14 Famous French Pastries You’ll Love

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French cuisine is one of the best in the world. It’s hard to go wrong when you cook anything with a lot of butter! fat is taste

It’s hard to choose which part of famous French cuisine is the best. But my favorite is the cake.

The quality of French pastries is second to none. And the smell of a French bakery can make adults cry.

I am always looking for the best French pastries. And I have compiled a list of the best French pastries. I recommend you try them all. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Eclairs are classic French desserts perfect for any occasion.

You make it with a pastry that you add vanilla custard to and top with chocolate ganache.

Éclair is one of the most famous French pastries. It’s delicious. An unrivaled combination of soft pastry, custard cream and rich chocolate ganache.

Put fluffy puff pastry in it. And you will have one of the best pastries ever made.

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Mille Feuille, also known as Napoléon, is a classic French pastry made with puff pastry and vanilla custard.

You fill it with a layer of fondant, which can be white or black chocolate.

Mille Feuille is one of my favorite French pastries. Because it’s so light and smooth. The puff layers are delicate and airy. I love the patterns on fondant.

When I eat Mille Feuille, I feel like I’m eating a work of art.

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Canelé is a classic French pastry with a custard-like dough. Season with rum and vanilla.

You bake them in unique molds that give them their distinctive shape and crispy outside.

Canelé is one of my favorite French pastries because of its unique texture.

Soursop is soft and creamy. Crispy and chewy on the outside. The rum and vanilla offer a wonderful taste unlike any other pastry.

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Chouquette is a French pastry made from choux pastry and topped with pearl sugar.

I always enjoy when a cafe serves Cappuccino with Chouquette.

I think Chouquette is the perfect balance for strong coffee. Choux pastry is light and fluffy. While sugar pearls give a nice crunchy texture.

Sugar also adds sweetness, which helps to remove the bitterness of the coffee.

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Kouign Amann is a classic French dessert from Brittany.

You make it with layers of puffs, sugar, and butter.

You bake the pastry until the sugar caramelizes and creates a crispy, flaky crust.

I love the layered brown color and signature pattern of Kouign Amann.

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Macarons are my fault.

I know they are not traditional French pastries. But they are so delicious that I have to include them in this list.

You make a macaron with almond flour, sugar, and egg whites, then top with buttercream or flavored ganache.

Popular macaron flavors you should try!

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Profiterole is a perfectly satisfying dish.

It is a French pastry made from choux pastry and filled with cream, custard or ice cream.

You cover your pastry with chocolate ganache or sauce. I love how the cream filling contrasts with the crisp pastry.

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Perhaps the most famous of all croissants. You can find croissants all over the world.

The smooth buttery layer makes this breakfast favorite.

I love croissants because they have so much variety. You can have it plain, with jam or with chocolate.

They are definitely one of the best French pastries.

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Fraisier is a classic French pastry with almond sponge cake layers. Fresh strawberry and vanilla custard You top with strawberry jelly.

I love the combination of fresh strawberries and vanilla custard.

It’s the perfect summer dessert.

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Opéra is a French pastry made with almond sponge cake. Coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache

I am a big fan of coffee. So I love coffee-drenched opera cakes.

The chocolate ganache is also delicious.

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Sometimes simplicity is the best policy. This is the case with Pain Au Chocolate.

The simple combination of fluffy croissant dough and chocolate makes for one of the best French pastries.

I love the way the chocolate melts in your mouth.

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Paris-Brest is a French pastry made from choux pastry and filled with hazelnut cream.

Named after a Paris-Brest-Paris bicycle race I love the light and airy texture of the choux pastry and the delicious chestnut filling.

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How is it better than 1 puff of ice cream? Two cream puffs!

Religieuse is a French pastry made from choux pastry and filled with custard or cream. Then, cover with another layer of cream puffs and top with a layer of chocolate.

It reminds me of a little chocolate snowman. that I can’t wait to eat

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Tarte Tatin is a classic French dessert made with apples and pastries.

It’s upside down, so the apples are caramelized in sugar and butter before baking.

I love the combination of sweet apple and crisp pastry.

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final thought

These are just some of the best French pastries you can find. But that’s my preference.

I hope you like them as much as I do! Enjoy your meal!

Try other French favorites like delicious French toast and French cheese that you can pair with it!

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