17 popular Algerian dishes to eat

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Algeria is a beautiful country with a rich history and even better food. Food in Algeria is a perfect blend of Mediterranean, French and North African flavors.

It’s rich, fresh and really tasty.

Algerian cuisine is primarily a combination of vegetables and meat, in addition to pork. and low-sugar cereals, freshness and complex flavors.

Although most people know Algerian cuisine as sharing couscous with the world, there is still much to learn about Algerian cuisine.

Here are some popular Algerian dishes that you can try.

Chakchukha is one of the oldest Algerian dishes. back to ancient times

It’s a type of shredded bread called rougag with hot broth. Most people make bread at home. But buying from the store can also be used.

They make stews with vegetables, lamb and lots of Algerian spices.

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Algerian noodles or Rechta are a delicious dish that Algerians enjoy all year round.

All noodles are hand made even the noodles. The noodles are made from whole grain flour before topping with a sauce of chickpeas, chicken, vegetables, and a Ras El Hangout spice blend.

Surprisingly easy to make And while it can be eaten at any time, it’s ideal for special occasions.

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Algerians eat Tajine Zitoun during the month of Ramadan.

The meal consists of chicken and vegetables such as celery, potatoes and carrots, along with green olives, lemon juice and spices. It is best served with bread

Slightly spicy and pleasant.

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You will find many soups and stews throughout Algeria and other African countries, but tomato soup is the most famous in Algeria.

Also known as Harira, this rich tomato soup is made with pureed tomatoes, vegetables and herbs like coriander, lentils, and beef or lamb for extra flavor.

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Couscous is the most famous Algerian dish. And known for sharing this food with the world.

Most Algerians eat couscous on Fridays according to a long tradition. But you can eat it anytime. The recipe above features minced lamb, chicken, potatoes, beets, and other vegetables on top of couscous.

It’s a great dish that won’t leave you hungry.

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Another popular Algerian dish is Chorba Frik, El Jari outside the capital, which is mainly eaten in northern Algeria during the month of Ramadan.

The soup is made from a mixture of beef and lamb, tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables, and Frik Frik is the special wheat that gives the soup its green color.

Many people believe that this soup has digestive properties. That’s why it’s the perfect meal for vegetarians.

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One of the most popular snacks in Algeria is tamina.

This delicious and sweet dessert is often made to celebrate a new baby’s birthday. You make it with semolina, honey and butter.

The best part is that people can tinker with whatever they want. Popular toppings include cinnamon, hazelnuts, and almonds.

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Ramadan is a time of great food. And it wouldn’t be Ramadan in Algeria without Qalb el Louz.

This dessert is made with ground almonds, peanuts, semolina, and syrup. The syrup is made with water, rose water, and lots of sugar to sweeten the almonds and semolina.

Some people enjoy dishes with these ingredients. But you can sprinkle it with cinnamon and honey.

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Dolma dates back to Ottoman times and is a popular dish in Algerian cuisine.

Made from vegetables and meat as well as other foods. The difference is that they use ground lamb and cotton artichokes. People often serve it over lamb and stews.

Packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, it’s easy to cook and perfect for when you’re short on time.

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Semolina is widely used in Algerian cuisine. And another dish they use is Mhajouba or Mhajeb.

It’s a delicious flatbread with onions and tomatoes. Some people call it Algerian crepes.

It’s a bit spicy and you can follow the recipe listed above and find it at many roadside bars around the country.

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Kesra has many different names depending on where you are in Algeria.

Despite the different names, the concept is the same. It’s bread made from cold pressed olive oil. It’s made with baker’s yeast, which is very quick to make.

Because it’s quick and easy. You will find it as a side dish in many Algerian meals.

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Bourek is one of the most popular appetizers in Algerian cuisine.

It is a snack filled with meat and varies slightly from country to country. Most people use beef or lamb. But some recipes use shrimp, tuna, and other meats.

Other fillings include onions, carrots, potatoes, or whatever vegetables you have on hand.

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There is nothing like a hot soup in the winter. and in Algeria Dobara is that soup.

Perfect to keep you warm and full. You can make it with peas, chickpeas, or both.

Before making the soup, you need to soak the beans in water overnight. Recipes often include some kind of chili and seasoning that gives the soup a mild flavor.

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This dish is not for the faint of heart. It is very spicy believe me.

Zviti is a dish people cook with green peppers. Grilled green peppers, tomatoes, semolina, green olives, garlic and other spices.

It’s delicious when you put tomatoes on top and use on pancakes.

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Baghrir is a type of cake that is loved by most Algerians.

It swells and when you get it right. It should have a small hole. Hundreds of holes all over the pancake. To make pancakes You will need skim milk, eggs, semolina, warm water, salt and dry yeast.

You’ll love to eat them with honey butter, the recipe above shows how.

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One of the easiest Algerian dishes to make is Chtitha Batata.

This vegetarian side dish is perfect as a main or side dish to your meat dishes. Made from potatoes and onions stewed in tomato sauce.

The condiment is made with cumin, garlic and paprika. The sauce is thick, but you can thin it out as you see fit.

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There is nothing better than fried dessert and Makrout is the best in Algeria.

It’s fried tapioca that you can dip with sweet honey. You will roll out the dough and fry it in oil.

Some people add dates, figs, and other fruits in addition to honey.

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final thought

You have it! Popular Algerian food you can try

Be sure to check out each recipe and try at least one of them. Consider similar dishes that have influenced Algerian cuisine, such as the Mediterranean diet. French food or African food

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