20 Traditional British Desserts You Should Try

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Dessert is often the best part of the meal. So it’s no surprise that there are so many recipes to choose from.

British desserts in particular seem to get a lot of attention, and for good reason. While British cuisine may not be the most famous, there is plenty to choose from.

If you are looking for the perfect British dessert for your gathering, this is the place to be. Below you will find all the best flavors and recipes.

Banoffee Pie is a dessert that is loved by many people. sure people Who doesn’t love banana ice cream and toffee?

When the filling is stacked on top of a cookie crust or graham cracker. This cake is best served with cream and a cup of coffee.

Try Banoffee Pie if you want an easy option to bring to an event or gathering.

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Butter pudding is a classic dessert that evokes simpler days.

Thick buttered bread, milk, raisins and toasted vanilla to create something wonderful.

You can customize it with your favorite fruit. This makes it easy to customize for any occasion.

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Cranachan is a popular Scottish dessert that looks like a parfait but with a twist.

When making this dessert, you need traditional Scottish flavors like oatmeal, honey and raspberry. And don’t forget the Scotch whiskey!

Most Scots would agree that the best way to enjoy this dessert is to use real Scottish ingredients.

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Eton mix is ​​a good choice if you need a light dessert in a short time.

with this particular recipe You can do as little or as much as you want.

I suggest you use fresh strawberries for this treatment. The sourness of the berries contrasts beautifully with the cream.

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We’ve heard of wheelchair enthusiasts craving their favorite fig pudding. But have you ever thought what it is?

It turns out that fig pudding is a hearty warm treat made with figs and dates.

Naturally sweet ingredients are a great addition to your holiday menu. It’s a classic Christmas dessert!

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Jam is one of the most familiar flavors in British desserts and dishes.

Most of us remember liking jam even when we were little. Therefore, rollipoli jam is a pleasant dish that makes you nostalgic.

The secret of this desert is the rolling dough. But you don’t have to make it perfect to enjoy this dish.

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With a name like the glory of Knickerbocker You have to expect decadent desserts.

Luckily, you’ll be happy with this recipe.

Although very easy to prepare. But this delicious fresh fruit ice cream dessert looks and tastes amazing.

If you like to eat banh chung You will find a slightly lighter version that tastes quite good.

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Spotted dick is a typical British snack that you can even find in canned goods.

This is not suitable for freshly baked okra.

It is similar to a cake. But extremely soft and moist the way it was made.

The point is raisins and you should top with custard cream.

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Toffee is one of my favorite flavors that many people love. culture is ignored

However, it is recognized as a great taste among British desserts.

This pudding is filled with sweet dates and topped with a toffee sauce. It’s a great choice for parties and holiday gatherings.

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Syllabub is a dessert often similar in texture to American pudding or custard. But it can also be a drink.

You should finish with a thick creamy drink for this recipe.

Made with white wine, I’m not sure if there’s a more appetizing dessert on the list.

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Pies and cakes always dominate the dessert table. But tart should spend more time in the limelight.

This Bakewell tart is a great recipe to start with.

The butter and raspberry pie layers complement each other perfectly.

I recommend serving this dish with tea.

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However, if you like to eat cake, you can choose Victoria’s sponge cake.

Ideally, this cake should be extremely soft and light with different layers of cream and jam.

Although it seems simple Sprinkle powdered sugar for beauty.

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Queen of Puddings is a dessert that combines classic flavors and textures.

Pastries, jams and meringues make up this dish. So it is a crowd favorite.

no problem Something for everyone to enjoy Although it took a while to create this desert, it was well worth it.

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If you are familiar with pancakes or Flap Jee. You can see that the Welsh cakes are similar.

You will find that they are a bit heavier. But it’s almost as easy as a hot pan.

They don’t need syrup. Add butter and enjoy.

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Lardy Cake sounds like an unflattering nickname. But it’s a light dessert. delicious

It is also a good companion with a cup of tea.

You can find similar flavors here if you’re used to raisin bread. I recommend serving it warm.

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Jubilee cherries aren’t just delicious to eat. The preparation is also fun.

This is easy to do if you have a little extra time before serving dessert.

With toast, cherries, and brandy, this tart sauce served with ice cream is a simple yet elegant flavor combination that never goes out of style.

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The English Trifle is a layered dessert that looks great in a glass container.

What can you do with custard, pastry, jam and fruit to complete this dessert?

Also, if you don’t have time to make all the ingredients from scratch, you can buy many from the store.

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Barabirth is a soft pastry or loaf that assembles quickly and easily.

If you like fruit cake This is worth a try.

When baking this dessert, you should allow time to soak before serving.

This dessert takes time for the flavors to soak into the bread.

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This is a basic dessert similar to a sponge cake.

The sweet apple layer sets this dish apart from other desserts.

The best part is that you can choose the apples you want, although the sweetest varieties work best.

Serve with ice cream, tea or custard.

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Mince pie is a classic British dessert that most of us have heard of but aren’t sure what it is.

Sweetened ground beef with sugar, spices, fruit and brandy

When you’re done, put it in a pocket cake and enjoy over the holidays.

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final thought

Pair these delicious desserts with an English favorite – a cup of tea – or enjoy an English cocktail with your treats!

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