21 of the best sour cocktails to make

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There’s nothing like a sour cocktail to hit the spot.

The sourdough mixer is the most versatile component in your arsenal. and with so much variety, let’s make something for everyone

From classic sour whiskey to a fun and refreshing sour margarita. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cocktails for you to try.

These sour cocktails are sure to please. Whether you are looking for a refreshing summer drink. cozy winter

Here are my picks for the best sour cocktails. Congratulations!

Sour whiskey is a timeless classic for a reason.

It’s simple yet sophisticated and always on the right track.

This sour cocktail is made with bourbon and topped with egg whites (optional).

The egg whites will add a nice bubbly texture. But if you don’t like it, you can stop using it.

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Amaretto Sour is a luxurious and sophisticated sour cocktail for those who like sweetness.

Amaretto almond liqueur mixed with lime juice and sugar. Create a taste that is hard to come back. Garnish with cherries to add sweetness and make a delicious side dish.

Check out other Amaretto cocktails if you like this one!

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Classic Daikiri is fresh and flavorful, perfect for many celebrations.

Shake up some rum with lemon and simple syrup. And you’ve got the daikiri that will delight your taste buds with its sweet yet sour taste.

This drink is perfect for a fun summer day or a luxurious tropical getaway.

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This cocktail is a blend of gin and sour raspberry flavors.

Perfect for anyone who enjoys a great gin sour cocktail with added sweetness.

Clover Club dates back to pre-ban Origins in Philadelphia

Serve at fancy dress parties or enjoy a night out at your favorite pub.

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Gin Fizz is a refreshing and complex cocktail.

with flavors of citrus and gin Enjoy by the pool or at your favorite spot.

The carbonated reference comes from the carbonation process in the beverage. This is usually achieved by adding soda water and shaking with egg whites to achieve a smooth but foamy texture.

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This delicious, easy-to-make cocktail is perfect for gin lovers.

Gimlet is gin, lime juice and simple syrup. It’s sour, sweet and refreshing at the same time.

I recommend serving this drink over ice with a slice of lemon for garnish. It is also served in a lovely martini glass.

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This cocktail is a classic whiskey flavored blend for those who prefer a gin-based drink.

Finish with bitterness to balance sweet and sour and create more complex flavors.

to lather Shake it with egg whites and sip at your next party.

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This cocktail is a favorite of the sweet tooth.

It’s a pleasing blend of citrus and sweetness with a hint of sugar.

If you want to add some zing to your drink. Try lemon vodka instead of traditional vodka.

I also recommend trying to capture it on a night out!

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The flavorful combination of smoky bourbon and fruity red wine will make you feel like you’re enjoying a big apple with this drink.

to achieve nice contrast in your glasses. You cannot pour alcohol directly into the drink.

Place a spoon on the glass and pour the wine in.

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Pisco sour is a delicious Peruvian cocktail made with pisco, an amber spirit distilled from grapes.

This is an alternative for those who like sour wines.

The key to a good Pisco Sour is fresh lime juice and some egg whites for the perfect bubbly texture.

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This martini is a delicious and elegant twist on a classic.

If you like the taste of pomegranate and want to add a little something to your martini, this is the drink for you.

To make the perfect pomegranate martini Finish with garnish and pomegranate seeds.

Check out other martinis you can blend.

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Sidecar originated in Paris. And mixologists often serve it in Nick & Nora glasses.

It’s a smooth and sweet cocktail that’s the perfect after-dinner dessert on a cold night.

It is made with Cognac and is blended with citrus and lemon zest for a unique flavor.

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The South Side is an invigorating cocktail perfect for summer sipping on sunny days.

Made with gin and mint for a refreshing taste. And it’s also lovely when made with cucumber juice.

Serve this drink over ice and garnish with a slice of lemon or cucumber slice.

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The Tequila Sour cocktail is refreshing, tart, and definitely the perfect way to start a party.

Made with the classic combination of tequila and lemon and finished with agave nectar and egg whites. This is the sourness that will leave you wanting more.

That’s always a good idea with tequila, isn’t it?

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Rum Sour Cocktail is a unique way to drink rum.

This recipe calls for dark rum and fresh lime juice, and adds bitterness to create a complex flavor for this simple drink.

The caramel and vanilla flavors of the rum go well with the sourness of this drink.

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Combine aromas of vanilla, oak, caramel and spice in bourbon with fresh lime juice and simple syrup. And then you have an irresistible sour cocktail.

This recipe is perfect for bourbon cocktail lovers looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite spirit. Served with cherries on top!

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Hello whiskey lovers! This Hawaiian Rock sound is for you.

The fun and sourness of a classic sour whiskey. This refreshing drink is made with fruit juices like pineapple and orange. For sweet and sour cocktails

If you are lucky, you will be decorated with Hawaiian orchids.

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The popular Cosmopolitan is popular with the masses for a reason.

The perfect combination of sour citrus. Sweet cranberries and mellow vodka make it an ideal cocktail.

While pink is often considered Cosmo. But it’s strong enough to withstand any cocktail and make anyone lose money.

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The name tell everythings.

This is a simple sour vodka that anyone can make at home.

Mix the vodka with some fresh lemon and some ingredients before shaking with the egg whites for more texture and a little bubbly.

Serve with sherry for a classic final touch.

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Limoncello Midori Sour is a bright and playful cocktail. Made with classic Italian Limoncello and Japanese Midori green liqueur.

The two flavors combine to form a sweet and sour drink that tastes like dessert.

Don’t forget the garnish – the sweet edge and the top cherry.

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The delightful Campari Sour is another repertoire of the classic Whiskey Sour.

The addition of Campari gives the drink a beautiful ruby ​​color and a slightly bitter taste.

Mix with grapefruit juice for a sour and juicy taste. Then shake with egg whites for a smooth texture.

Check out other Campari cocktails if you like a bit of bitterness.

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final thought

If you like sour cocktails, check out the famous sour beer!

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