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One of the biggest advantages of cultural diversity in America is diversity in cooking.

Over the past few decades There has been a trend towards fusion cuisine that combines traditional homegrown ingredients and flavors with new American cuisine.

There is no better American food than burgers. Yet even an all-American burger is a blank canvas for incorporating culinary traditions.

Below, I have listed some unusual burgers that represent a fusion of taste and tradition. That’s not necessarily delicious, and I think it’s delicious.

Unusual Burger Toppings

Check out the popular burgers that still taste great!


If you think your burger is juicy, try garnishing it with thick slices of pineapple to double your fun.

While pineapple may sound like an unusual burger, it is actually a really tasty burger. But many tropical cultures use pineapple to flavor or garnish meat.

such as sweet, spicy and juicy tacos Al Pastor

While many consider pineapple to be the worst kind of pizza, it’s not the worst. You should give the pineapple burger a chance!

Mac and cheese

This unusual burger is not a fusion of two different food cultures. It combines two American cuisines together in an elegant handheld device.

Take “cheese sandwich” to the next level

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food. And the combination of burgers with mac and cheese is not new. Just think, hamburger helper!


Hummus is a spicy and healthy Mediterranean mezze. Hummus is a delicious all-purpose spread or garnish for pita bread.

You can also add any flavoring you like. From roasted red peppers to olives

I would choose the spicy bell pepper hummus to pair with pickled carrots and jalapenos on a burger.


It’s not hard for me to imagine coleslaw on burgers.

It’s my favorite side dish at every barbecue place. Mayonnaise sauce softens chopped vegetables into a creamy, fibrous perfect salad.

Coleslaw is a bit sweet, but is often added mustard or horseradish for extra spiciness.

I love topping burgers with coleslaw and Texas-style tomato-based BBQ sauce.


while coleslaw makes the cabbage creamy and sweet. Fermented cabbage kimchi is a prime example of the richness of umami.

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea. But this old Korean dish has become the new “it” dish in America.

I ate the kimchi grilled cheese sandwich. So why not try it with a burger?

Crab with Cocktail Sauce

The cocktail sauce consists of a tomato base with horseradish, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.

It’s a great complex sauce, light and liquid enough to pair well with clams.

I’ve heard about garnishing steak with crab and Oscar-style cream sauce, but crab shell cocktail sauce on burgers is a novel idea.

for the price of crabs, I’ll let everyone see if it’s a winning combination. before preparing it for yourself!

Fried green tomatoes

The real taste of southern fried green tomatoes is a delicious dish where green tomatoes are wrapped in cornmeal and fried until golden crisp.

They taste great with remade sauce or cayenne cheese.

The thick crust of bread crumbs on top of a thick slice of green tomato is enough to serve as a burger.

Mutual Return

Hoisin sauce is a thick, sugary soy sauce that is primarily made with water rather than Asian stir-fries.

Its thickness coats vegetables and meat in a flavorful glaze.

I recommend diluting the hoisin sauce with a little water to garnish the chicken sandwich with the Asian-style vinegar coleslaw.

Goat cheese and honey

Goat cheese and honey are a complex combination. It combines rich yet rich cheese with the sweetness of rich syrup.

I enjoy it as a regular cheese plate paired with a baguette. But that sounds too weird for a burger.

I always add savory fillings like bacon or prosciutto to bring goat cheese and honey to my burgers.


Curd cheese is a common ingredient in cuisines around the world. From Canada’s Poutine to India’s Saag Paneer, the curd cheese is firm, chewy and has a very mild flavor.

I would go the Saag Paneer route to pairing burgers, using chunks of greasy tofu mixed with creamy spinach on a beef burger.

Indian food can be blasphemous. But I think we should be satisfied with Indian food in America.

buffalo blue cheese

a far cry from the Buffalo Blue Cheese Sandwich which is a mainstay on the menus of many restaurants.

Buffalo sauce and blue cheese sauce are popular dipping sauces for spicy chicken wings. Blue cheese sauce is a popular condiment for steaks.

The combination of spicy pepper sauce and rich blue cheese is the perfect combination created from the taste heaven.

The burger with avocado lettuce and grilled tomatoes will taste great.

Caprese burgers

Caprese salad is a classic Italian dish. Includes slices of fresh tomato Garnish with buffalo mozzarella. Garnish with fresh basil. Topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Caprese Burger puts this complex flavor combination on top of a grilled burger. What’s not to like?

I recommend the Italian ciabatta bread with homemade aioli to complete it all.


In my opinion, there is no better bread than butter.

Guacamole is the most festive and fun avocado one can make. Add the sourness of lime juice and the spiciness of minced garlic and onions.

A slice of guacamole on a pepper jack cheese sandwich will satisfy the crowd.

cream cheese

Cream cheese is a versatile ingredient that works as well in desserts as it does in cheesecake. with meat

If you’ve ever been to a bagel shop in New York, you know that cream cheese has been repeated countless times.

For the burgers, I think I used green onions with bacon and cream cheese.

Maple Syrup and Bacon

This has to be a typical Canadian burger. Maple syrup and bacon are the perfect combo in breakfast heaven.

The latest fad is maple and bacon donuts. Burgers double the spiciness. But that’s not something maple syrup can’t handle!

I always eat the Maple Bacon Burger for breakfast sandwiches. covered with fried egg


Pastrami is a classic cold cuts. I had multiple layers of spicy beef pastrami. with spicy mustard on rye

Pastrami goes through every cooking method known to man. They are dried, seasoned, smoked and steamed.

It deserves to be on the sandwich and will make the burger more complete.

French fries

I like to coat turkey with fries. Smash a slice of white bread on top. Then mash the fries into a food-like texture.

I think the fries are just as good. with burger Extra crispy much needed.

I would choose fries flavored with jalapeno or other condiments to complete the burger. Try these spicy fries that you can try on your burgers!

Curry powder

Curry is a spice loved all over the world with countless variations.

In Japan, they use brown curry with a thick sauce to coat meat or chicken.

In Thailand, they offer yellow, red and green curries, combined with coconut milk to make the dish more spicy and rich.

I think the brown curry served in Japan or as a sauce for British “fries” (fries) would go well with burgers.


Like burgers, chili is an American dish and a source of great pride in many regions.

Chili peppers are sometimes used with up to 20 spices and boiled for hours.

It’s delicious and complex with just a spoonful. But apart from burgers The rate of minced meat is tripled!

I usually add sour cream. Chopped cheddar and chives in a chili burger.

Unusual Burger Toppings

  1. Pineapple
  2. Mac and cheese
  3. hummus
  4. coleslaw
  5. kimchi
  6. Crab with Cocktail Sauce
  7. Fried green tomatoes
  8. Mutual Return
  9. Goat cheese and honey
  10. Junket
  11. buffalo blue cheese
  12. Caprese burgers
  13. Guacamole
  14. cream cheese
  15. Maple Syrup and Bacon
  16. bacon
  17. French fries
  18. Curry powder
  19. bitterness

final thought

Burgers are the precious possession of every American. But it is also a blank canvas for culinary interpretation.

Whether you want double comfort food or a fusion of exotic food cultures, there’s something for everyone. This list of unusual burgers is as diverse as the American population.

Check out these other classic burgers if you want to keep it simple!

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