19 delicious Mezcal cocktails for you to try

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The smoky mezcal has shocked the cocktail world. However, this wine has traces of its heritage from its ancient origins.

Traditional mezcal making consists only of cactus leaves and water. Sun-dried and finely ground.

Experiment with mezcal by replacing tequila with this popular liqueur in your favorite fruit cocktail. Margaritas and palomas are delicious when mixed with mezcal.

Or use your favorite mezcal to add a bit of freshness to dark, old-fashioned mixed drinks.

This liqueur is dark and smoky, so use it wisely. Use these 19 best mezcal cocktails as a guide to discover this dynamic tequila.

Replace the tequila in the most famous tequila drink with this mezcal margarine.

Save three seconds, lime juice and even a pinch of salt—this cocktail simply translates to mezcal.

Smokey and mezcal are beautiful with bright and fresh flavors of margarine.

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Ginger beer gives Moscow Mule a unique taste. A typical cocktail recipe uses vodka, lime juice, and ginger ale.

This delightful mixer balances the uncompromising mezcal in this flavorful mixed drink.

Pair this powerful cocktail with a rich steak dinner for a great meal. Or opt for a delicious mixed drink after dinner.

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Combine Palomas grapefruit tequila with fresh fruit juice for a delicious cocktail.

Take Paloma to the next level with the dynamic flavors of Mezcal, but feel free to keep the other Paloma characteristics intact.

Spicy barbecue tacos or other main dishes are the perfect accompaniment to mezcal paloma.

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Replace whiskey with mezcal for an exciting new flavor to this classic mixed drink.

Mezcal works well with many traditional whiskey recipes.

Sour whiskey highlights lemon and sherry with whiskey for a cocktail that will make you cringe.

Mezcal perfects this sour cocktail and leaves a bonfire-like taste on your tongue.

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Negronis is gaining a new reputation as classy and powerful cocktails using simple ingredients. Just three: Vermouth, Gin and Campari.

Equal parts Campari, vermouth and mezcal make up this richly flavored mixed drink. without a mixer to relieve

Enjoy this mezcal negroni for a sophisticated drink after a long day.

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This messy drink is equal parts of three unusual cocktail ingredients.

Blend Nude and Famous into a fun party drink.

Bitter orange-red aperitif, lime juice and bright yellow wine in equal parts. Exclusively for this hot pink drink.

Mezcal is a surprisingly sweet cocktail.

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Although most commonly associated with the Kentucky Derby, mint jupe is a sweet, rich cocktail that is loved by the Southern Belles on their front porch.

Take this classic cocktail in the sassy mezcal direction with this recipe for the Mexican Mint Julep.

A generous amount of mint helps balance out the sweetness of this mezcal cocktail.

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Mangoes fight off smoked mezcal wonderfully in this mango mezcal recipe.

Enjoy a delicious cocktail with a variety of ingredients on a hot day or if you want to soak up the summer atmosphere wherever you are.

Mango and mezcal, paired with cilantro, lemon, jalapenos and orange liqueur, concoct this drink for a delicious Mexican-themed dinner.

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warm spice of cider with autumn mezcal

This combination is a mix made from heaven, making for a sweet, smoky cocktail that’s perfect for an end-of-season campfire.

Just the right amount of citrus liqueur adds another element to a well-balanced and delicious mezcal cocktail.

Check out some other cocktail flavors to try!

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like mango Peach is the perfect accompaniment to the rich flavors of mezcal.

Juicy fruit gives the cocktail a complex flavor with smoked mezcal and herbs.

Mexican cuisine often has more menu items like peach salsa than fish cakes. It pairs perfectly with the peach mezcal cocktail.

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The classic remains one of the connoisseur’s classic cocktails.

This simple cocktail blends complex spirits and premium spirits to deliver the perfect drink.

The addition of mezcal has old-fashioned fans contemplating a new old-fashioned change.

Oaxaca is an area of ​​Mexico known for its traditional mezcal production that still exists today.

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Mojitos provide island inspiration for home mixologists everywhere.

Mint is the best known ingredient for mojitos, often accompanied by rum.

This recipe combines sweet strawberries with smoked mezcal and herbal mint to create this well-balanced mezcal cocktail.

Puree the mint to ensure the mint flavor permeates the brewed drink.

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If you are a lover of spicy cocktails Try this mezcal cocktail with honey and smoke.

Chili powder is combined with mezcal to enhance the spicy and smoky flavor of this drink. while the sweet honey syrup adds everything together.

Plan this recipe for a hunting or bonfire crowd in late summer, as it makes a big batch.

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If egg yolks aren’t your thing, this Cheermeister Punch will bring a sweet, sour, and smoky flavor to your next holiday gathering.

This punch comes in a variety of exciting flavors, including ginger, jalapeno peppers, pomegranate juice, mezcal, and tequila.

This recipe is enough for a full bowl. Check out other Christmas cocktails to make!

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Mezcals and margaritas are a combination created in the heavens over the centuries.

This smoked watermelon lemon margarita combines the best flavors of summer with an irresistible mezcal cocktail.

Juicy watermelon is an unexpected yet delicious partner to the mundane mezcal for your next poolside occasion.

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Celebrate the festive season with this mezcal harvest.

Taste of oranges, cider. And maple syrup combines with mezcal to create a cocktail that will warm you inside and out.

Lime and lime juice add a sourness to this sweet and smoky mixed drink.

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Agave is a cactus. So you wouldn’t be surprised that the mezcal cocktail has such an edgy-sounding name.

But this cocktail does not refer to the mezcal agave, but to the bright prickly pear.

This bright pink fruit brings subtle color and flavor to The Prickly Lady mezcal cocktail.

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Mango is back in the seductive Mango Mezcal Breeze Mezcal cocktail.

Lemon, lime and mango juices are mixed with chili powder and mezcal to create a delicious and spicy mixed drink.

Shake this cocktail until all ingredients are combined. and ended up with a soft drink on top

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This classic tequila margarine shake replaces the tequila with mezcal and highlights the orange on the lemon.

The result is a delicious orange mezcal cocktail with a beautiful tajine rim.

Tajin is a Mexican spice blend commonly used in Mexican cocktails or as a mix.

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final thought

The Mezcal cocktail is the perfect way to add background to your favorite fruity tequila cocktail.

Add mezcal to a classic negroni, or make things more sophisticated with the Cheermeister Punch. Mezcal adds delicious flavor to serious, exotic cocktails.

Learn about other cocktails. on our blog From German cocktails to French cocktails and more!

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