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French cuisine is the pinnacle of decadence. It is famous for its desserts, breads, wines and a variety of cheeses.

Perhaps the key to enjoying such a high-fat and high-carb diet is portion size. The French can eat bread, cheese, chocolate and chips every day without guilt because they are served in small portions.

The bottom line is this list of popular French snacks that I will discuss below. Many of them are cakes, puffs and donuts that are just fat enough to satisfy your cravings with just one or two perfect pieces.

Chaussons Aux Pommes French version of Apple Turnovers is a delightful afternoon or morning snack to enjoy with a cup of espresso.

They are made with a pastry dough that resembles a croissant. Brush with egg wash to create a crispy, spongy dough combined with a fatty apple filling.

If you like these check out some other delicious French pastries. to eat as a snack!

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Chuguet is a light and airy pastry. It is made from a sugary pastry and covered with a large sugar glaze.

They are baked into bite-sized loaves that are equally enjoyable. with subtlety

They have a lovely crisis. And you can eat half a dozen without ruining your dinner.

You can serve it as a light dessert. with Nutella or compote

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If you want a spicy snack, Gougere is a savory and cheese pastry.

In English, it is called cheese puff, a small crispy choux cake mixed with grated cheese.

Basically, gruyere or comte is the French cheese of choice for these delicious cakes. But semi-hard or hard cheese will work.

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A popular breakfast bread, Pain Aux Raisins is a raisin bread the French call “escargot” thanks to its spiral shape.

Similar to Cinnamon Rolls, Pain Aux Raisins uses a butter or almond spread.

The key to making raisins extra succulent is to soak them in water or cognac before sprinkling them on top and rolling them up.

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Palettes de Dame originated in northern France. It’s a soft, cake-like cookie. Topped with rum flavored icing.

Palettes de Dames which means “Ladies Ducklings” are small round biscuits, as thick as a hockey puck.

They are easy to make with limited ingredients and are a delicious snack, dessert or breakfast to enjoy with coffee.

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The Vol-au-vent versatile snack is just a cylindrical pastry shell with a hole in the middle.

They originated in Paris from French chef Antonin Careme, who made it by layering puff pastry circles on top of two layers of puff pastry.

These crusts can contain cheese, cream, vegetables, meat, chicken, or fish.

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Pissaladiere, a popular snack, is a French toast similar to focaccia.

It originated in the northwestern region of Genoa, Italy, and quickly spread to the vicinity of Nice in France.

Pissalad means “salted fish” in French. This refers to the main ingredient of bread containing anchovies.

You will see this focaccia sold in squares. Topped with olives, caramelized onions and anchovies. Similar to Focaccia

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This is a popular snack in every region of the world where potatoes are found!

Pommes Frites are french fries or french fries. if you need

There’s not much difference in ingredients or cooking methods between American and French fries.

The main difference lies in the way of serving and dipping sauce.

In France, mayonnaise or aioli is a popular dipping sauce. Grapefruits are served in conical paper boxes.

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Panisses are deep-fried chickpeas that are a popular Mediterranean dish.

They are made by boiling chickpea flour and water together to form a cornmeal-like dough that you put in a square pan.

Then you wait until the mixture hardens before cutting the mold into 2-inch squares.

These remind me of a combination of polenta and fried falafel. Dip it with delicious sauce

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Canistrelli are delicious crackers from Corsica with a simple ingredient of flour, sugar and white wine.

Popular flavorings include lemon peel and star anise.

These cookies are as thick as toast and very crunchy.

The French eat it for breakfast. As an afternoon snack with tea or coffee. or as a light dessert

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A favorite, crepes are the world’s thinnest pancakes made with milk, flour, water, and eggs.

You scoop a small amount of loose dough on a heated pan with a little butter. And in minutes, you’ll have delicious pancakes with whatever you want.

I like to combine savory and sweet by topping crepes with cheese and applesauce.

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Eclairs are finger-shaped pastries topped with vanilla buttercream and a thick layer of chocolate ice cream.

Pastry dough is a type of choux pastry, a light, crunchy pastry that has a smooth, rich filling and toppings.

Eclairs front and center in a cafe or candy box.

Pairing with coffee or espresso is a must.

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Macarons are light and airy sandwiches that come in a variety of colors and flavors.

Macarons originated as a royal delicacy during the Renaissance. Naturally gluten-free Uses almond flour, egg whites and sugar.

Sandwiched between the two macarons are various cream fillings, from ganache to buttercream to jam.

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Marrons Glace is a sweet chestnut.

Chestnuts are a popular snack throughout Europe. In America, we are used to eating them roasted.

They taste sweet like flour. In addition, the addition of candied chestnuts accentuates the sweetness of the chestnuts.

They taste like freshly baked sweet potatoes with a crispy dry baked crust and soft filling.

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Chocolate and bread are the perfect combination. But their marriage was a duel.

Pain au Chocolat is a croissant pastry filled with high quality chocolate bars.

The buttery, spongy texture of the croissant is the perfect complement to the rich semi-sweet chocolate.

The chocolate bar doesn’t melt completely. And the firm texture of the chocolate surprises with every bite.

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Galette-Saucisse is the French answer to “Pig in a blanket” is a typical Upper Brittany street food consisting of pork sausage wrapped in buckwheat flour.

Basically, crepes serve as a wrap around edible hot sausages. This protects the sausage while also protecting your hands from burns.

The French tend to eat without sauce. But I also like to add Dijon mustard.

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final thought

Whether you are looking for something sweet or savory. You are sure to love the French snacks. Moreover, you can enjoy all the listed snacks from the comfort of your own home by following the recipes.

Did we leave any of the most popular French snacks on this list? Let us know in the comments below. And we will check for sure!

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