15 of the best Doritos flavors, ranked by popularity

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If you’re like me, rejoice when Taco Bell launches its Doritos Locos tacos or when Doritos 3D returns to the scene, you know we’re in for a simple Doritos renaissance.

With new flavors seemingly hitting the market every day, there’s a Dorito for everyone. What a time to be alive.

This list ranks the best Doritos flavors to make your next trip down the shopping aisle easier (hint: buy them all).

Whether you’re craving a sweet treat or something special. You are sure to discover your next snacking obsession.

The best Doritos taste

Check out the most popular Doritos flavors to snack on.

nacho cheese

The all-around delicious and inspiring classic, Nacho Cheese Doritos, never goes out of style.

Packed with cheese flavor and a hint of spice. You can’t go wrong with this snack.

Whether you’re relaxing on the couch or trying out Doritos-themed cooking. You’ll never be disappointed These fries offer maximum flavor with a crunchy bite.

Doritos Nachos are perfect for a snack. But it also serves as a great addition to many recipes.

Consider using these chips in a taco salad. Trade your regular tortilla chips for these nachos. or find other dining experiences These chips can’t go wrong.

Bird’s Nest

There are two types of people in the world: those who are champions of Nacho Cheese Doritos and those with cooler flavors.

Cool Ranch Doritos has been around for almost as long as the classic flavor and its popularity is only growing.

with sour taste This makes these Doritos unique. Either dip these bad boys or just grab them from the pocket. You are ready for treatment.

These chips have a unique flavor that is hard to find anywhere else. they are perfect

spicy sweet chili

At its best, Doritos combines rich cultural flavors with unique flavors to create a whole new world of flavors.

Doritos spicy bell peppers are the brand’s first foray into Asian spices. We like how this American snack has a more international taste.

These Doritos really give you a glimpse into the future of snacking. The combination of sweetness, chili, and soy sauce makes these fries stand out.

If you are looking for an intoxicating dining experience. (At snack level) hurry up and go out and buy it now. I recommend them

you will not be disappointed


Tapatio hot sauce fans rejoice! These Tapatío Doritos perfectly combine everything you love about your favorite spicy sauce and fries.

Lightly spicy with signature tapioca pieces. This chip is perfect for snackers looking for two beautiful worlds to collide.

If you’ve enjoyed tapatio hot sauce You’ll love this French fries. Even if you have never tried hot sauce before. You should try this Dorito flavor.

They are only available for a limited time. So start hoarding now.

If you prefer spicy, check out our list of the best spicy fries!

Spicy nacho

If you love Nacho Cheese Doritos but are looking for something spicy. If yours is the Spicy Nacho Doritos, it’s a great gate chip.

With a hint of spice and flavor of your favorite nacho cheese. This is a must-have when growing your Dorito list.

The delicious seasoning of Nacho Doritos adds extra flavor to your snack.

But spice lovers, fear not! These potato chips give off a sweet heat that will make you more excited.

While Doritos recently released a roulette bag of the popular snack You can also make your own.

Mix Spicy Nacho Doritos with Nacho Cheese or other lighter options to expand your heat range.

Poppin’ Jalapeno

Spice connoisseurs know that there are many varieties of spices.

It’s hot, spicy, spicy and so much more in spices.

These Doritos deliver the perfect and savory jalapeno flavor without the cheese flavor.

Similar to popper jalapeno. These fries have a bar food feel while retaining the spiciness from the jalapeno flavor.

This is a sneaky spice that’s late to the taste game. we are here for it

Unfortunately, Doritos seems to have discontinued this snack. But you can still find them online.

Blazin’ Buffalo & Farm

When it comes to bar food, these Doritos are the perfect combination of buffalo wings and ranch fondue.

Who needs dipping sauce when you can have the perfect snack with just one bite? The all-in-one taste of Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch Doritos will satisfy your buffalo wing cravings.

These Doritos are not well known. But there are still some good ones among the others on this list.

The acidic buffalo sauce combined with the comforting ranch make these fries all the more special.

Stay tuned for this flavor. These chips will appear in stores when you least expect them.

Dinamita Chile Limon

While Flamas Doritos exude fiery heat, Dinamita Chile Limon Doritos takes spiciness to the next level.

While these aren’t the spiciest Doritos on this list, they are. But it also brings a bit of heat to your palette.

These Doritos just add a little lemon and they’re super spicy. But chili powder creates a subtle flavor that other fried foods go unnoticed.

It’s not just heat because heat. But it’s a spicy and unique combination that you just can’t resist. Be sure to warn your friends: eat these at your own risk!

Salsa Verde

While some spicy sauce connoisseurs prefer red sauce, green sauce is truly a priceless taste.

Another rare addition to Doritos, Salsa Verde Doritos offers a delicious pepper flavor with a hint of garlic and lemon.

Spicy enough to excite you spicy enough to keep you snacking. Dip these chips in guacamole or mash them into a taco salad.


Another jewel in the Doritos crown, taco-flavored Doritos gives diners the right spice to curb taco cravings.

The chili powder brings an earthy spice to this snack. And you will be lost in snack heaven when you dip them in sour cream.

Whether you eat it plain or add it to your taco salad. These chips will not let you down.

In particular, these chips are very suitable for making banh tet when traveling. You can put the taco mix in a bag of chips and eat straight from the bag with a fork. Of course, a culinary miracle.

Taco-flavored Doritos can be hard to find. But it’s remarkable. The Tex-Mex flavor really makes sense.

Why limit yourself to Taco Tuesdays? Enjoy the whole week with these Doritos

black pepper jack

Black Pepper Doritos Tortilla Chips combine the intense flavors of black pepper and pepper jack cheese to create a unique snacking experience.

These fries stand out from other Doritos flavors by using black pepper as the main seasoning.

These chips are a small improvement to pedestrian snacking. The flavor may not be preferred by the general population. But the taste is worth a try.

Rarely hard to find, these chips will elevate your latest watch band or tailgate. You’re guaranteed to get support from those with the smartest color palettes.


If you are someone who always orders the spiciest, Blaze Doritos is a must try.

These Doritos chips are seasoned with Habanero, Jalapenos, and Ghost Peppers. and has been described as similar to licking a volcano.

You might think you’re ready for this. And you might be ready. But be sure to have a glass of milk on hand.

Not for the faint of heart This snack helps cool down or something. with the eye-catching blue package It’s easy to underestimate this spicy snack. Even spice fans were in tears.

These fries are a favorite among those looking for a delicious, almost painful experience. Be careful!

Flamin Hot Cheese Nachos

Nong Ho. If you’re a fan of the Flamin’ Hot cult, you won’t be disappointed with these chips.

Flamin’ Hot Nacho Cheese Doritos combines everything you love about classic Dorito with the perfect spiciness of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Acidic, slow heat forming. Tasty.

Unlike Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, which have a softer texture. These chips add some crunch to the seasoning. Try them out. You will thank me later.

serious. Hurry out and buy these. they’re crispy they’re spicy Whoever invented these deserves to be raised. Because they are the true heroes of our time.


variety of spices With a hint of lemon, Flamas Doritos has a nutty citrus flavor that’s perfect for heat-hungry snackers.

If you are a lover of spices but certainly do not want to look for a traumatic experience. These bright red Doritos are sure to get the job done. With a name like “flame”, this french fries is not your usual snack.

Looking to spice up your next party? Use these chips when dipping in butter sauce or other cheese-based dishes. Tasty.

They also make a great topper for Southwest salads. Trade regular tortilla chips for crumbled Flamas.

Simple Organic White Cheddar Cheese

This organic based on the Doritos we know and love is a no-brainer choice. To the surprise of many classic chip fans.

These chips are a healthy option when snacking.

White cheddar cheese is unusual for Doritos. But the taste makes this option stand out on the list.

Lighter than others on the list, Just Organic White Cheddar Doritos is reminiscent of white cheddar popcorn. We recommend you to try this method.

The best Doritos taste

  1. nacho cheese
  2. Bird’s Nest
  3. spicy sweet chili
  4. Tapatio
  5. Spicy nacho
  6. Poppin’ Jalapeno
  7. Blazin’ Buffalo & Farm
  8. Dinamita Chile Limon
  9. Salsa Verde
  10. tacos
  11. black pepper jack
  12. fire
  13. Flamin Hot Cheese Nachos
  14. fire
  15. Simple Organic White Cheddar Cheese

final thought

Doritos Tortilla Chips are one of the most popular American snacks. Either you grew up on these chips or keep them as an ideal snack. It’s an exciting time to fall in love with these chips.

The current line offers some of the best Doritos flavors I’ve ever tasted. They have something for everyone, from sweet to tangy. Basic taste continues to take risks. And it’s impressive to see the new options available. Go to the grocery store every day.

If you are a fan of traditional french fries or a fan of spices, this is the place to be. There really is an option for everyone.

Check out some of our other popular fries for snacks, such as the best Cheetos, or find some quesos to pair with your spicy Doritos!

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