13 Best Whiskeys for Beginners to Try

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There are many more whiskeys waiting for you to discover. Finding the best whiskey for beginners depends on your personal taste combined with the right bottle.

Yes, it is true that whiskey flavors are complex. But you’ll quickly understand what you like and don’t like. Especially with the right bottle.

If you are a beginner or have just started drinking whiskey. We are here to help you.

Here is a list of great whiskeys to try. From Bourbon to Single Malt Scotch Whiskey We have the full range.

The best whiskey for beginners

When you try these wines, you will soon become a whiskey connoisseur and start recommending the best bottles to your friends and family.

Buffalo Traces

This first whiskey was made in Kentucky and contained a blend of vanilla, oak and caramel.

A bottle of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Bourbon whiskey A bottle of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey

This is a delicious drink if you’ve never had a whiskey before.

This is very calming and engaging. Reason enough to sample a few inches. Refined or cubed – I recommend Buffalo Trace.

Four Bourbon Roses

This drink is not only smooth; but also make your wallet have a pleasant price. The price per bottle is no more than US$20.

Four Roses Bourbon is perfect to drink with a mixer. So if you want to accentuate the taste of Coke or Pepsi. You barely notice you’re drinking whiskey.

For those who are a bit afraid of the rich flavor of whiskey, Four Roses Bourbon is light enough to let you enjoy the character of the brandy. But not enough to burn your throat.

Jack Daniels Black

For a truly mellow charcoal flavor, Jack Daniels Black Label stands out from the crowd.

Jack Daniels whiskey bottle

Jack Daniels Black is iconic and loved by whiskey aficionados around the world.

Jack Daniels Black offers rich vanilla and licorice flavors mixed with interesting oak flavors.

Jack Daniel Black combines with Coca-Cola to create the famous “Jack and Coke” flavor, an easy two-ingredient cocktail and a beginner-friendly choice for all whiskeys.

Tullamore Mist

The following whiskey is a very fruity whiskey. It uses the base of the former bourbon and sherry to create a smoother and more exotic flavor.

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Blend

Tullamore Dew is a lighter Irish whiskey. A lot you can get

This is what many describe as a low end whiskey. because it’s not too strong

Suntory Toki

The following whiskeys are whiskeys from Japan. So you may want to seek out this whiskey a little more than usual.

Suntory Toki Whiskey

However, considering the savory and smoky taste of Suntory Toki whiskey, we think you should take extra care of yourself.

This whiskey has a sweet, honey flavor and texture. Ideal for whiskey beginners

Bullitt Bourbon

It’s time to bite the bullet and experience the quality that Bulleit Bourbon has to offer.

Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey

Kentucky Straight Bourbon is produced at the Bulleit Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky, as well as the Bulleit Distillery in Shelbyville, Kentucky.

Bulleit Bourbon is characterized by its high rye content. (about 28% higher than most bourbons). It is aged for six years before bottling at 45% abv (90 proof).

Caramel, vanilla and citrus zest in equal proportions combine perfectly with notes of cherry, smoke and oak.

14 year old Balvenie Caribbean cask

This 14 year old Balvenie Caribbean Cask whiskey has been described as successful in creating a contrast between scotch and bourbon.

14 year old Balvenie Caribbean cask

This is a very light Scotch whiskey designed for sipping. So you won’t have too much trouble drinking this whiskey.

You don’t need a mixer to enjoy this whiskey. This means it’s a good first step into the world of refined whiskey.

Johnnie Walker Red Scotch Whiskey

Pioneered by Johnnie Walker, this whiskey impresses novice drinkers as well as the most experienced.

Johnnie Walker Red Scotch Whiskey

as a beginner You don’t want something that will break your head. Luckily, Johnny Walker Red has a spongy scent of vanilla and cumin that go well together.

Soft and light The texture of this Scotch whiskey has tart notes of apple, white pepper, vanilla cream and sweet cereal that combine perfectly with the sweetness of caramel and toffee.

1792 Small Lot Kentucky Straight Bourbon

1792 Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon features a blend of toasted spices, vanilla and oak, making it a great starter whiskey for those who prefer a hint of oak.

This is a great sipping whiskey. With a delicate taste that provides everything you need for a feeling of warmth and relaxation.

Royal crown

This is Canada’s most famous whiskey – Crown Royal.

Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey

First produced in 1939 to commemorate King George VI’s visit to Canada, you can choose from the brand’s 50 mellow and elegant whiskeys. with many different forms So many to choose from You will really enjoy

Aged in white oak casks, Crown Royal whiskey is selected at its peak. The result is a soft and creamy wine with a hint of oak.

The sweet vanilla flavor is characteristic of Crown Royal, making it more mellow distilled than any other whiskey on the market.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

If you like vanilla twang whiskey, we highly recommend you try this world famous whiskey.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Whiskey has been described by whiskey connoisseurs as “the finest of all whiskeys”. ‘Gateway Whiskey’ with light and sweet texture. You will easily drink these whiskeys.

This whiskey also goes well with lighter American beers. This means you can enjoy exotic beers. It’s the weekend, move on, you deserve attention.

Mark Bourbon, creator

Since the distillery opened in 1953, Maker’s Mark Bourbon whiskey has been aged in the most traditional way.

Maker's Mark Whiskey

Whether you’re looking to sip on a delicious, mellow glass of bourbon. Or want something a little spicier to add to a whiskey cocktail? Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey is at your disposal.

rich in fruit Has a mixed smell of bark. Slices of honey, hints of pistachios and fruit flavors serve as the foundation for a rich oak flavour.

Along with rich, rich flavors, Maker’s Mark Bourbon offers aromas of spices and rye, seed oil, and barley malt. Butterscotch and vanilla

Hibiki Unified Japan

Cleverly named Harmony, this Japanese hibiki blended whiskey is made with malt whiskey from the Hakushu and Yamazaki distilleries in Japan.

Hibiki Japanese Harmony is made from five distinct casks: sherry, Mizunara and American white oak casks, giving Hibiki Japanese Harmony a very light texture.

With notes of orange, honey and light oak, this blend is sure to impress any whiskey connoisseur. Has a juicy red-green apple nose and multi-layered concentrated honey

Its palette features melted butter and caramelized dates.

The best whiskey for beginners

  1. Buffalo Traces
  2. Four Bourbon Roses
  3. Jack Daniels Black
  4. Tullamore Mist
  5. Suntory Toki
  6. Bullitt Bourbon
  7. Balvenie Caribbean Tank 14
  8. Johnnie Walker Red Wine
  9. 1792 Small Lot Kentucky Straight Bourbon
  10. Royal crown
  11. Jameson Irish Whiskey
  12. Producer Mark Bourbon Whiskey
  13. Hibiki Unified Japan

What goes into whiskey?

Now you have seen this list of whiskeys that are perfect for beginners. It may be worth talking about the different whiskeys, flavors and production methods.

scotland whiskey

This whiskey is distilled in Scotland. It is a legal condition for this to get the Scotch name. and blended scotch whiskey

This whiskey is made from barley or grain malt. And has a stronger sour taste than other whiskeys. It has been boiled in barrels for at least 3 years.

Irish whiskey

Irish whiskey is made from grains fermented with yeast or milled malted grains. that is at least 3 years old

has a very smooth skin and tends to like neatness

bourbon whiskey

The next generation whiskey, bourbon has a slightly smoother texture. And it’s certainly the starting point for most whiskey beginners. It is made from corn and does not contain many additives.

Tennessee Whiskey

This whiskey is very similar to bourbon. Unless it was only distilled in old Tennessee.

The main difference between this wine and bourbon is the filtration system. Tennessee whiskey uses charcoal, which defines its distinctive smoky flavor.

barley whiskey

Rye whiskey has a very fruity and spicy aroma. with at least 51% rye content. Produced and distilled in North America. and must be incubated in the tank for at least 2 years

Japanese whiskey

Japanese whiskey is made with barley and malt that are fermented in wooden barrels.

This whiskey is drier and more smoky than other whiskeys you will find on the market.

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So there you have it. That’s our list of the best whiskeys to start with. Whether you sip whiskey or make it into a cocktail,

You may need to try some. design before deciding which one you want, so the rest is Enjoy your whiskey drinking experience!

Interested in learning more about the world of wine? Check out our beginner wine guide!

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