16 of the world’s most stinky dishes

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Some foods are so pungent that they are called the most smelly foods in the world.

Don’t let the garish looks of the smell stop you from trying these dishes. Many things that smell weird actually taste pretty good.

These foods also have many benefits for you. Some offer low-fat protein instead. while some help with digestion!

Food odors are often an indication that they will also have strong flavors.

Often these foods taste better than they smell. Others are really unique foods that have some acquired taste.

Food stinks

Try these dishes at least once if you can for a memorable experience.


Durian is one of the most famous stinky foods. It is a fruit from Southeast Asia with a strong odor.

If you can get over the rotten smell The flesh inside has a unique texture with a sweet aroma.

Popular sweets in the area Although some are more popular than savory dishes. for starters You should try the sweets first!

rotten tofu

Traditionally, this type of tofu is fermented in brine for many months.

Modern preparations usually take only a few days. This process gives the tofu enough time to absorb the flavor and smell of the leg.

Stinky tofu is a famous Chinese street food. It is often served outdoors. And it has a complex meaty flavor with an enticing and bubbly aroma.


Natto is a traditional Japanese dish that is often eaten for breakfast. Contains soybeans fermented with specific bacteria.

Soft and savory, some compare its taste to soft, rich cheeses.

I recommend you to try this dish little by little. served with natto rice is an acquired taste. once you try You may start to crave.

Mr. Storming

Swedish fish is allowed to be marinated with just enough salt so as not to rot. Surströmming uses Baltic herring.

The fish is marinated for at least six months to develop a distinct flavor and aroma. Swedes often eat fish canned outside to reduce the fishy smell.

My favorite part of eating Swedish Surströmming are the delightful side dishes that complement the fish, such as shallots and fresh herbs.

Northern Thao duck eggs

These eggs are another famous smelly food. usually has a strong color and smell

Century eggs are a Chinese dish in which eggs are preserved in a special mixture for several weeks.

The resulting eggs lose all white color. and some eggs will break making weird but complicated sounds

Bold eaters can try the whole egg. But I recommend starting with this egg dish along with other dishes.


Hakarl turns shark venom into edible food through fermentation.

In most cases, I recommend people to try the most stinky foods. But this fermented shark has a strong ammonia smell that keeps most people away.

Try this dish only when you feel full as it is salty but sweet with a taste reminiscent of some cheeses.


Lutefisk is a popular dish in Nordic countries. It’s popular enough to be part of the Christmas meal in many families.

Many people in the United States with Scandinavian heritage also enjoy fish.

For me, Lutefisk is one of the least stinky foods on this list.

It smells salty and almost chemical. But the fish fillets were soft and delicious.

Vieux Boulogne

Vieux Boulogne is considered one of the strongest cheeses in the world. It is a special product from Pas-de-Calais France

This French cheese is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk.

The resulting product is moist and soft with a milder flavor than the scent suggests.

Vieux Boulogne is a must try if you are a fan of soft cheeses.


Doenjang is another fermented soybean product that originated in Korea.

Like other sauces, this dish is especially healthy when eaten with rice.

Soybean meal is mainly used as a condiment or ingredient in this dish.

Pad Jang is often combined with other spicy ingredients to create a dipping sauce used only for marinating.

famous house

Hongeo, another Korean fermented food, is made from fish with ammonia in the skin, which helps preserve the food.

Unfortunately, ammonia makes this fish one of the foulest foods.

This fish is sharp and is often served with strong alcohol to mask the smell, otherwise the fish is left whole. Or serve with other condiments

Many Korean foods are fermented, such as kimchi!

Limburger cheese

The bacteria used to make this product is also what gives Limburger Cheese its unique flavor.

Limburger is thicker than other flavored cheeses, but still has a soft texture.

Fragrant cheeses are a favorite to pair with bold contrasts, such as coffee or dark toast.


Kimchi contains pickled vegetables. It is a favorite side dish and condiment.

The combination of garlic, ginger, and chili gives kimchi its traditional Korean flavor.

Kimchi has a rather pleasant vinegar smell to me, albeit a bit pungent. A great place to try kimchi is your favorite Korean BBQ restaurant!


A fermented bean product made from Iru grasshopper beans is a product of Nigeria.

Beans are used fresh or dried, especially in soup-based dishes.

This product is nutritious and full of protein. But it has a unique smell that some people don’t like.

Dried iru has less odor and is easier to store and add to soups.

grasshopper fruit

This fruit grows throughout the Caribbean including Central and South America.

Locust Fruit smells like feet, which has led to a lot of nicknames like “Smell Toes”. Honestly, I love the funky smell of this fruit.

But if you want to taste sweet fruit without bad smell. Look for powdered fruit for extra sweetness.


The complex fermentation perfected by the Eskimos of Greenland is remarkable for its preservation method.

The little birds are stuffed in seal skin and left to ferment. Kiviak is a celebratory food consumed on special occasions, especially during winter.

Fermented seabirds have a wonderful taste and aroma.


This marinated mackerel dish is a specialty of the Japanese island of Izu.

The vitamin-rich brine preserves the fish and provides strong acidity to the fish.

Salty mackerel reduces the spiciness of the sauce. So expect kusaya to taste better than smell.

Enjoy sake with traditional pairings.

Food stinks

  1. durian
  2. rotten tofu
  3. Natto
  4. Mr. Storming
  5. Northern Thao duck eggs
  6. hakarl
  7. shark
  8. Vieux Boulogne
  9. remarkable
  10. famous house
  11. Limburger cheese
  12. kimchi
  13. Iru
  14. grasshopper fruit
  15. Kiwiak
  16. Kusaya

final thought

From well-fermented to fresh produce Hottest foods come in a variety of flavors and products! In some cases, the smell is even stronger than the food itself.

Others taste just like theirs, for better or worse! Adventurous eaters should try these mouthwatering dishes if they haven’t eaten yet.

Check out other exotic foods you should try if you’re an adventurous eater.

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