13 Best Starbucks Vanilla Drinks You Must Order

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Spring, summer, fall or winter, you can’t go wrong buying vanilla from Starbucks. Classic taste, simple and delicious.

Whether you’re new to Starbucks or need a change of pace. Their vanilla drinks will satisfy your cravings.

Not to mention, Starbucks has an extensive menu filled with inventive recipes and amazing bartenders who are constantly meeting the needs of each customer.

Creative coffee shops offer hot, cold, caffeinated, decaffeinated, healthy drinks or sugar and vanilla. With so many choices, you can get overwhelmed at the thought of trying something new.

Starbucks vanilla drink

To help you choose the vanilla you’ll like. I’ve compiled a list of the best vanilla drinks I’ve ever tried. Check out our list of the best Starbucks vanilla drinks below.

Golden Vanilla Latte

The classic Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Latte is smooth and powerful.

large or medium drinks Includes 2 yellow espresso, 4 vanilla syrup pumps and 2 percent steamed milk foam.

Although simple, Blonde Vanilla Latte is highly customizable to drink cold or hot.

If you don’t add milk, ask the bartender for almond, coconut, oat, or soy milk. Or add sweetness by topping with sweet vanilla ice cream instead of condensed milk.

Caffeine tolerance varies widely. So if you want to increase the intensity even more. Ask for an extra shot of espresso. If you want more vanilla than coffee, ask for less decaf or espresso!

Frappuccino vanilla coffee

Starbucks frappuccinos are famous for good reason! Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino is an aperitif with a hint of caffeine.

Large glass with ice, milk, 3 scoops of vanilla powder and 3 cups of roasted Frappuccino.

Starbucks Frappuccino Roasts is a coffee in syrup designed for frozen drinks.

When the preparation is complete, the bartender will bring the drink frozen along with fresh cream. You can sweeten it with mocha, dark caramel, or white chocolate.

The barista can also make this decaffeinated frappuccino. However, this method requires a decaffeinated espresso instead of the Frappuccino roasted syrup. This results in a thinner consistency.

Caramel Macchiato

Despite the name, Caramel Macchiato is one of Starbucks’ most popular vanilla drinks. Available in both cold and hot options. It is a popular menu throughout the year.

It’s actually made with vanilla syrup. non-caramel 3x vanilla syrup and 2x signature espresso, topped with 2% steamed milk foam and caramel drizzle. It’s the perfect drink for caffeine lovers and those with a sweet tooth.

It could be much sweeter if you wanted to! Combine vanilla syrup with caramel, vanilla toast, hazelnuts, or toffee nut syrup. and topped with whipped cream

If you like mild flavors like I do, ask for a golden espresso instead of the signature espresso.

Frappuccino with vanilla bean cream

Don’t like coffee but want dessert? Try one of Starbucks’ most popular vanilla drinks, the Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino.

Mix with fresh milk and three tablespoons of vanilla bean paste.

The sweet mixture is topped with whipped cream. Add sweetness by adding Frappuccino Chips.

If you’re ordering snacks for the kids Have fun by asking the bartender to drizzle caramel or mocha sauce over the cup.

You can also turn it into a unique caffeinated beverage by calling it affogato—a sip of espresso poured directly into the drink.

vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Crème is a hot vanilla bean ice cream Frappuccino.

So I enjoy it the most during the holidays. The giant one contains 2% steamed milk, 4 pumps of vanilla syrup and whipped cream.

sugary drinks But you can replace the milk with half-and-half sweetened cream or vanilla if you want it sweeter.

Like the Frappuccino version. You can also top the mug with caramel or mocha sauce.

It can melt and compliment the vanilla syrup even more! Or you can reduce the sweetness by ordering oatmeal or soy milk.

Sweet vanilla ice cream

Since its launch in 2015, Starbucks’ cold brew coffee has become a fan favorite.

Cold brew coffee is known for its strong yet smooth texture. Brewed by steeping coffee in cold water. Instead of pouring espresso or coffee over ice,

All this to say, if you like vanilla and iced coffee. This is the drink for you!

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is made with ice, cold brew coffee, and two pumps of vanilla syrup.

Your bartender will top it off with sweet vanilla ice cream that floats all over the drink. The result is a refreshing coffee and the perfect sweet vanilla flavor.

Sweeten with cream or mix with vanilla bean paste!

Nitro Cold Brew Sweet Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew is one of Starbucks’ most popular vanilla drinks.

However, it is not for the faint of heart. The drink is so caffeinated that you can’t order anything bigger than a grande.

Nitro cold brew is what the name implies—cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen for a sweet, mellow taste.

After its debut in Seattle, the drink became the second best-selling drink on the menu. Contains cold brew nitro coffee and sweet vanilla ice cream.

The result is coffee with cream. not too much sugar but not too dense Like cold brew sweet vanilla ice cream. You can sweeten it with supplements like half-and-half syrup or flavored.

London Latte Foggy Tea

Starbucks is not only famous for its unique coffee and desserts. Because it also serves tea.

London Fog Tea Latte is a creamy Earl Gray tea. Large drinks include 2% steamed milk, frothed milk, 4 vanilla syrup pumps and 2 tea bags.

Frozen drinks are served warm with light orange and lavender flavors, perfect for chilly days. I always order a London Fog Tea Latte when the weather is bad.

If 2 percent milk sounds too heavy for your tea. Switch to almond, oat, or soy milk. and remove the top milk froth

Salted caramel ice cream

Instead, Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew is a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with salted caramel cream foam on top.

It still has cold brew coffee and two tubes of vanilla syrup. That’s why I made this list of Starbucks’ best vanilla drinks!

I usually call it when I’m in a slightly different mood. Salty caramel complements other sweet drinks with a pleasant aroma.

I enjoy it cold with caramel-lined mugs and only half and half. Sometimes I put ice cream on top. If your sweet tooth is less intense than mine, order the same!

Vanilla latte

While Starbucks has a niche for innovative drinks, the Vanilla Latte is simple.

Vanilla Latte is perfectly suitable for those who are new to coffee or do not like sophisticated drinks.

Vanilla Latte iced or hot? Both methods include 2 percent milk, 4 times vanilla syrup, and 2 times yellow espresso.

Drinks are very smooth. So if you like strong flavored coffee. Order the signature grill instead. I order an iced vanilla latte with a ristretto when I need a little boost.

Ristretto-style dishes are cooked with less water. This results in a stronger espresso and stronger coffee flavor.

Vanilla Matcha Latte

Matcha is premium Japanese green tea powder that is good for your health and taste buds!

Vanilla Matcha Latte is a sweet and creamy drink that will delight you all year round. You can order hot and iced or cold and iced.

Grande contains 2 percent milk (steamed if hot), 3 tablespoons matcha powder, and 2 pumps of vanilla syrup.

Many people regularly replace 2 percent milk with almond milk because it’s much lighter and adds matcha powder.

I put whipped cream on top to make the drink look more eye-catching and delicious!

Cookies and ice cream

Cookies and Cream Cold Brew is perfect for those who are addicted to caffeine and love sweets.

It’s a secret menu item. I’ll teach you how to order, but before you do, be forewarned that I always order venti because they’re delicious!

If you want a smaller size, reduce the number of pumps you need.

When ordering, ask for Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew with 4 parts white chocolate mocha sauce in the drink, 2 parts mocha sauce in the foam. and mocha crackers on top

When you know this drink tastes like Oreos in a caffeinated cup. You won’t have to go back.

Coconut iced vanilla bean latte

The Iced Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Latte is often referred to as the Starbucks Upside Down Latte.

Contain 1 scoop of vanilla bean paste shaken in coconut milk and top with 2 espresso cups.

Cool version comes with yellow photos. And the heated version comes with the signature Espresso, however, you can always swap it out to suit your needs.

Vanilla drinks are great for regular coffee drinkers because of their rich flavor. I usually add two pumps of vanilla syrup to the cold version to soften the flavor.

When ordering hot, ask for Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam.

Starbucks vanilla drink

  1. Golden Vanilla Latte
  2. Frappuccino vanilla coffee
  3. Caramel Macchiato
  4. Frappuccino with vanilla bean cream
  5. vanilla ice cream
  6. Sweet vanilla ice cream
  7. Nitro Cold Brew Sweet Vanilla Ice Cream
  8. London Latte Foggy Tea
  9. Salted caramel ice cream
  10. Vanilla latte
  11. Vanilla Matcha Latte
  12. Cookies and ice cream
  13. Coconut iced vanilla bean latte

final thought

Starbucks Creative Menu Elevating Simple Ingredients like vanilla with ease If you’re not a coffee or tea lover but know you love the smell of vanilla. This popular cafe has drinks that you are sure to enjoy.

Starbucks vanilla drinks range from bold to healthy to sweet to deliciously sweet. I hope my guide helps you find the best Starbucks vanilla drink for you.

Otherwise, the vanilla isn’t yours. Don’t be afraid to ask your local Starbucks barista for a recommendation. Their creative talent is sure to help you make new friends.

Check out other Starbucks favorites like their popular espresso drinks!

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