17 Refreshing Mint Cocktails to Try

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Mint isn’t just for toothpaste and ice cream! Mint cocktails are a refreshing and delicious way to relax.

The best mint cocktails use this sturdy herb as the main ingredient or accompaniment.

Mint juleps are characterized by mint while being considered a cultural icon in the United States. Vodka with berry flavor can only use mint for garnish.

This herb has a distinct aroma and flavor that enhances the flavor of mixed drinks at every stage.

Learn more about our 17 favorite mint cocktails to find your next best mint cocktail.

Even if it’s not Kentucky Derby time, you can still enjoy this delicious Mint Julep, one of the best mint cocktails for Southern Belles and Average Joes.

Bourbon is the main ingredient in this sweet drink. This includes bulk mint herb.

The essential ingredient for Mint Julep is crushed ice, this timeless cocktail!

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This recipe turns vodka into gin in a delicious Moscow liqueur.

Ginger and lemon beer are mixed with mint for this mint-flavored cocktail.

Gin con la Gin is a rich herbal cocktail, perfect to sip or pair with a hearty meal like deep plate pizza.

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This most delicious mint flavored cocktail combines surprising ingredients for this mixed drink.

Champagne, mint, bitters and rum are included in the Old Cuban Cocktail.

Champagne is added to the top after the rest of the ingredients are shaken with ice. The result is a complex mixed drink with many layers of flavor.

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The Southside Cocktail takes the classic mint flavor to the next level.

Instead of bourbon, gin mixes mint, sugar, and lemon juice in this refreshing and bright drink.

The herbal gin is delicious with mint leaves, a strong and aromatic herb. More Club Soda for “Southside Fizz”

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One of the best house drinks is the refreshing Mojito, a classic tropical drink.

Lots of mint leaves are crushed in the bottom of the glass before adding rum, lime juice, simple syrup. and ice down

This drink is one of the best mint cocktails to make when mint thrives in the summer. This recipe makes enough for a crowd.

Check out our favorite rums for making mojitos!

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Whiskey Smash originated in the late 19th century into a whole new mess.

In addition to crushed sour lemon, mint leaves also reduce the intense citrus flavor. All you have to do is use a spoon to mash these ingredients.

Bourbon and sugar are added to this mixture to create a sweet and sour cocktail with woody aromas.

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Berries and mint are classic ingredients on ice cream and in cocktails.

This mint cocktail combines succulent fruit and fresh mint to create a delicious mixed drink.

Choose raspberries and raspberries for an easy fruit smoothie with delicious mint sprigs and vodka.

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Like the Southside described above, the Southside Fizz offers the Southside cocktail.

Mint cocktails are topped with soda water or soda water for a dynamic mixed drink.

The large amount of sugar makes this mint cocktail drink silky smooth.

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You might not even think about combining watermelon and mint. But this is a new collaboration.

The succulent seedless watermelon balances out the strong alcohol flavors of this martini.

Don’t forget mint in this cocktail as it acts as a delicious and enticing spice.

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If Southside Fizz is served in too few glasses Upgrade to Mint Collins

This cocktail is served in tall glasses and also includes gin, mint leaves, and simple syrup. and soda water to finish

Lemonade adds flavor to the best mint cocktails.

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Cucumber and mint are the perfect combination. Not only with famous brands of skin creams.

This cucumber mint gimlet once again combines gin with these refreshing flavors to create a light and delicious mint-flavored cocktail.

Be sure to choose seedless and peeled cucumbers for best results.

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Mint cucumbers are back with mint cocktails. But use vodka in this recipe instead.

Vodka counters the juniper flavor of gin to create a more mellow cocktail.

If you want to enjoy the taste of cucumber and mint in a mint flavored drink. Grant access to this delicious recipes.

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Tequila margaritas are the perfect accompaniment to Mexican favorites like tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

These fresh mint margaritas replace lemon as a standout for the mint’s unexpected herbal flavor.

Tequila and mint go well together. This makes for a particularly delicious mint-flavored cocktail.

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This complex recipe features interesting ingredients like mint jelly, Angostura bitters, and mint bitters. and mint syrup

If you are looking for the best mint cocktail.

As a bonus, the end result is mint green. Old-Fashioned It’s an eye-catching bright green mixed drink.

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Push the boundaries of cocktails by combining avocado and mint in this spicy margarine.

The rich buttery flavors and fresh herbal mint flavors strike the perfect balance.

Together they created a refreshing margarine. This spicy mint butter margarita is the perfect way to rinse off your next enchiladas.

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Whip up a simple, alcoholic lemonade with this vodka mint lemonade recipe.

Not only is this recipe sweet and sour, but it’s also a great combination.

Add a slice of lemon and mint for a delicious and eye-catching mint cocktail.

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Mix cucumber and mint again in this cocktail while bringing lemonade and rum to the party.

Kew Garden comes in a tall, elegant glass garnished with cucumber and mint.

This delicate drink easily transitions from cocktail party to cocktail on your porch.

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final thought

Many delicious cocktails use mint as a refreshing herb.

Mint can be ground into a mojito or added to a watermelon martini. This easy-to-grow herb is the perfect ingredient for many of the most delicious mint cocktails.

See other cocktail recipes on our blog From famous French cocktails to whiskey peanut butter cocktails!

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