15 Best Selling Beers in America

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While seasonal changes mean different beer options are available in grocery stores and restaurants. Most people who live in the US have probably noticed that the main beers offered everywhere are the same throughout the year.

While I enjoy craft beer as much as anyone else, there’s a reason these best-selling beers dominate the market—they have predictable prices and consistent flavors that people love.

I was tasked with exploring America’s best-selling beers to find out what each beer had to offer. And why do people love these beers so much that they drink them regularly? Let’s see!

The most popular beer in America

You’ve probably drunk many of these best-selling beers before. But hopefully there will be new beers. give you a try

doll seller

Budweiser is an American beer produced by Anheuser-Busch .

With the unofficial name Known as the “King of Beers,” it’s no surprise that Budweiser ranks among the most popular beers in America.

This drink is the number one selling beer in America. But it also carries the weight of history. Adolphus Busch first brought this beer to market in 1876.

Although the rice mix is ​​not my favorite flavor in lager style beers. But the crispiness of the hops and carbonation makes this beer delicious when cold.

Think of this beer as a smoothie you can sip on all day if you want!

Miller Lite

Budweiser may be the “King of beers” but I think Miller Lite has a more drinkable quality.

This alternative beer is a great alternative for those who find Budweiser too heavy and filling.

Miller Lite is still an American beer. Instead, they emphasize lightness in taste and calorie content.

Many people think of Miller Lite as the original light beer. and has been on the market since 1975

Although many beers can’t quench my thirst like a glass of cold water. But this light beer is light in taste, great in flavor, and has a really refreshing quality.

Another bonus is that the lower alcohol content makes this beer more practical to drink at parties.

Michelle pole

Michelob Ultra is another Anheuser-Busch product and it’s one of the lowest calorie beers you’ll find on the market.

Many people love beer but fear the so-called beer belly can give you extra calories and Michelob Ultra will fulfill that need.

With just 2.6 calories and 95 calories, this light beer will help you stay on track with your diet.

As a beer lover, I can’t say that the Michelob Ultra flavor is my favorite. Because I want to drink less beer with more malt flavor.

But this beer is still mellow and refreshing.


If you’ve ever seen a Coors Light commercial while thirsty, you probably drooled when you saw steam condensing on frozen cans in the Rockies.

Coors Brewing Company launched this beer in 1978 and it has since become one of the most famous American beers ever made.

Nicknamed “Silver Bullet” because of this can, I think the unique quality of this beer is its crisp, refreshing taste. You need to chill this beer as much as possible before drinking.

Some beers lose their flavor when too cold. But this beer shines when it’s chilled in the fridge.

the halo

Corona Extra is a Mexican beer produced by Grupo Modelo and is one of the cleanest beers you will ever taste. (can be seen from the bottle picture clearly)

My favorite way to drink Corona beer is on the beach or by the pool. Usually, lemon slices are added to increase the acidity.

But the beer itself has enough balance between sweet malt and bitter hops. It has a fruity scent to enhance the overall feeling of freshness.

Beer has only 148 calories and 13.9 grams of carbs, but you may find it worth the extra flavor.


As someone who grew up watching my parents and friends drink Heineken at almost every party. I can’t miss the classic green bottle and the red star.

Heineken started brewing beer in 1873 in Amsterdam. and is currently one of the best-selling beers worldwide. even in America

in terms of taste You can expect crispiness up front due to forced air release. And it has a unique aroma that I can never mistake for any other beer.

Although the beer itself is not green. But the different hop configurations will trick your brain into thinking it’s green.

natural light

Natural Light, a beer affectionately called “natural light” by many college friends, is another light beer from Anheuser-Busch

This drink is another option for anyone trying to cut calories. And it has a surprisingly strong flavor despite the ultra-light manufacturing process.

While Natural Light may not be suitable for fancy parties or cocktail hour, you can choose Heineken for those. But it’s a great beer for an all-day barbecue.

dust lamp

Busch Light is another American light brew from Anheuser-Busch.

The brewery also offers top class long life Busch beer. Though sales are not on par with lighter beers.

You’ll notice a less intense flavor and texture in Busch Light, but for most consumers it’s a bit too strong. It seems that the fewer calories that sacrifice, the better it is worth.

While Busch Light is not my favorite American light beer, I do appreciate the unique hop flavor it gives me.

Balanced taste. And you will leave a little sweetness after eating it.

bud light

Does Bud Light need an introduction? You can hardly fail to see Bud Light for sale, which makes sense considering how many people think it’s the only beer they’ll ever drink.

Anheuser-Busch makes Bud Light a lighter version of Budweiser. while retaining the refreshing rice and hop flavors.

The combination of barley and rice malt creates a flavor that I don’t like in Bud Light, but I can drink it without problems when I want.

And for the most part, the fewer calories the better, even if they taste awful.


Modelo Especial is another Mexican beer produced by Grupo Modelo, the same brewery that produces Corona.

This beer has an authentic Mexican taste. And I often find myself pairing refreshing flavors with Mexican food.

The taste combines the crispiness of a pilsner with the sweetness of a durable beer.

And like Corona Extra, Grupo Modelo’s other popular beer, this beer goes well with a slice of lemon. especially when combined with food

I highly recommend trying this beer the next time you eat banh tet!

Stella Artois

While I love IPA beers, they can sometimes have too much flavor and alcohol content.

And Stella Artois has to be one of the smoothest, most mellow beers I’ve ever tasted. Sometimes it’s amazing how quickly I get it done!

As Pilsner You can expect a light body. proper carbonation And a smooth hop structure—Saaz hops—gives this beer a light sweetness. similar to apple juice

If you don’t know what beer your guests will like, Stella Artois is one of your safest bets.

Yuengling beer

Yuengling’s Traditional Lager is one of America’s most classic beers because of its long history.

Yuengling began operations in 1829, making it the oldest brewery in America. And the recipe for this light beer was rediscovered in 1987 and has since become the brewery’s flagship beer.

For me, the standout feature of this beer is the lack of sweetness of the roasted caramel malt. Some of the many light beers featured in this article.

You can expect great balance from this amber colored beer. average body and cascading


Compared to most of the lager and pilsner beers featured in this article, this Guinness Draft stands out as the only stout of America’s 15 best beers.

If you tend to steer clear of conventional stews that are heavier and have a high alcohol content then this stout is worth your time. It has a soft texture. But only 4.2 percent alcohol.

While Guinness may not be the best choice for those with a calorie intolerance, it’s a good idea to enjoy a light dessert beer.

Light blue ribbon

As the name suggests, the Pabst Blue Ribbon comes in a white box with a blue ribbon wrapped around the front.

This is another American light beer. With an easy-to-drink taste that is liked by most people.

for me This light beer is similar in quality to Coors in terms of balance between initial intensity and aftertaste.

Pabst Brewing Company was founded in 1844 and has become an iconic American beer with more than $20 million in annual sales.

Barley beer blends corn syrup and Pacific hops blend for a well-balanced taste.

And with an alcohol content of 4.8%, it feels stronger than the slightly lighter one featured in this article.

Samuel Adams

Last on our list of best-selling beers in the US is Samuel Adams Boston Lager, the brewery that has been brewing since 1984.

Compared to most of the light beers you’ve read about here. This Viennese beer has a much more complex taste.

I prefer Boston Lager when I know I only need a beer or two. And I want the beer to be rich and full of flavor.

The full flavor of Boston beer comes from double row barley and noble German hops.

This blend strikes a balance between the rich sweetness of the barley and the bitterness of the flowers/pines of the hops.

Check out other famous beers by Samuel Adams!

The most popular beer in America

  1. doll seller
  2. Miller Lite
  3. Michelle pole
  4. coors
  5. the halo
  6. heineken
  7. natural light
  8. shrubs
  9. bud light
  10. model
  11. Stella Artois
  12. Yuengling beer
  13. Guinness
  14. Light blue ribbon
  15. Samuel Adams

final thought

An array of great American beers always comes to mind when thinking of football games. Afternoon BBQ or night out with friends

This list of America’s best-selling beers is full of classic beers. And while fans of the craft beer movement may have never seen their favorite beer, I think we can all agree that most of the beers on this list sell. Run best for a reason!

Learn more about different beers. on our blog!

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