15 Best Ginger Beer Brands of 2022

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Thinking of ginger beer might remind you of Moscow Mule or the unique rum and ginger cocktail.

With unique flavor Ginger beer is therefore popular in the preparation of many drinks. But which is the best ginger beer on the market?

The best ginger ale brands offer a different taste than similar cocktail dispensers. It has a strong ginger flavor with fresh ginger root added.

The best ginger beer

There are many variations of ginger beer. We couldn’t include them all in this blog post. However, we will list some of the most popular ones.

Premium Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Fever-tree Premium Ginger Beer is handcrafted from all-natural ingredients. Make it taste as good as possible.

Premium Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

They serve premium ginger ale and energy drinks and are a staple for mixed drinks. Provides the best taste for gin and tonic, mues moscow or any other beverage that requires this mixer.

Since its introduction to the market in 2005, Fever-Tree has set a new standard for energy drinks due to the demand for natural blends that taste great.

What makes the company unique is that they source all natural ingredients from all over the world. Deliver a unique experience like no other.

Ginger beer mixed Q

Another pioneer in the mixed drink world is Q Mixers.

They stand out from the rest by infusing organic agave nectar into ginger beer. This makes it one of the best ginger ales on the market.

Plus, this drink is flavored with chili, coriander, and cardamom. These ingredients complement ginger beer and enhance the taste of the drink.

Due to its organic ingredients, Q Mixers Ginger Beer is a great choice to enjoy a drink while on a diet.

Barritt’s Original Ginger Beer

Barritt’s Original Ginger Beer is the perfect choice to pair with any beverage. Especially the rum!

Barritt’s is a major player in the carbonated beverage industry and produces carbonated soft drinks and other beverages. for decades

We find that this ginger ale is sweeter than other beers. Because corn syrup has a high sugar content added.

If you like rum and coke. Adding rum to a glass of rum produces a similar flavor. Even if you taste the ginger, it doesn’t overwhelm the flavor of the rum and creates a sizzling note that adds to the appeal of the brand.

Bundaberg ginger beer

Bundaberg is one of the best ginger ales on the market today. And of course, it must give a delicious taste to all kinds of drinks.

Bundaberg, an Australian company, takes great pride in creating the best ginger ale for your mixed drink. And they also have a diet version.

What sets Bundaberg apart from the rest is that it is brewed like other beers instead of brewed like soft drinks.

Natural ingredients contribute to the unique taste: cane sugar and natural ginger. More than just a spice It will add a welcoming touch to any drink or even just one.

Maine Ginger Beer

Maine Root Ginger Beer is one of the best flavored options on the market.

Made with all natural ingredients including organic sugarcane juice and delivers a strong ginger flavor. Although made similar to soda, there are no artificial additives or flavors mixed in.

This is a great choice for a delicious Moscow Mule and has some natural sweeteners that give it a mild sweetness that pairs quite well with the ginger.

Maine Root Ginger Beer is a great addition to any beverage. However, it adds an extra touch to the tequila drink.

Reed’s Ginger Beer

When we tried Reed’s Craft Ginger Beer, we immediately noticed that it had a unique taste.

Since ginger beer is Reed’s flagship product, they specialize in taste, foam and other important aspects.

The same goes for the other ingredients on our list. Contains all natural ingredients including raw cane sugar Peruvian ginger and sweet honey ingredients

What sets Reed apart from the rest is the addition of pineapple, lime, and lime juice. If you like spice in mixed drinks This is the spicy ginger ale for you.

Royal ginger beer

This is one of the sweetest ginger ales we’ve ever tried. And, of course, it adds flavor to mixed drinks.

Ginger beer is not as strong as this ginger beer. However, it is suitable for natural sugar. They also have a sugar free diet version if you want.

This ginger ale is so sweet that you have to make sure you don’t mix it with sugary spirits as it will overpower the alcohol.

Let ginger beer sweeten your mixed drinks. One of the mixed drinks commonly used by royalty was the sweet and bubbly apple cinnamon mule.

Mango Ginger Beer Made in Brooklyn

This ginger ale is one of the most natural beers on our list.

Mango Ginger Beer Made in Brooklyn

It’s not filtered, so you can see small pieces of fresh ginger. in your glass In addition to ginger Other natural flavors are also available: natural cane sugar and organic extracts.

If you like spicy cocktails, you should definitely consider this option.

The use of mango in this spicy ginger ale gives it a unique flavor unmatched in the industry. When mixed into a drink, flavors like cucumber and mint make the mango and ginger flavors go well together.

Zevia ginger beer mixer

Unlike other similar products, the Zevia Mixer is a sugar-free, flavor-free option.

Artificial sweeteners often mask the ginger flavor. However, Zevia Mixer brings a new twist to sugar-free ginger beer.

Because the flavor of the ginger is so strong in this sugar-free option. It’s perfect for mixing with drinks like Moscow Mules. You will notice the bitterness of this ginger beer thanks to the stevia leaf extract. But it does not take away the natural ginger flavor.

If you’re looking for a high-quality sugar-free option without sacrificing the taste of ginger, go for it. This will definitely be your first choice.

Top Hat Ginger Craft Concentrate

Unlink the other options on our list. This product from Top Hat is made with syrup concentrate and other soft drinks.

This is a great syrup if you have a soft drink machine and want to make ginger ale from scratch.

You can also mix it with club soda or baking soda to spice up your drinks. If you’re looking for a low-sugar option They also have sugar-free syrups.

If you want to add simple ginger beer syrup to any beverage, this is one of the best on the market.

Cock n’ Bull diet ginger beer

This is the best diet option for people who don’t need a lot of sugar but still want ginger.

Cock n’ Bull is world famous for its ginger ale and was the first ginger ale used for Moscow Mule.

Although the specific services from them are not sugar. But none of the offerings had any taste.

So if you’re looking for a sugar-free option to spice up your cocktail. This is also worth a try.

Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Gosling’s Ginger Beer is the perfect addition to Dark n’ Stormy recipes; However, you can use it with any mixed drink of your choice.

It is made with all natural ingredients and has a strong ginger flavor that will tickle your taste buds.

Top flavor of ginger beer

Top flavored ginger ale is one of the newest wines on our list that is darker in color and uses date sugar as a sweetener, giving it a slightly lighter color than other wines.

It has one of the strongest ginger flavors of all the ginger ales we’ve tried.

This is one of the best options for the famous Moscow Mule. Due to the combination of sweetness and natural ginger, it brings a special delicious taste.

Regatta ginger beer

Regatta’s Ginger Beer is available in convenient 8-ounce cans. that shows beer is not flat

Regatta chooses Ginger Beer that uses all natural ingredients and is suitable for any mixer. The strong aroma of ginger blends with other natural flavors such as orange, apple and banana.

price of ginger bruce beer

Bruce Cost Ginger Beer is one of the sweetest options on our list.

It has a unique fruity flavor that will complement any mixed drink. Mix this ginger ale with unsweetened alcohol. Because too much sweetness can make you feel overwhelmed.

This is one of the most unique ginger beers we have ever tried. And most notably, one of the best beers!

The best ginger beer

  1. Premium Fever-Tree Ginger Beer
  2. Ginger beer mixed Q
  3. Original by Barritt
  4. Bundaberg ginger beer
  5. Maine Ginger Beer
  6. Reed’s Stronger Ginger Beer
  7. Royal ginger beer
  8. Mango Ginger Beer Made in Brooklyn
  9. Zevia ginger beer mixer
  10. Top Hat Ginger Craft Concentrate
  11. Cock n’ Bull Diet Ginger Beer
  12. Top flavor of ginger beer
  13. Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer
  14. Regatta ginger beer
  15. price of ginger bruce beer

final thought

You can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list. They are both great additions to mixed drinks and have a strong ginger flavor.

There’s something for everyone on this list. Ginger beer has a strong ginger flavor and is paired with other natural flavors, so if you’re looking to make a Moscow Mule or other mixed drink, these are the beers worth trying.

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