19 Popular French Beers To Drink

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Chances are you’ll have the French wine section. But did you know that you can also find great French beers?

French beer may not be in your sights. But you should know how great beer from France is. Spoiler alert: It’s awesome.

I hope you enjoyed this list of French beers. I like to have a beer or two on the weekend. And discovering the world of French beer is especially interesting.

french beer

Check out the best beers from France.


Ever wondered what happens when you combine tequila and beer?

Fret no more: you can try it yourself with Desperados made by the French Fischer Brewery.

Desperados is a light beer flavored with stequila. It’s a light and refreshing beer that you’ll enjoy with every sip.

It’s the perfect after-dinner drink.

3 months beer

If you have ever been to the famous Flanders region of France. You’ve probably stopped by the family-run 3 Monts distillery before.

Since 1920, they have been making great beers.

I am a huge fan of Saison, a fragrant beer perfect for spring.

I highly recommend trying Ambrae, a delicious amber beer with a fruity aroma.

Kronenburg 1664 Blanc

You’ll love Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc if you like wheat beer.

With a long history and incredible taste. This wheat beer is one of my favorites.

You can refer to other beers from Kronenbourg, but Blanc’s wheat beer is so light and crisp that you can drink it on any occasion.

I especially like the citrus scent!

La Gagole

La Cagole in Marseille produces good beer. which you won’t miss in France or if you see it at your local beer distributor.

I love La Cagole’s bohemian beer, though I love the variety of beers.

La Bière Des Sans Culottes

If you like to discover unique flavored beers. You will love your experience with La Bière Des Sans Culottes.

I was surprised with the clove scent when I took the first few sips.

Mix with some caramel and banana. This beer amazes me with its smoothness and precision.

La de Beauche

Located in the beautiful Angoulême commune in southwestern France. You’ll find the charming La Débauche brewery with delicious craft beers.

best contact But you can get it from the bottle.

La Débauche is a great after-dinner beer when you’re out with friends.

There is a jump but not too much. And the taste of the fruit is delicious and not sour at all. I especially like the wheat beer.

Triple Grain Blonde – Lyon

If you’re looking for something with a bit more alcohol and strong flavors, this is the place to go. You must try the three-grain blonde from Lyon.

With 9% ABV, you’ll get the shot you want.

Triple Grain is a dark golden ale. It may be stronger than the golden ale you’re used to in the United States.

I was amazed to demonstrate how delicious and well-balanced this three-grain cereal really is.


Originale is an English ale with a light finish and rich flavour.

It’s a traditional beer in many ways, with a nice texture that you can enjoy.

In some ways, there’s nothing special about the original.

It is quite simply like a pale beer. But it is a favorite dish of the locals. So it’s a good choice if you want something light.

Jane Lane Blonde

Jenlain is a golden ale from Brasserie Duyck, a local brewery located in a small farming town. Lovely France on the Belgian border

Jenlain Blonde is a thick, creamy golden ale with a surprisingly large body and beautiful head that lasts for days.

There is a sweet aroma of lemon and honey that brings a warm and friendly feeling.


You can find good beer. All varieties are available from the brewery called Biéres Levrette, a charming company with all sorts of personality and great flavors.

The standard bearer is Levrette, a pale ale in the traditional sense rich in hops and well-balanced aromas of citrus and spice.

Britt Blanche

Britt Blanche comes from Brasserie de Bretagne, a brewery that first opened in 1998 in Trégunc.

They make all sorts of great beers, including Britt Blanche.

Britt Blanche is the perfect beer to quench your thirst. Whether you have a busy day at the office or work outside all day

I love citrus flavors and always have cheese when I eat Britt Blanche.

canal ferry

If you like IPAs, you’ll love this selection from the Paname Brewing Company in Paris, France.

It was a small company that knew how to make good beer.

Barge du Canal especially stands out with its citrus and grainy aromas.

Another great feature is the bitter taste. It tastes like beer and is amazingly refreshing.


Blond Pelforth is a British pale ale that originated in Marseille.

I was honored to drink this beer in Marseille. and it enhanced the experience.

There are other Pelforth beers you can try.

For example, their brown beer is so rich and creamy that you’ll forget you’re drinking.

Licorn black beer

Dark beer is a specialty. Especially if you can drink it in the beautiful French countryside.

There’s nothing more exciting than watching the sunset with a cold beer in hand and France looking back at you.

Licorne stout is especially pleasing due to its rich texture and rich flavour.

I am a big fan of stout. So this is a pleasure in my opinion.

Castle Rouge

The Château Rouge from the Parisian brewery Brasserie la Goutte d’Or is my favorite because it’s brewed in the biére de garde style, a style of beer suitable for those who like mixed malts. style “château de garde”. their beer

Château Rouge is a delightful malt beer that can almost be served as a dessert substitute if you don’t like something sweet.


Choulette is another biére de Garde style beer, which means “beer to keep”.

That’s a good example of a class. Predominant in wheat beer and beer.

Choulette is a light beer with a strong amber flavor. It comes from a brewery in northern France bordering Belgium.

Adele Scott

Adelscott is the Fischer Brewery beer we mentioned earlier. It is famous for its Desperados beer.

Adelscott is an entertaining beer with a noticeable smoke and whiskey aroma at the end.

It has an aftertaste and thickness that I particularly like.


Goudale is a beer brewed in the same biére de Garde style as we have discussed.

It comes from a brewery in the north of France. It contains a variety of hops and malts.

The contrast of hops and malt makes Goudale a complex beer with many layers of complexity in its palette. I especially like the caramel notes.

La Parisian Brune

Brune from La Parisienne is a Belgian brown beer, rich and full of spectacular flavors.

I like this beer because it has a very noticeable coffee and dark chocolate aroma. the essentials to have a good dark beer

french beer

  1. hopeless
  2. 3 months beer
  3. Kronenburg 1664 Blanc
  4. La Gagole
  5. La Bière Des Sans Culottes
  6. La de Beauche
  7. Triple Grain Blonde – Lyon
  8. original
  9. Jane Lane Blonde
  10. ship
  11. Britt Blanche
  12. canal ferry
  13. Pelforth
  14. Licorn black beer
  15. Castle Rouge
  16. cake
  17. Adele Scott
  18. Goodel
  19. La Parisian Brune

final thought

Pair French beers with your favorite French dishes.

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