20 Popular French Soup Recipes To Make

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Many cooking techniques are of French origin. The place where delicious and outstanding food is born. This includes many basic soups and sauces. which when expanded can be used to create even more delicious dishes

Another thing I love about French cooking is how each technique progresses to the next. So don’t be intimidated by recipes.

Here are some of the best French soups to make at home. There are a lot of soups on this list, and there are some great options to enjoy at any time. But in general, thick French soups are great for cold weather.

Try making them for lunch or dinner, or try these soups whenever you’re craving something delicious.

Soupe à l’oignon, or French onion soup, is for an English-speaking audience. Focus on the main ingredient, the onion.

This vegetable is sautéed in butter for a rich flavor. That is why it is one of the most popular soups in the world.

Another highlight of this soup is the toast or crackers, which absorb the savory onion flavor of this soup.

I like to use yellow onions. But you can use any type of onion for this classic French soup.

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The French ham and vegetable soup, Garbure, is flavored with smoked ham.

This French soup example blurs the line between soup and stew.

The rich broth comes with peas, potatoes, radishes and carrots.

Subtle fresh herbs enhance the flavor of this soup with just a touch of apple cider vinegar acidity.

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Beef bourguignon soup uses a lot of beef for a rich flavor with layers of flavor added when bacon is added.

Garlic and onions create complexity when paired with red wine for a rich, rich soup.

My favorite part of the soup is the mushrooms, which absorb all the flavors while creating a rich, earthy taste.

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Try this recipe for a simple Tourain Du Perigord, a multi-regional garlic soup.

This rich soup needs butter or goose fat to create a rich sauce. which when combined will make the soup thicker

Although this recipe calls for a dozen garlic cloves. But I like to add a few cloves of garlic for a richer flavor.

You can use different types of garlic for a more complex flavor.

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French Vegetable Soup or Soupe au Pistou is a personal favorite.

Nuts and macaroons A bowl of pasta (or your favorite short pasta) ensures this vegetarian option stays delicious.

The vegetables used in the dish add flavor from spicy garlic to young zucchini.

Garnish with herb pesto for a fresh and delicious soup.

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This beautiful soup makes an impression before you even taste it!

I love the color of this ratatouille soup, from the bright red broth to the colorful chopped vegetables inside.

This soup is thickened with diced vegetables like eggplant and bell peppers. Season with herbs It gives a simple soup a complex flavor.

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Classic Vichyssoise Soup One of the best French soups with a simple preparation. It focuses on two distinctive flavors: leeks and potatoes.

The soup has a rich broth with just the right amount of cream along with chicken broth.

This is my favorite warm soup, perfect for chilly evenings.

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another creamy option Concentrated and filling French chestnut soup

The soup has only a few ingredients. Most of the flavor comes from the onion and chestnut. which adds a butter element to the soup

This recipe can be made with fresh or cooked chestnuts. But I prefer cooked because it speeds up the preparation time.

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Farmer Soup starts with ham that has been boiled with white beans sun-dried for over an hour.

The resulting broth is meaty and complex.

Potatoes, turnips, and green cabbage add texture and flavor to the soup.

Like most French soups, Farmer Soup is best enjoyed with crispy French bread.

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Lentil soup has always been a winner for me. But this French lentil soup stands out.

Not only bring rich flavor from beans. But bacon adds an extra layer of deliciousness.

The trio of celery, carrot, and scallions add richness and some texture to the soup. Add herbs to preserve flavor and freshness in the soup.

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Cuisine of the south of France, where seafood is fresh and abundant. Bouillabaisse It is one of the most famous dishes of the country.

Traditionally, this fish soup is cooked with other seafood. that the local fisherman has. But this recipe calls for 3 types of fish, clams or mussels and crab!

Bouillabaisse It’s one of my favorite seafood soups!

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Although it looks like a soup with broth as the main ingredient. But there are still many attempts to concoct it.

The classic French Consommé stew requires a lengthy process. But the broth is undeniably delicious.

This soup can be made with a variety of proteins. But this recipe uses duck broth for a complex flavor.

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This French Provence soup recipe uses a ready-to-drink broth with white wine to save time in making this herbal soup.

Made with chicken thighs and fatty bacon. This is an extremely filling soup.

I marvel at the colorful and technical ways of slicing vegetables.

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For a rich and delicious vegetarian soup, prepare this French cauliflower soup!

Combine the vegetable broth in your cauliflower and cream mixture to whisk the soup to the perfect consistency.

The soup is flavored with herbs, onions and celery. But I like the nutmeg scent added to it the most. It offers an unexpected yet satisfying taste.

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Potage au Potiron, or pumpkin soup served in a pumpkin, is an outstanding soup that tastes as good as it looks.

I love bringing this delicious pumpkin soup to dinner in the fall. which makes a lasting impression

White wine and cream are the ingredients of this soup. Make the soup taste rich.

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A colorful soup with a bright orange hue, Potage Crécy or French Carrot Soup emphasizes the sweetness of the vegetables while softening the fishy smell.

Onions and tomatoes add flavor to the soup.

Although this recipe calls for chicken broth, it can be easily turned into vegetables to create a vegetarian meal.

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French Spring Soup includes a variety of vegetables that will appear for the first time in your garden, such as asparagus, leeks, and spinach.

These Spring Vegetables and More Combine it with butter and heavy cream to make this vegetable soup.

for extra flavor Replace the water in the recipe with the broth of your choice instead.

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when I look at creamy soups I sometimes feel intimidated by what I think are challenging recipes.

However, this French potato soup has a simple 3-step recipe.

Potatoes are the star with the other ingredients adding a little extra flavor to the soup The result is a simple yet delicious soup.

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This French Farmer Soup with Leeks & Potatoes recipe looks like a creamy soup, but it’s not.

The color of the soup comes from the French mustard which makes a nice contrast to this spicy soup.

Bacon also has a delicious taste cooked in oil along with potatoes and garlic.

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One of the most famous and my favorite French soups is the French Lobster Bisque. It’s a rich lobster soup.

Shredded carrots and bell peppers give the soup its signature orange color.

With cream, cognac and white wine, this soup will please the palate!

This soup is perfect for stormy weather, especially if you’re near the sea.

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final thought

Try these famous French soups to warm up your body. And pair it with your favorite French wine or even a classic French sandwich for a great meal!

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