21 Classic Italian Soup Recipes You Should Try

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In the cooler seasons, it’s time for some delicious soups. And now is the perfect time to discover even more delicious flavors of Italian soup.

We often associate Italian food with dishes like pasta, pizza and gelato, but Italy also has a multitude of soups and stews steamed with mild herbs and spices.

Whatever You Like With this list of Italian soups, you’re sure to find some of your favorite fall comfort foods.

Below, I have listed 21 of the best Italian soups, ranging from traditional favorites to unique recipes that you must try.

Enjoy this Italian wedding soup in the comfort of your own home. Not just at the wedding

I love this recipe because it sticks to the traditional soup recipe while giving it a subtle touch.

For example, the Italian wedding soup calls for spinach. But you can also use greens in the fridge. I like to use kale.

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Minestrone is a great soup for the upcoming fall and winter.

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, Minestrone checks all of my boxes for warm and hearty soup.

I love all the vegetables out there, like zucchini and green beans.

You can replace them with leftover vegetables at home. As long as you don’t forget to add parmesan cheese.

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Fagioli means “beans” in Italian, so it’s fitting that this Italian Fagioli Pasta Soup recipe is filled with cannelloni and kidney beans in a delicious tomato sauce.

The original recipe called for cannellini beans. But you can include your favorite beans, such as chickpeas or chickpeas.

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Ribollita or Tuscan winter soup is a great way to use up existing stale or stale Italian bread. Because most formulas (including this one) contain half a loaf of bread.

This hearty bread soup is even better the second day after you make it.

The flavor has more time to develop and permeate the bread.

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Gnocchi is one of my favorite pastas. And its subtle flavors shine through in this Italian vegetable soup recipe.

Gnocchi is made with potatoes, which makes it unique from the other pastas featured in the soups on this list.

As someone who tries to eat mostly plants, I highly recommend this recipe as vegetarian.

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Olive Garden is the first restaurant that comes to mind when thinking of Italian-American cuisine.

Olive Garden serves delicious food from fettuccine alfredo to unlimited salads and sandwiches.

They also have an incredible stock of soups to try, including their Zuppa Toscana.

Now you can enjoy this creamy and comforting soup at home with this mimic recipe.

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As the name suggests, the star of this Italian soup is the meatballs.

This recipe guides you step by step in the manual meatball making process.

Each ball has the perfect blend of Italian spices and Parmesan.

Trust me after taking a bite. You will understand that the extra effort is worth it.

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This recipe may not be at the top of your list of traditional Italian soups. It’s a new Italian favorite.

Lasagna soup eliminates the hassle of preparing lasagna. because everything is boiled in one pot

You get the best of both worlds here – lasagna and soups.

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Forget about canned chicken noodles next time you’re feeling inclement weather.

Instead, someone prepared this Minestrina recipe for you.

This soup has simple ingredients like macaroni, cheese, and olive oil. suitable for people with sensitive stomach

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I think Pasta e Ceci is a great dish because it combines some of my favorite foods: pasta, chickpeas, and lots of cheese.

Like other traditional Italian soups, this soup started out as a peasant dish. This means that the components are very simple and accessible.

If you like Pasta e Fagioli, you will love this soup.

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Italy, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, has loads of delicious seafood. Including this Italian fish soup.

This recipe calls for several types of fish cooked in white wine and a tomato-based broth.

Add a few cloves of garlic and some fresh herbs and you’ll have a very filling soup.

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Olive Garden makes a variety of delicious soups, including Chicken Gnocchi.

This recipe details you need to repeat everything this ice cream and dish.

Now you can have as many bowls as you want and can add new ingredients. I like to add red chili flakes for extra heat.

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This Italian bean soup recipe comes with some of Italy’s finest herbs and spices.

This soup has lentils as the main ingredient instead of meat. This means the food is vegetarian-friendly.

It’s also one of the few pasta-free soups. This makes for a great gluten-free alternative.

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Tortellini is the perfect pasta for soups.

Each shape is filled with the deliciousness of cheese.

In particular, the tortellini in this dish goes well with the rich and greasy broth of garlic and tomatoes.

To me, each taste is like Italian paradise in a spoon.

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This Italian sausage white bean soup emphasizes simple yet powerful flavors like crispy bacon, spiced sausage, and sauerkraut. and soft cannellini beans

My favorite part about this recipe is that all the prep steps are done in the same pot. This means you’ll be able to taste the oil from the final stir-fry of meat and vegetables.

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Pappa al Pomodoro is a soup from the Tuscan region of Italy.

It features traditional Italian flavors like tomato, garlic and basil.

This recipe also calls for a few cups of stale and crunchy bread when you incorporate this into the final soup.

I love this warm soup, but others like to chill it overnight in the refrigerator.

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This Italian potato soup recipe is very easy to make. I like to prepare them on cool fall or winter nights.

A bowl of hot, delicious soup is the best meal after a long, busy day.

To make this recipe easier, you can buy pre-cut vegetables to cut down on cooking time.

Sprinkle with grated parmesan and enjoy!

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If you want a delicious soup that can feed many people. Check out this Sicilian chicken soup recipe.

This is a thick, stew-like soup with shredded chicken, vegetables, and canned tomatoes. and ditalini pasta

for this recipe You can buy chicken broth from the store or you can make your own.

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This Italian-style soup has a light, bright flavor thanks to the citrus notes of water and lemon zest.

I love this soup recipe that uses fresh rosemary sprigs.

This earthy flavor goes well with lemon. With barley malt, this soup will keep you full for hours.

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While this turkey pasta soup is certainly not a traditional Italian dish, it is a must-try. But there are plenty of Italian spices that pack a punch in every bite.

Here is another simple soup. that you can make for your family Especially for kids can choose to eat.

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This Italian-style basil parmesan soup is amazing and can serve up to six people.

This recipe calls for elbow pasta. But you can use any small pasta shape you have, such as small crust or ditalini.

Sometimes I prefer to have rice instead of pasta for a different experience.

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final thought

Complete your Italian meal with your favorite Italian dessert. From classic Italian cakes to Italian cookies.

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