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What explorers once called the land of the Brazilian parrot is known for many things. One of my favorite things about Brazil is the great beer that comes from a lovely country.

if you’re like me it shows that you like to try new beers. One of my favorite things about traveling is experiencing the local culture through drinking their local wine.

Check out the great selection of Brazilian beers. Your mouth will be watery at the end. I can guarantee!

brazil beer

Check out our favorite Brazilian beer brands to sip in Brazil or abroad!


Some people believe that Bohemia was Brazil’s first beer. If it’s not the first time, it’s definitely one of the best.

Bohemia is a bright golden pilsner with strong flavors and an exhilarating aftertaste. It’s a great beer after dinner. Especially if you want to wash your palette.

If you love a good IPA, you’ll love Bohemia.

Pham Thien

The Brahma beer brand dates back to the late 1880s.

You can find all Brahma beers. From pale ale to porter and stout.

So no matter what kind of beer you like. You can find a beer from Brahma that suits your taste.

I like brahman for its crispy taste. It’s refreshing and perfect to end a long sweltering day.


Itaipava is a delicious Brazilian beer that often mimics American beer in terms of style and level of beer.

It’s light and crunchy and very refreshing.

If you visit Brazil alone, you should have no problem getting to Itaipava.

It is a favorite of the locals and almost everyone sells it.


Despite its confusing name, Antarctica is not the beer from the planet’s southernmost continent.

No, Antarctic beer comes from Brazil and is one of the best beers you can find.

Antarctica has a mild and deliciously crunchy flavor. It’s a traditional American style beer. It always gives a fresh scent due to its high carbonate content.

Sadbrack Blumenau Eisenbahn Dunkel

Dunkel is a Munich-style stout that originated in Germany.

It’s a flavorful stout and one of the smoothest beers you’ll ever try.

Definitely take this opportunity to try these meat dips. Made in Santa Catarina, southern Brazil.

beer country

Bierland in Brazil produces everything from pilsners and chaisons to stout and Viennese ales.

You must visit Bierland if you ever come to Brazil.

My favorite Bierland beer is Vienna beer. It is soft and flavorful. Almost no smell or sour taste at all. Eating with any meal is easy to get along with.

Bohemia Weiss

We talked about Bohemian beer. So take a moment and zoom in on one of their high-quality selections: Bohemian Weiss.

Weiss is a wheat beer that is neither too heavy nor too light. It sits in the middle with great flavor and a crisp, fresh color palette.

It is a popular Brazilian drink. So it’s hard to choose these beers.

Caragu Cerveja Escura

if you are like me You can enjoy good stout or stout all year round.

But due to the way the brewery works. They usually do not bring good things. Go outside until the weather cools down.

That’s why I love this beer. It’s dark, rich, and has an almost unimaginable texture and flavor.

If you like good dark beer You will love this beer!

Cervical Invicta

We’re leaving the Stout to talk about Cervejaria Invicta, an IPA with all the distinctive features you’d expect from a strong Pale Ale Indian beer.

If you like IPAs, you’ll love these beers. They are light, crunchy and crunchy.

It’s also great after a hearty Brazilian meal because it’s not too heavy.

Colorado India

Let’s talk about an English IPA made in São Paulo, Brazil.

It has a nice orange color when poured into a glass and the bubbly top seems to last for days.

I’m not a huge fan of IPAs, but I love Colorado Indica. It has great taste and refreshing quality.

I recommend you to try it out. Even if you don’t like IPA.

Lager DaDo Bier

You don’t have to go to Brazil to try the DaDo Bier Lager, now made in the USA. Although production initially started in Porto Alegre.

I like this beer because you can almost feel the German influence.

It’s a unique Brazilian beer. This is very different from traditional Mexican beer. and has excellent refresh quality.

Golden Kaiser

Kaiser Gold is an American style beer brewed in Brazil.

It is known for some characteristics such as a white foam head that lasts for a long time.

Kaiser Gold lives up to its name with a crunchy taste. well-proportioned shape and fully accessible format

No matter what kind of beer you like. We recommend you to try Kaiser Gold.


Paulistânia hails from the coast of São Paulo. Produces a variety of beers that you can enjoy in each season.

I really like their beer. Especially in the afternoon before dinner, Paulistânia is a great beer to pair with any occasion.


Petra is a great Brazilian beer. Not to be confused with archaeological sites in Jordan.

The Schwarzbier beer gives it a distinctive dark and creamy color.

Dark beers tend to have more malt flavors and chewy textures.

One of the things I love about Petra beer is its mellow, rich and balanced taste that lasts for days.

Wals Petroleum

The last beer on our list is the delicious Imperial Stout. This means that the spiciness and concentration of the malt is tamed – in a good way.

Cervejaria Wäls is a Brazilian brewing company specializing in the production of delicious Stout Beer.

I especially like the Oatmeal Oatmeal flavor of Petroleum.

brazil beer

  1. Bohemia
  2. Pham Thien
  3. Itaipava
  4. Antarctic
  5. Sadbrack Blumenau Eisenbahn Dunkel
  6. beer country
  7. Bohemia Weiss
  8. Caragu Cerveja Escura
  9. Cervical Invicta
  10. Colorado India
  11. Lager DaDo Bier
  12. Golden Kaiser
  13. Paulistânia
  14. Petra
  15. Wals . Petroleum

final thought

Brazilian beer is a drink you cannot ignore. Even if you’ve never been to Brazil. You can buy them all over the United States. So why not grab a bottle or two or order one at a Brazilian steakhouse!

What is your favorite Brazilian beer? Do we leave anything? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

If you’re not a beer drinker, check out some of our favorite Brazilian cocktails!

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