18 Popular Breyers Ice Cream Flavors You Should Eat

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There are few things as enjoyable on a summer evening as delicious ice cream. We all have preferences about what tastes best and how we eat it. But what most people agree on is that ice cream is the perfect year-round meal.

One of the largest ice cream manufacturers is Breyers.

This Pennsylvania brand has been making ice cream since 1866 and is still a national favorite.

What is the best Breyers flavored ice cream? We’ll rank them for you so you know which are the best tubs to look for in the frozen dessert aisle.

Breyers ice cream flavor

Check out the top flavors from Breyers.


When I want sweets, I always get Reese’s cup, so Breyers’ Reese’s ice cream is just as good, so it makes sense.

The company fills this tub with Reese’s swirls and fondant that gives the Reese’s Mix a great taste with ice cream.

I’ve found that combining peanut butter cups with ice cream makes a huge difference in taste.

If you can get your hands on a waffle cone, I recommend you try one of these. It adds another dimension to my favorite ice cream.


Peaches aren’t the first fruit that comes to mind when considering pairing them with ice cream. So I was a bit skeptical about this flavor before trying it.

But I can assure you that Peach is one of the best Breyers ice cream flavors and it surprised me.

They mix vanilla ice cream with real peaches, giving it a more handcrafted feel than the peach flavor.

Real slice also means that peach flavor is emphasized rather than actual presence.

If you like peaches and want to enjoy the taste of summer in your mouth. This cream is for you.

Oreo Cookies and Ice Cream

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like Oreos or Cookies and Cream, so Breyers was smart enough to combine them into a single product.

Oreo cookies and ice cream bring the best of both worlds to the party. And with a new recipe that adds cookies. I have very few bites without the crackers.

Though I won’t blame you for eating all the hat. But I think you’ll get enough crunch from the best cookies in a chilled bowl. If you have a sweet tooth This is a must try.

vanilla cherry

I’m not a huge fan of the world’s biggest cherries. But mixing cherry slices with vanilla ice cream to get cherry vanilla makes a delicious duo.

I think this is the perfect dish on a hot summer afternoon as a snack that will keep you going until dinnertime.

There’s just something about summer cherries that feels different.

The great thing about this ice cream is the sustainably grown cherries.

I recommend cutting up a few cherries and mixing them with ice cream if you like the distinctive fruity taste.


Perhaps no other ice cream has such a striking fruity taste as strawberry.

It adds sweetness and great flavor to desserts without being overpowering or overly sweet.

Perfectly balanced Breyers strawberry ice cream. And they also add some strawberries to the ice cream to give the product a more premium strawberry flavor.

I always eat strawberry ice cream in the summer and Breyers has one of the best ice cream on the market.

I think it is the best in a waffle cone. but there is a simple charm of eating straight from the container

Chocolate truffles

Breyers Chocolate Truffle is best described as having more chocolate added.

But don’t confuse unity with unattractiveness. Because this ice cream is a chocolate lover’s dream.

Though someone like me is not the biggest chocolate fan in the world. But I love this taste.

Breyers combines their signature ice cream with chocolate candies for this product.

I find that most of the time I get some truffles after every bite. So they are doing very well with the rate. I find this to be best in a cone to add some variation to the chocolate.

pecan butter

Nuts are one of my favorite frostings. But I find it hard to find in many brands of store-bought ice cream.

Luckily for me, Breyer has a Butter Pecan flavor that fits the bill.

I love the crispiness of the pecans. And baking with toasted butter with butter gives it a special flavor.

I don’t think these will appeal to people who don’t like nuts in ice cream. But if you like pecans, you’ll find this dish delicious.

Dark raspberry chocolate

Black raspberries are already decadent enough. But combining it with chocolate creates an amazing level of power.

cream pink But that’s just the color.

I love that the raspberry and chocolate pieces are the stars of this dessert.

While the other creams on the list have supplements that act as the highlight. But this one is about black raspberries and chocolate.

Lactose-free vanilla

If you are trying to avoid lactose due to lactose sensitivity Or you are avoiding dairy for other reasons. Breyer offers lactose-free vanilla.

This ice cream offers all the flavor you want with lactose-free vanilla ice cream.

It is a game changer for anyone with lactose intolerance.

I have no sensitivity to lactose. But I still love this ice cream.

All the flavors are there and work well as a blank medium to add on. Of course, it’s delicious alone.

If you are looking for dairy free ice cream, this is the place to go. Check out some of our favorite dairy-free options here.

natural vanilla

Vanilla ice cream is a classic for a reason, and I’ve found that Breyers Natural Vanilla is a worthy addition to many freezer aisle dessert vanilla ice creams.

Although it may seem simple or boring to some people. But this vanilla ice cream is full of flavor and Breyer offers non-GMO ingredients.

While I enjoy this ice cream alone, I think its real strength is its versatility.

I love adding it to pies or topping with homemade strawberry syrup.

No matter how you dress the ice cream is delicious

French vanilla

If you are someone who feels that vanilla ice cream has too many flavors, then Breyers French Vanilla might be what you are looking for.

This cream is thicker than other vanilla brands and has more flavor than you can imagine at first glance.

If you go with anything, I recommend pairing with dessert.

Sometimes the cream is too strong. So pair it with other rich flavors like French toast or cinnamon apple pie. Sure, it’s delicious in a cone.

Mint Chocolate Candy

Mint is a divisive flavor for many, while some swear by its refreshing taste. But some people can’t forget their association with toothpaste or chewing gum. But it is also one of the most popular flavors.

If you find yourself on a promotion You must try the Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for yourself.

For this ice cream, Breyers blended a vanilla base with a mint flavor. and to complete the puzzle the company added enough chocolate chips.

I’ve found that you’ll get the most out of this dessert eating it alone. This is because mint will overshadow any other flavors you bring to the party.

natural strawberry

Natural Strawberry is a deluxe version of the original strawberry ice cream sold by Breyers.

The company makes this product using California strawberries picked from the freshest of fruits. They mixed these pieces of strawberries with cream to create dynamite.

I love strawberry ice cream So it’s no surprise that this product works for me. It gives me a summer feeling even though I didn’t eat it during the summer.

I recommend this one in a cone. Although it tastes like eating straight from the container.

the coffee

Few things make me as happy in the morning as freshly brewed coffee.

When it was time for dessert, I found it too late for coffee. In that case, the only thing left to do is enjoy Breyers Coffee Ice Cream.

Your ice cream will have a strong bitter coffee flavor. And you can eat it without worrying about caffeine.

The taste of coffee goes well with many desserts. So I recommend this ice cream for dessert.

The contrast between the aged bitter coffee taste and the sweet cake is worth touching.

Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout cookies are a precious treasure of American life. And annual sales always attract a large number of customers.

So it was only natural that the Breyers teamed up with the Girl Scouts of America to put their Thin Mints cookies in Breyers ice cream.

This dessert features cookie crumbs scattered across the ice cream. And both elements come together well in my tasting.

I think this product is best when it has no cone. But I think they will be delicious too. If you like thin mint, you must try this one.

If you love Girl Scout Cookies, check out the famous cookie. but has stopped production

Samoan Girl Scout Cookies

The second collaboration between Girl Scouts and Breyers brings us Samoan ice cream.

I found this to have a more complex flavor than the thin mint ice cream. But that means it’s hard to pair with other desserts.

But I think Samoan lovers will find something to enjoy in this bath.

You get a lot of cookies mixed with cream. And for extra flavor, Breyers adds fondant to coconut and caramel flavored ice cream.

There are many flavors to this dish. and take my advice

Chopping bananas

I can’t think of a more classic summer dessert than a banana split.

While there’s no substitute for the handmade banana split in your frozen dessert aisle, the closer Breyers are to Banana Split ice cream, the better.

All elements of Banana Split are listed here. You take strawberries mixed with banana flavored ice cream.

and topped with a layer of chocolate fondant that the company mixes into the ice cream.

Although it cannot replace summer classics. But this is a worthy alternative when you need a quick banana fix.

birthday bomb

While birthday cake ice cream might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think it’s one of the best frozen dessert tricks.

Although Breyers’ Birthday Blast isn’t my favorite birthday cake, it’s still my favorite. But I still think it’s good and tastes like cupcakes.

While I recommend pairing the other ice creams on this list with other desserts, I felt this one stood out.

Of course, eating in a cone is perfectly acceptable. But there is something comparable to the feeling of eating out of a box.

Breyers ice cream flavor

  1. Reese
  2. peaches
  3. Oreo Cookies and Ice Cream
  4. vanilla cherry
  5. strawberry
  6. Chocolate truffles
  7. pecan butter
  8. Dark raspberry chocolate
  9. Lactose-free vanilla
  10. natural vanilla
  11. French vanilla
  12. Mint Chocolate Candy
  13. natural strawberry
  14. the coffee
  15. Mint Girl Scout Cookies
  16. Samoan Girl Scout Cookies
  17. Chopping bananas
  18. birthday bomb

final thought

No matter what ice cream flavor you prefer. I hope you find something that will make your mouth water and your mind crave for frozen ice cream.

Breyers remains one of the most popular mass-market ice cream makers. with the quality and diversity of the company

What is your favorite Breyers ice cream?

Check out other popular ice cream brands and flavors like Tillamook or Jeni’s!

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