15 easy-to-make classic Italian cakes

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One of the advantages of Italian cakes is that they are not too sweet like other cakes.

These desserts are sweetened by the addition of fruit and liqueurs. Like other Italian dessert favorites, they pair well with wine as well as after-dinner coffee.

Here are some of my favorite cakes to make at home or bring to a dinner party to show off.

There are many options to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re craving fruit or you’re looking for a sweeter dessert, we’ve got links to recipes so you can recreate it!

Cassava cake is a specialty of the region. It’s a Sicilian dessert. Although this interpretation is slightly simplified.

This recipe omits the traditional marzipan sprinkling of the cake. This leaves more time to focus on the actual star filling.

The cassata filling is rich and flavorful with added spices and lemon zest.

Give yourself extra time to let the cake cool before assembling it. The ricotta mixture will not melt.

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One of the best Italian cakes if you’re looking for a gluten-free option, the Torta Caprese is an easy dark chocolate dessert.

This cake originates from the island of Capri. They use almond flour and melted chocolate to make this cake.

Top with whipped cream, fresh fruit, or both for the perfect gluten-free cake!

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Ciabella or Italian Breakfast Cake It’s a lovely option for those who prefer a less sweet dessert.

Lemon and olive oil are the two most prominent flavors in this dessert. with added complexity then

Its delicate flavor and low sugar content make it suitable for hot coffee.

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Zuccotto originated in Northern Italy. But as the popularity of this Italian cake grows. How to do it too

It retains the characteristics of the old recipe, such as the dome shape and the pastry cream filling.

Dark chocolate sprinkles add a bit of bitterness to this sweet cake.

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The Italian cream cake seems to be a misnomer because there is no real cream in the recipe.

The name refers to the cream cheese used in the frosting.

This cake is moist but not soggy. and add texture in the form of chopped pecans and shredded coconut.

While the origin of this cake is not directly linked to a particular region, the example is consistent with other Italian dessert favorites.

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A simple classic perfect for any occasion, Italian Ricotta is beautifully dense.

I like this recipe because it’s easy to make. Save time by starting with a box of white cake mix, then add the ricotta. Almond and vanilla extracts make up the original flavor of this dessert.

Add a topping for extra almond flavor. Or omit it for a less sweet taste.

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Tiramisu is one of the most famous Italian cakes and is loved by many people.

Soaked sponges bring out the flavor of the rum-espresso blend. Although it can be made alcohol-free by adding more espresso.

These bold flavors pair well with sweet Italian cheeses. Mascarpone frosting is a perfect sweet treat for adults.

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With a simple recipe that takes less than an hour, making a classic Italian sponge cake is one of the fastest.

Bake it in the Ubuntu pan to make the cake thick without adding any flavor.

Enjoy the simplicity or experiment with fruit and whipped cream to mix it up.

Personally, I love serving this cake with lemon glaze and fresh raspberries.

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The Limoncello Ricotta cake is another example of a traditional dessert that most people are familiar with.

Ricotta creates a moist cake while adding cream to the mixture.

The other signature addition to this cake is the limoncello liqueur, which adds fresh citrus to this dessert.

For non-alcoholic beverages Change wine to lemonade easily.

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The traditional Italian apple pie is an example of the perfect Italian cake for fruit lovers.

simple recipe conversion This depends on the type of apple used.

My favorite thing to use in this cake is the Gala apple, which after baking will remain crispy and add a subtle sweetness to the cake.

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For a cake that looks great, make this Italian Vanilla Cake with moist layers and sweet cream instead.

Vanilla flavors emanate from the cake and mascarpone coating. But you can omit it in the frosting for a less intense vanilla flavor.

I love decorating these simple and delicious cakes with various fruits.

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Torta Nua or Italian Soft Cake with custard cream is a simple Italian cake. stuffed with pastry cream

It’s also easy to add other flavors like vanilla or lemon.

What I like about this cake is its soft and delicate texture. Soft and moist cake goes well with delicious custard cream filling.

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Another Italian cake that uses a lemon ricotta bundt cake mix, which is especially moist and sweet when yeast is added.

One of my favorite aspects about this cake is that it keeps well in the fridge and can be made up to three days in advance.

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Italian Cannoli with Rum and Chocolate Ganache Stuff cannoli into a beautiful cake.

In addition to the delicious filling, this dessert also features layers of rum-soaked vanilla cake.

Next, the cake is covered with buttercream with a citrus flavor and finally topped with a rich chocolate ganache.

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Another example of rum dipping options in an Italian cake. Italian Rum combines the best elements of many of the cakes on this list.

There is a rum dipped sponge topped with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Nuts add texture and flavor to the cake.

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final thought

Make these Italian cakes as appetizers for the holidays or special occasions!

If you’re looking for something different, check out some of our favorite Italian cookies!

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