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Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or hoping to boost your digestive health. Yogurt may be the most affordable option. But there are different types of yogurt. Some may suit your taste buds and personal preferences better than others.

For example, traditional plain yogurt is a great base for toppings like fresh fruit.

But if you’re traveling, you might want to choose drinkable yogurt. Because it doesn’t need a lot of preparation and has a lot of delicious flavors.

In this article, I will explore and describe all of the best yogurts out there. Shows you how to choose the right yogurt for your needs and preferences.

kind of yoga

Learn about different types of yogurt. where you can enjoy and find what you like!

Traditional yoga

If you’ve ever enjoyed a store-bought parfait. You may have eaten traditional yogurt.

This snack is made with bacteria and cow’s milk. It’s a slightly citrusy white for breakfast bowls and summer snacks.

Traditional yogurt is thinner and slightly more watery than Greek or Australian yogurt.

Although not as liquid as drinking yogurt. But the texture and consistency of traditional yogurt make it a great starter choice for those looking to try yogurt for the first time.

Like other yogurts You can try plain or flavored traditional yogurt.

I love mixing a few tablespoons of plain yogurt into my breakfast bran to soften it up and add some much-needed protein to my morning routine!

Greek yogurt

Chances are you are at least somewhat familiar with Greek yogurt.

In addition to traditional yogurt and drinking yogurt. Greek yogurt is also one of the most accessible and viable options in North America. But what exactly is this?

Basically Greek yogurt is plain yogurt that has been filtered several times to remove excess liquid. This process results in a thicker and firmer yogurt. can satisfy your hunger instantly.

Many supermarket chains even make their own Greek yogurt, giving shoppers simple and flavorful options.

But in the US, Chobani still holds the number one position, still holding the title of the most popular Greek yogurt brand.

I love Chobani’s Greek Yogurt because it’s GMO-free and comes in a variety of delicious flavors, including Key Lime.

Australian yogurt

Plain yogurt seems to have a slightly sour taste, and this natural flavor may not be to everyone’s taste. Luckily, Australian yogurt is much sweeter—no artificial sweeteners!

That’s because Australian yogurt is actually Greek yogurt mixed with honey. Therefore, it is a denser, sugary snack that serves as a dessert or a healthy midday snack.

One of the most popular Australian yogurt brands on shelves today is Noosa, a brand that originated in Australia before arriving in Colorado.

Personally, I like the blueberry flavor because it’s rich in vitamins but tastes like a boring snack.

See if your local supermarket carries this brand. to try Australian yogurt for yourself

Icelandic yogurt

Iceland can be the land of fire and ice. But it’s also home to some of the world’s most unique cuisines.

In the end, most of the island is uncultivable. This means that the island is not suitable for farming.

As a result, Icelanders enjoy a diet that includes the finest animal products. including yogurt (called skyr in Iceland)

But you don’t have to buy a plane ticket to enjoy Icelandic yogurt for yourself!

The Iceland Regulation is an Icelandic yogurt brand widely sold in the United States.

This brand’s Skyr is similar to Greek yogurt in texture and consistency. But it’s a bit richer in protein.

So if you are hoping to build a bit of muscle mass or increase your daily protein intake. You may want to pick up a box of this delicious yogurt next time you go to the grocery store.

And if you like your yogurt a little smoother (like me), you can try my favorite Extra Creamy Skyr!

almond yoghurt

Most traditional yogurts are made from cow’s milk. But the addition of milk substitutes means that many modern yogurts including almond yogurt are completely dairy-free.

This makes them a top choice for lactose-intolerant people, vegans, and those looking to avoid dairy. And in terms of calcium content, there is hardly any better than almond yogurt.

This yogurt is made from almond milk. It is low in sodium but rich in calcium.

The simple version may taste slightly nutty or bland. That’s why I love vanilla almond yogurt.

coconut yogurt

If you are allergic to nuts, you can skip this yogurt.

But if you like coconut and rich taste. You might love coconut yogurt!

It’s rich, creamy, and vegan-friendly, not to mention dairy-free.

Coconut yogurt, although slightly fatter than traditional yogurt or Greek yogurt, is still slightly fatter. But it can turn out to be the best dessert option. Especially when topped with fresh berries and fruit.

I find that the coconut flavor is mild. Suitable for tropical fruits like pineapple.

french yogurt

Beyond Greek-style yogurt has become very popular over the past decade. French yogurt is possibly one of the fastest growing yogurt superstars in the United States.

This yogurt is traditional yogurt in fancy form. They are usually sold in glass jars or small bottles.

French yogurt is produced (cultured) and sold in a single box. Unlike other mass-produced yogurts where the plastic rarely touches it

So when you dip your spoon into a jar of French yogurt. means that you have consumed the good things that the producer has created. Reduce waste when enjoying dessert.

Many French yogurts feature fresh fruit or fruit jam to enhance the experience.

I like to drink a bottle of French yogurt in the spring. Later I can rinse the glass jars and use them as small pots to grow kitchen herbs or spring flowers. What’s not to like about this?

goat yoghurt

Goat’s milk is sour and slightly sweeter than cow’s milk. Hence suitable for making cheese and yogurt.

Although it is as rich in lactose as traditional yogurt, it has a slightly darker taste. This makes it the perfect choice for those looking to expand and try new yogurts.

But this type of yogurt is not very popular in the United States. So finding the container is a bit tricky.

However, if you live near Whole Foods Market, you can make a box of Redwood Hill Farm goat milk yogurt.

This snack is sourced from the finest raw goats. So when you purchase this yogurt program, you are advocating healthy farming and happy goats.

Check out some of our favorite goat cheeses too!

soy yogurt

There are different types of non-dairy yogurts. But soy yogurt is one of the most unique.

This yogurt has a slightly yellow or beige color. The taste of yogurt is often compared to regular soy milk.

Overall, soy yogurt is a better choice for those who want to reduce their sugar intake. This is because plain soy yogurt has natural sugars and is much less added than traditional yogurt.

It also provides a good amount of calcium and magnesium.

I like to eat soy yogurt with chopped banana. But feel free to experiment to find your favorite fruit and yogurt combination!

cashew yogurt

Cashew butter can replace the peanut butter that used to be in your pantry. But have you tried cashew yogurt?

This nut-based yogurt may suit your taste better than its generic cousin, almond yogurt.

Cashew yogurt is rich in fat and contains many beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that help keep your digestive system working properly.

My favorite cashew milk yogurt is the Forager Project Peach Organic Yogurt, which is super fruity and filling.

sheep milk yoghurt

Yogurts made with milk substitutes like soy and almond may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

But because traditional yogurt is made from cow’s milk. it’s a lactose-rich substance, so those hoping to avoid an upset stomach won’t know where to turn.

Fortunately, yogurt made from sheep’s milk tends to be easier to digest than regular cow’s milk.

like traditional yogurt Sheep’s milk yogurt is rich in protein and beneficial bacteria. and have the same consistency

You can use this yogurt to make a low-lactose parfait or enjoy it as a stomach-friendly snack.

The California-based Bellwether Farms brand offers the best sheep’s milk yogurt in North America.

I always love the smell of vanilla when making parfait. Because it pairs perfectly with the sweetness of berries and fresh fruit.

Check out the sheep’s milk cheese if you like yogurt like this!

drink yogurt

Looking for a snack on the go or are you hungry and thirsty? Drinking yogurt is the answer.

This type of yogurt closely resembles traditional yogurt. But much thinner by adding water or milk.

There are many types of yogurt drinks. Some are packaged in mini-sized bottles for easy portability. and some are packaged in large crates for home consumption.

The taste of these yogurts also varies greatly. This makes it easy to choose the genre that suits your taste!

I love the convenience of this yogurt. and I always carry a small bottle Take it with me when I go out for daily activities.

This is a great on-the-go snack if you need yogurt on the go!

kind of yoga

  1. Traditional yoga
  2. Greek yogurt
  3. Australian yogurt
  4. Icelandic yogurt
  5. almond yoghurt
  6. coconut yogurt
  7. french yogurt
  8. goat yoghurt
  9. soy yogurt
  10. cashew yogurt
  11. sheep milk yoghurt
  12. drink yogurt

final thought

Yogurt is a great snack and there are so many varieties to choose from!

While these yogurts are delicious, they are not. You may also want to consider adding some delicious toppings. Check out my favorite yogurt toppings to make every bowl of yogurt a little tastier.

Or if you’re in the mood for something sweet. Why not try one of these popular frozen yogurt shops?

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