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One of the greatest gifts Chinese culture has given the world is delicious food.

Although I’m sure you’re familiar with fried noodles and Peking duck. But China also has a great beer culture to explore.

These Chinese beers go well with your favorite Chinese dishes.

Chinese beer

Read on to discover our list of Chinese beers for your meal.

Dien Kinh Beer

Founded in 1980 by Geng Chao in Beijing, Yanjing has grown into China’s third largest brewery. and is one of the largest breweries in the world.

Yanjing Beer is a household name in Beijing. serves as the official state beer.

You will find it in the restaurant. Convenience stores and activities They produce a light and refreshing beer.

Qingdao beer

Celebrating its 120th anniversary, Tsingtao Beer is China’s oldest and second largest brewery.

Founded by German settlers in Qingdao in 1903, Tsingtao Beer was first promoted to European settlers looking for German-style hops.

Now their flagship Hoppy beer is one of China’s most popular beers. They also have dark beer and even green spirulina beer.

Harbin Beer

China’s oldest brewery, Harbin Beer was founded in 1900 in the city of the same name in northeastern China by Polish settler Jan Wroblewski.

Harbin Beer is currently under the auspices of the brewery. Anheuser-Busch

Harbin beer is a pale ale with hops from Europe and China. and German yeast

snow beer

Snow Beer is not only the best-selling beer in China.

It is also the world’s best-selling beer brand thanks to a number of world-renowned investments and partnerships such as Heineken, Busch and Budweiser.

Snow Beer was born in 1993 and has rapidly grown to become the largest beer company in China. By producing a delicious pale beer.

Check out the best-selling American beers!

King Way Beer

Kingway Beer is another popular Chinese beer owned by the Chinese government in Guangdong province.

Kingway sells a light ale that is pale yellow, lightly carbonated, and has a slightly sweet lemon flavor that overshadows all hops.

Kingway is very gentle and refreshing. It’s a good beer for those who don’t like dark or strong beer.

Star King Beer

Kingstar Beer produces pale ale in cans and bottles.

Their beer is cheap and a popular drink at casual restaurants and bars across China.

Beer has a mild flavor with little or no hops and is very carbonated.

Kingstar beer is a great choice for hot days. low alcohol content So you can have a few drinks to cool off without getting too drunk.

Tam Thanh Beer

From Chongqing Brewing Company in Chongqing, China, Shancheng Beer has its roots in the 1970s.

Its popularity is limited to the Chongqing region, but Shancheng is just as delicious and refreshing as in the Chongqing region. with other beers on my list

It has a very low abv of 3% with a sweet, grainy and malty aroma.

wushu beer

Wusu was a favorite in Xinjiang under the leadership of Carlsberg in 2016, expanding operations and sales.

Wusu is a light beer. But it differs from the competition with a richer flavor and richer feel.

The color is also a darker amber with a beautiful top and rich flavor that beer connoisseurs will appreciate.


Reeb, spelled backwards as “beer”, is a product of Shanghai Asia Pacific Brewery and one of Shanghai’s best-selling products.

It is a simple pale ale with a slight sweetness from the malt. It has a low alcohol content and is light yellow in color.

Suitable for spicy street food. With a mild effervescent flavor that helps to cool down.

Zhujiang Beer (珠江啤酒)

Another Cantonese brewery, Zhujiang Beer was born in 1985 from China’s state-owned Zhujiang Brewery Group.

They also own the famous Pearl River beer brand. Zhujiang Brewery claims to be a modern brewery. It offers a wide range of modern lager beers.

I like the sweet, bitter and very mild carbonated rice beer.

Chinese Pabst Blue Ribbon

Is PBR in China? Who knows? I’m sure you’ve heard of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the United States as an affordable basic lager that is followed by many.

However, in China, Pabst Blue Ribbon is a subsidiary, using its own CBR Brewing Company to produce and distribute Pabst Blue Ribbon from Guangdong.

Pabst is also a luxury beer in China and is one of the most expensive beers on the market.

Laoshan Beer (崂山啤酒 / )

Laoshan Beer is a product of Tsingtao Brewery Co. in Qingdao, China.

Laoshan is a pale beer named after the mountain where the fresh spring water is brewed. Comes in a flashy gold or tin bottle.

It has a much higher alcohol content than other pale beers while still having a mild taste.


Cheerday from Hangzhou Qiandaohu Brewing Company is among the brands leaving the brewery in Qiandaohu.

Marketed as a craft beer using local ingredients. Includes fresh water from Qiandao Lake for a crisp and refreshing taste.

Cheerday is a local favorite pale ale.

Chinese beer

  1. Dien Kinh Beer
  2. Qingdao beer
  3. Harbin Beer
  4. snow beer
  5. King Way Beer
  6. Star King Beer
  7. Tam Thanh Beer
  8. wushu beer
  9. hurry
  10. Zhujiang Beer (珠江啤酒)
  11. Chinese Pabst Blue Ribbon
  12. Laoshan Beer (崂山啤酒 / )
  13. Acclaim!

final thought

China has a long list of breweries that produce large amounts of Chinese beer. Most of them are pale beers. Although you may not have heard much about these names. But only a few of them are distributors of the best selling beer worldwide!

If you are looking for a refreshing and energizing beer, this is the place to be. Try one of the options on my list of Chinese beers.

Pair these beers with your favorite Chinese dumplings!

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