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Hoi An – Unique cuisine and architecture make it a destination many people choose to explore. Come to Hoi An Ancient Town today for a photo album of great depth for a lifetime.

16 must-see attractions in Hoi An Check in Hoi An Ancient Town. Upload beautiful images below. See Hoi An through the ancient beauty of tiled roofs, bricks, peaceful moss on each row of trees… all create a harmonious traditional Hoi An atmosphere.

Check-in points not to be missed in Hoi An Ancient Town include:

1. Tower Bridge

About Hoi An There is nothing to say about Hoi An. bridge tower The symbol of ancient town tourism and the check-in point of Hoi An Ancient Town, full of charm, meaning, historical and contemplative value, the beauty of the poetic Hoi An river.

The covered bridge is a gem in the heart of the Old Town. In the middle of the bridge is a small pagoda. Dedicated to Huen Tian Daide The unique covered bridge with decorative surfaces and motifs presents a harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Western architectural styles . The image printed on the VND 20,000 polymer banknote depicts Cau Pagoda – Hoi An.

  • Position: The bridge spans a creek that flows into the Tubon River and forms the boundary between Nguyen Thi Minh Cai and Tran Phu streets.
  • Business hours: Open 24/7

2. Mossy wall on Hoang Van Thu street

Compared to the famous Golden Wall of Hoi An, the “legendary” wall on Hoang Van Thu Street is older and more thorny because of the moss-covered walls that annual rain and sun in the Central region make the place to check out. in Hoi An became especially hot.

The old dilapidated wall is located at the intersection of Hoang Van Thu and Nguyen Thai Hoc streets and the road leading to Hoai river bank.

Check-in in Hoi An

3. Paper flower house

Pink and white confetti has become an indispensable check-in symbol in Hoi An ancient town. The house full of impressive confetti always attracts thousands of visitors each flower season, always bringing the romantic beauty of confetti onto the yellow wall of the house, creating a strangely harmonious space. it became a picture

The formula “Yellow wall + confetti = Hoi An” Just standing in the corner of the house next to a bouquet of confetti, it is clear that you have a good photo. Hoi An to show off to friends

Check-in in Hoi AnCheck-in in Hoi An

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4. On the banks of Hoai River

It can be said that Song Hoi has become a check-in symbol of Da Nang – Hoi An, a must-see attraction in Hoi An when arriving in the old town.

Against the peaceful Hoai River in the morning. The picture comes to life in the afternoon. You can also stand on the riverbank and watch the sun slowly come out. disappears at the end of the day But instead the light of the lantern gradually becomes brighter.

The main attraction is Hoai River on full moon day and holiday evening. at this time of year People will gather on the riverbanks and on boats. with a small lantern ready to be dropped into the river The whole river begins to shine and the light from the flowers shines brightly

Check-in in Hoi An

5. Assembly Hall of Fujian

Fujian Auditorium is famous for its beauty, majesty and grandeur. With unique architecture in Chinese style on a spacious land. The Fujian Assembly Hall is a place to worship Ba Thien Ho Than Mao, the guardian deity of water, silver, descendants and ancestors. and is the oldest and densest place to meet fellow countrymen and help each other. Built in 1797 as a typical work of Hoi An.

Check-in in Hoi An

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6. Check in Hoi An Lantern Street

The image of colorful lanterns is reminiscent of the ancient capital of Hoi An. World Cultural Heritage Almost every house in the old town, especially restaurants and hotels, will be hung with lanterns both for decoration and for lighting. Create a unique soul of Hoi An ancient town.

When entering the old town from afar You can see traditional lanterns along Nguyen Phuc Chu street along Hoai River, at dawn, hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights light up the street. This creates a scene in Hoi An ancient town not to be missed. Lantern Street is one of the most famous photo spots in Hoi An.

Check-in in Hoi An

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7. A small alley in the old city

In the journey to discover the beautiful scenery of Hoi An You cannot ignore the golden alleys that are the hallmark of Hoi An. When you travel Hoi An Know that you can “get” hundreds of beautiful, high-quality live streams. The picture just walking through the old town and the golden alleys is very beautiful.

Check-in in Hoi An

8. Regear basketball court

Coming out of the movie “Yesterday’s Girl”, the football field promises to introduce the most photogenic spots in Hoi An with amazingly beautiful photos.

From the iconic “Confucius” walls of the Liyi School to the purple-blue corners to the windows of the basketball court. There are many masterpieces.

Check-in in Hoi An

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9. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Located along the Thu Bon River, 3 km west of Hoi An ancient town.

  • address: Thanh Ha District, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province
  • Business hours: 8:30-17:30
  • Admission ticket: 15,000 VND/Children -30,000 VND/Adult

Check-in in Hoi An

Explore Thanh Ha village. But you can only immerse yourself in the peaceful and quiet countryside. But also to choose souvenirs for relatives, friends or make your own products. Near Hoi Neung Old Town is definitely an interesting check-in point for visitors.

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10. Tanky’s Old House

101 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Tan Ky Ancient House, Hoi An City Built nearly 200 years ago in 1741, late 18th century, this is a very photogenic place in Hoi An. Hundreds of brilliant virtual statues were born here. A place you shouldn’t miss. This house is the residence of 7 generations of the heirs of the Le family, the second generation is Tan Chi, who does business and trade in agricultural products.

Check-in in Hoi An

11. Check-in at Hoi An market

Hoi An Market is located at the intersection of Tran Phu Street, Bac Dang Street and Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, the market is located in the center of the old town and is a daily shopping destination for the elderly.

Visitors can walk to this site in a few minutes and experience the daily life of the people firsthand. Bustling market, bustling from morning to evening It’s different from the peace of Hoi An. The market is a place you must definitely add to the list of check-in points not to be missed in Hoi An Ancient Town.

Check-in in Hoi An

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12. Hoi An Impressionist Park

Coming to Hoi An, tourists must definitely find out through the check-in point and learn about the business life of a long-time businessman.

The park combines many different areas such as a food court, an entertainment complex, a check-in point of the shimmering Hoi An ancient town. And most importantly, the park hosts the epic Hoi An Memories Show, which is a must-see if you come to Hoi An. This program evokes memories of the beautiful Hoi An past. which for many centuries was the first center of international trade and commerce in Vietnam.

Check-in in Hoi An

13. Coffee Fifo

When it comes to cafes with nice views. Discover the wonderful Hoi An Ancient Town and not miss Faifo Coffee. The highlight of this store is the 3rd floor terrace. Millions of customers check in here to see the whole Old Town with its mossy, old roof.

The shop is located at 130 Trang Phu, Min An district, Hoi An city, in the middle of Hoi An pedestrian street. the road is not too difficult

Check-in in Hoi An

In addition to the beautiful and charming Hoi An Ancient Town check-in point above, if you have traveled to Hoi An already. Do not forget the tourist destinations with beautiful poetic scenery and many interesting entertainment experiences.

14. Duibin’s Old Brick Stove

Old Gach Lo is a new check-in place of Hoi An in Duy Vinh commune, Duy Xuyen district, near the city center. This place is an abandoned brick kiln. There is a very sturdy staircase built over the kiln. Surrounded by clear blue sky and white clouds. make this place like a ladder to heaven From the top of this old brick kiln You can see both Hoi An old town and the tributaries of Thu Bon river flowing through the city.

The most appropriate time to visit the brick kiln to take the most beautiful virtual photos is in the morning or afternoon. The clear blue sky covers the brick kiln. Make your virtual photos brighter than ever. Don’t just check in to Hoi An Ancient Town. Keep these hot spots in your pocket!

Check-in in Hoi An

15. Wind wonder, South Hoi An

Explore colorful landscape paintings in Wonders of the South Wind of Hoi An – The traditional look of Hoi An ancient town blends with the modern luxury of a European city, Vinpearl Nam Hoi An has many virtual living corners to check-in right away. Don’t miss this fun game!

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Check-in in Hoi An

VinWonders South Hoi An is divided into different themed areas. Each place has its own characteristics: River Safari – place to see wildlife, Folklore Island, Water Park – place to get lost….

VinWonders Nam Hoi An, about 42 km from Da Nang and about 17 km from Hoi An, is an ideal rendezvous for all types of tourists.

Check-in in Hoi An

  • address: Don Tan Binh Hoi An Quang Nam
  • business hours: Every day from 8:30am – 8:00pm

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Adjacent to VinWonders luxury resort. Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An This is the ideal stopover for all travelers. See the latest room rates. here.

Check-in in Hoi An

16. Ao Mao coconut forest

Come to the 7-acre coconut forest, the check-in point of Hoi An. This place will surprise visitors with thousands of nipa palm trees and low-roofed houses made entirely of coconut. Marvel at the refreshing nature with a canal cruise See schools of fish swimming and storks nesting in the coconut grove

Check-in in Hoi An

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Hoi An is the pride of Vietnam with world friends when the cultural features remain in each ancient tile roof. When you come to Hoi An, you must definitely refer to the 16 places to check in Hoi An in LANH LINH in the outstanding beautiful photos above.

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