20 viral TikTok cocktails worth making

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Looking for a new cocktail to enjoy? Why not 20?

The 20 TikTok cocktails below are inspired by TikTok’s most popular videos and trends that have put them at the forefront of mixology thinking.

Whether you are looking for fruit or a strong drink. This is a drink that will definitely suit you.

The Corona Sunrise is a popular TikTok cocktail that’s amazingly easy to make.

All you need is Corona, orange juice, tequila and grenadine.

The result is a refreshing, slightly sweet drink, perfect for sipping during the summer.

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Looking for a refreshing drink while you’re lounging by the pool or sunbathing on the beach?

Look no further than beach bucket cocktails. Fruit drinks are served in buckets on the beach with fresh fruit and Smirnoff ice.

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Hawaiian mimosas are equally delicious. with beauty And I love to do it when I want to enjoy a classic brunch.

You would use prosecco or champagne, but cover it with classic orange juice instead. You will switch to pineapple juice. coconut rum and some grenadine to color the sunset.

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Blue Lagoon isn’t just sour and glossy. But it’s also incredibly easy to make with just three ingredients.

This cocktail recipe is the one I always make when I want to make drinks for my friends. With ingredients that I usually have everywhere.

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If you’ve heard of shark attack cocktails before, this is the place to be. Your thoughts might turn to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, where the drink became popular.

However, TikTok has made this cocktail more popular and accessible to those who don’t have time to go to Nola to try it.

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Farm water is like poor man’s margarine, but also good.

because only a small amount of ingredients is needed. So I like to make a lot of these drinks when people come.

It’s always been a crowd favorite and doesn’t take long to make either.

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When White Claws hit the market, the Celtzer craze skyrocketed and it felt like we were never going to make it.

That is until TikTok released the White Claw slushie.

This drink takes a spiked celeriac and elevates it into a cool, refreshing slushie that’s perfect for a hot summer day outside.

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Really, who doesn’t love the pinkest Starburst from the candy flavor?

I know I do And now you can enjoy the delicious taste of strawberries in the form of cocktails and even snack on a few desserts while you’re at it.

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TikTok has shocked the world. And with a new cocktail trend: the Poison Apple Cocktail.

This seasonal drink is made with cranberry juice. Cider and edible glitter Perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit.

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Also known as “Healthy Coke” This gin mixed with balsamic cherry bush cocktail is a refreshing and flavorful summer drink.

The perfect balance of sweet and sour. Contains gin, bush cherries, balsamic vinegar and sparkling water.

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Do you have almost empty jam jars lying around?

Applying it to this cocktail involves shaking your gin in a jam jar to infuse the fruity flavors.

To make this recipe easier, you can store the cocktail in a jam jar to serve.

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Combines the sweetness of Chata rum with the tartness of lemon juice and the bubbly taste of soda water. You’ll get a light, refreshing drink that’s perfect for any time of year.

So whether you’re in need of a refreshing summer drink or a festive cocktail for your next party, Ramshata Malibu Lime & Soda is sure to satisfy.

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Cotton candy margarine is a fun and festive classic that will take you to any summer carnival or carnival.

With a hint of grenadine, this margarine has a lovely signature pink color and is perfect for Instagram moments.

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The lavender lemon martini vodka is a playful and natural classic. It’s like sipping lavender lemonade.

Also, if you have some lavender syrup lying around. You probably don’t need to try much to make this drink.

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Paloma is a refreshing cocktail from Mexico.

This drink is often mixed with club soda, tequila and grapefruit, and can be garnished with a slice of lemon.

The Frozen Paloma is the frozen version of the classic cocktail and is perfect for a hot summer day.

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The Moscow mule is represented by vodka. Ginger beer and lime juice, but the lemon moscow mule has an extra sour and juicy taste.

This delicious cocktail is perfect for summer get-togethers or anytime you need to pick me up.

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Mai Tai has been a classic cocktail for quite some time, but when TikTokers started sharing their recipes and going crazy for the drink, it was a long time coming. It has become my favorite.

While you can make this drink in many variations, I prefer to serve it in a tiki glass for authenticity.

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A glass of passion fruit rum is the perfect drink for a backyard barbecue. pool parties or other gatherings in the summer

The recipe is easy to make and the result is a refreshing drink with a pleasant taste.

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If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to drink tequila, this is the place to go. Look no further than Rosé Tequila Sangria.

This refreshing cocktail is perfect for summer gatherings and can be easily customized to your liking.

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TikTok has become very popular lately with all kinds of creative content. And one of the latest trends is the Sex In The Driveway cocktail.

A play on the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail, this drink is perfect for summer parties or gatherings where you want to have some fun.

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Final Thoughts on Cocktails TikTok

Here is a list of 20 delicious cocktails that you can make at home using TikTok as a guide.

Whether you’re looking for fruit or an alcoholic beverage, there’s bound to be a drink on this list that will tickle your taste buds. So gather your ingredients, invite a few friends (or not) over and get ready to enjoy these delicious TikTok cocktails. (or all)

Check out other food trends on TikTok to try, or follow popular food TikTokkers to keep up with the latest trends.

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