don’t have time Choose the departure time with the best fare. You can choose an off-season time instead of traveling during peak times like weekends. Follow travel agents often for cheap tickets and tours.

5. Book hotels directly

Booking websites and apps seem too convenient to make people lazy. Keep in mind that for convenience, you will also have to pay extra for such middlemen, so find all the information about the hotel yourself on the website and call them directly to book, price negotiable.

6. Consider renting a serviced apartment.

If you are traveling with a large group Renting an apartment is ideal. Your group doesn’t have to be in separate rooms like in a hotel. But the apartment always has a kitchen. So you can save money especially on food.


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7. Walk as much as you can.

This is a free form of transportation and great for exercise. Not only that, Strolling the streets of your destination is the best way to immerse yourself in local life. Getting to know people and enjoying popular food It’s also a good choice.

12 tips for traveling frugally

8. Breakfast or lunch at the restaurant.

especially at tourist attractions restaurants Usually crowded in the evenings Therefore, prices on this time frame may be higher during the day. Another way to eat a hearty meal on a budget is to plan a picnic and pack your own food. You have many choices at the local market or supermarket. And all it takes is a little cooking.

9. Do not bring ATM cards.

ATM card is a convenient payment method. But convenience makes us want to use more. Use cash for easy spending management and only use ATM cards to withdraw cash.

10. Don’t shop at the mall.

The big and busy commercial centers are worth a visit if you don’t want to fall into a state of “lost money.” Prices here are often higher than markets or shops in residential areas. Talking to the locals is also a good way. Be sure to haggle before pulling out your wallet.

12 tips for traveling frugally

11. Save money on internet bills.

One thing to consider when booking accommodation is the free Wi-Fi connection, so you can significantly reduce calling and 4G charges. Attractions and airports also offer free Wi-Fi to passengers.

12. Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important but often overlooked types of insurance. It is only when something goes wrong that people realize the importance of travel insurance. So don’t regret buying insurance in the first place. You get more when you make mistakes.

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