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Tay Ninh cuisine is famous for its unique snacks. Local dishes and authentic vegetarian food When you come to Tay Ninh, don’t miss the delicious dishes that entertain visitors with a wide selection at an attractive location.

Tay Ninh is not only famous for its monumental landscapes such as Baden Mountain, Dau Tien Lake. Tai Ninh dishes In addition, many tourists want to come here, in this article, we introduce to visitors the most popular and delicious dishes of Tay Ninh.

1. Tennis food you should try at least once

1.1. Banh cuon – Trang Bang Tay Ninh delicacies

Nam Duong Banh Canh is one of the most famous Ninh Thai dishes with nearly 70 years of history, made by traditional methods and carefully selected ingredients. The fragrant soup is sure to catch the eye.

First, pour the cake soup through boiling water to make the cake softer and more flexible. The broth is added with herbs, onions, and cilantro to make the bowl of soup more delicious, sweet, and healthy.

This delicious Trang Bang Tai Ninh dish would not be delicious without boiled pork leg. A little fish sauce, a little pepper and a little hot chili will make you very satisfied.

1.2. Clams of Mount Ba

Speaking of cheap delicious food in Tay Ninh, Nuiva snails cannot be ignored, even now many people think snails are just a snack. But when you try it, you will feel the taste completely different.

A snail is a snail shaped like an apple. Flat body and rich in nutrients If you suffer from osteoarthritis and often suffer from pain in your hands and feet This dish can help you. Once you’ve caught a snail Just wash and soak in salt water, you can prepare many different dishes.

With Nui Ba snails and coins, Tai Ninh delicacies become unique and healthy.

Each snail is tough, sweet and strangely sweet, served with lemongrass ginger sauce, chili, green salt, pepper and a pinch of fried main leaves.

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1.3. Tamarind rice paper

Tamarind rice paper is one of the delicious dishes of Go Dau Tai Ninh that is loved by many young people. Tamarind rice paper bags include boneless rice paper bags, cotton balls, fried onions, paprika and divine tamarind sauce.

Talking about the Taining diet Referring to tamarind rice paper, it is indispensable for spicy, sour, salty and sweet.

Add seasoning according to individual taste. You can eat delicious, nutritious snacks without making noise and waiting for a long time.

1.4. Cattle Tainin

Tay Ninh veal is one of the main names of Tay Ninh cuisine, known locally as calves, they graze freely on vast green grasslands. It is distinguished by its thin crispy skin and thin, chewy texture. This meat dish is sure to make you addicted.

Beef spring rolls - a famous delicacy of Tay Ninh, such as Tay Ninh grilled dish.

Tay Ninh beef can be boiled, steamed, rolled with salad or fried, but the best and most delicious is still the roast. Melia Vinpearl Tay Ninh’s 986 Bar & Bistro serves grilled Tay Ninh Beef.

Here, live heifers are used in Thai Ninh cuisine. The steak menu at 986 Bar & Bistro Restaurant combines Korean grill style with European and American steaks. to ensure you have a great dining experience.

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1.5.Spicy rice paper

Tay Ninh rice paper is derived from the rice paper of Trang’s sisters. It has a unique flavor that is hard to find in other types of rice paper.

Delicious Trang Bang Tai Ninh rice paper has many flavors.

There are many flavors of spicy sticky rice for you to choose from, including shrimp sticky rice. Spicy sticky rice with ginger and sticky rice with tamarind This snack is loved by young people, students, and university students. When traveling to Tay Ninh, you can choose to buy this cake as a gift.

1.6 Ba Den mountain lizard – a typical delicacy of Tay Ninh

Many people will be surprised not to think that lizards can be processed to eat, in Tenin, chameleon is one of the ingredients used to create delicious and famous dishes.

Ba Den mountain lizard - unique features of Tai Ninh cuisine

Chameleons are ubiquitous in the Baden Mountains, but today they are few and far between. Therefore, this dish has a lot of people looking for it.

Suggesting delicious restaurants around Ba Den mountain:

  • gong restaurant

address: Melia Vinpearl Tay Ninh serves delicious local Tay Ninh dishes with 5-star standard.

  • East 2 seafood restaurant

address: 686 Tien Mang Street 8 Ward 3 Tay Ninh Town (near Co.opmart Supermarket)

  • Namsan beef restaurant

address: The 4 intersection intersects with Lac Long Quan street (direction from Tay Ninh town, roundabout until April 30, the shop is on the right hand side of the road).

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1.7. Baked rice paper

Baked rice paper differs from Tai Nin’s instant rice paper in that it has a thick crust and is baked directly on embers. Then add the quail eggs, sausage, dried onions and toasted corn and bake until the dough is crispy. If you have eaten rice paper anywhere else. Surely you will notice the difference when eating Tai Ninh grilled rice paper.

Tennin's special rice paper recipe is unlike any other.

1.8.Rice cake

Dry Rice Paper – The name sounds strange but familiar. Rice paper is a must when it comes to delicious Trang Bang Thai Ninh. This snack is very elaborately prepared. And the ingredients selected must be the most delicious and modern. The final rice paper will be dried in the sun.

Dry rice paper is a delicious dish served with very delicious beef.

When eaten with pork or beef stew The taste of shallots, lettuce, chili and basil will never be forgotten.

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1.9. Mixed rice paper – Tai Ninh delicacies are loved by many young people.

Another tip not to be missed when traveling to Tay Ninh is the famous Shiho mixed rice paper when it comes to mixed rice paper. Not to mention the rice paper mixed with tynin. It is a delicious snack that is loved by many teenagers

Tai Ninh mixed rice paper - A typical dish easily found in many Tay Ninh tourist areas.

The main ingredients of this dish are dried rice paper, dried beef, dried shrimp, dried onions, laksa leaves, grated mango, quail eggs, satay and shrimp salt, shake well to mix spices and use immediately.

1.10. Vegetarian tennis

If you have a schedule to go through Houaphanh Teninh, remember to enjoy vegetarian food here.

Come to a delicious restaurant near Toa Thanh, Tay Ninh to enjoy vegetarian dishes.

The ingredients used in our vegetarian dishes are meticulously tested to select the cleanest and freshest vegetables from different origins. Therefore, visitors will certainly enjoy delicious and exotic vegetarian dishes that are rarely found anywhere else.

Suggestions for delicious restaurants in Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh:

  • Hasuya

address: Street 37, Nguyen Van Linh, Truong Tay, Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh

  • Long Trung ecological food court

address: Thuong Thau Thanh, Long Thanh Trung, Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh

  • Yakitori OH O

address: 45 Hung Vuong, Ward 2, Houaphan, Thai Ninh.

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2. Should buy Tay Ninh specialties as gifts.

2.1. Pomelo Peeled Spring Rolls

Grapefruit spring rolls are one of the oldest specialties of Jining. The ingredients of this dish are grated grapefruit, mango and papaya with the necessary spices and then steamed in a water bath. The sourness of the mango and the sweetness of the papaya create a wonderful flavor.

Grapefruit spring rolls - Tai Ninh cuisine is made from fresh grapefruit peel, eye-catching colors and strange ways of eating.

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2.2. Kayaking

With ingredients like crunchy peanuts mixed with malt and candy. It is this that makes this dessert not strange for Tay Ninh people after the trip. You can buy Tai Ning Bao as gifts for relatives and friends… The taste of this candy is just right. And when you drink it with tea, it tastes like peanuts, very green. Wonderful ..

Eo climbing - Baden mountain Tay Ninh, a tourist destination selling many snacks.

2.3.Intestinal beam jam – Daiin specialty is a meaningful gift.

Carefully handcrafted jam is a meaningful gift for you to refer to after your trip to Tay Ninh. It has a sweet and sour taste. And can be eaten with bread or sip a cup of hot tea.

Delicious, nutritious and cheap gut jam - Tai Ninh specialties must try

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2.4. Add shrimp salt

One of Toei Ninh’s signature dishes that you should not miss when traveling is salted shrimp. Tay Ninh shrimp salt is a famous national specialty that many tourists choose to buy as a gift.

Shrimp salt is one of Tay Ninh delicacies that many tourists buy as gifts after their trip.

Tainin Shrimp Salt has a spicy, sweet and spicy chili that stimulates the taste buds completely, Tynin Salt is not only used for dipping fruits but also for dipping. It can also be used for stir-fries, prepared salads, salad dressings, mockups, and more.

2.5.Thai style sour sauce

Tennin sour water processing is very complicated and takes a long time. The main ingredients are small anchovies, sweet meat, soft bones. when you buy it Just add sugar and some red chili to raw vegetables and eat with rice.

Sour sauce - An irresistible dish.  famous near and far

I am looking forward to an inspiring journey with my family and friends when I arrive in the dear land of Tay Ninh. Do you want to enjoy and experience the services of a high-quality resort?

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A complete Tay Ninh tour will not let you miss the sights and enjoy famous dishes. Thai food The above article helped me get some useful information for my trip.

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