21 traditional and modern Korean desserts

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From Korean BBQ to kimchi fried rice Korean cuisine is famous for its complex flavors and spices. But are you familiar with the mouthwatering Korean desserts?

Korean confectionery uses traditional Korean ingredients to make desserts with rich flavors and unique textures.

Ingredients like rice, soju, pine nuts, and melon may not be present in typical American desserts. But these ingredients are perfectly used in the Korean desserts on this list.

From crunchy snacks to soft and sweet rice balls You’ll be amazed at the recipes on this list.

If you love Korean food, you must try these 21 delicious Korean dessert recipes!

This cute dessert is the Korean version of Japanese taiyaki. It’s a very popular snack in winter!

These cute little fish can be stuffed with a variety of fillings, such as custard, chocolate, Nutella or red bean paste.

You can even make it spicy with ham and cheese!

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Dalgona candies have a delicious taste and texture that melts in your mouth.

Made with melted sugar and baking soda. The result is a crunchy snack that looks like a cookie!

It has a sweet honey flavor and rich caramel notes. Perfect for any occasion

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If you like small and tasteful desserts, you’ll love these cute Korean tea cookies. every taste

These cookies are soft and delicate with a delightful dessert experience.

Some popular flavors include sesame, matcha, and red bean paste. The best part is that it is easy to make even for those who are not confident in baking bread.

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If you want a Korean dessert that you can eat in the morning, save this sweet pancake recipe!

They’re made with brown sugar, which gives them a rich, delicious flavor that makes regular pancakes disappear.

These sizzling cakes are soft and flavorful and take only a few minutes to make.

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Pepero Cake is a luxurious chocolate cake that uses wafers to add incredible crunch.

You can make this cake quickly and easily. Make a sweet and delicious cake in less than an hour.

You can also create this chocolate sponge cake using your favorite chocolate or sponge cake to make it unique.

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This is a Korean snack you can drink!

This sweet rice drink is a different experience with its barley aroma and balanced taste.

If you love malted milkshakes, you’ll fall in love with this sweet yet rustic flavor.

It has a nutty and viscous texture. It depends on the ingredients you put in.

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Sujeonggwa is a spicy Korean condiment often served as a dessert.

Contains pine nuts, cinnamon, ginger and other warm spices. that many people associate with autumn

Some consider the drink to be a traditional Korean autumn drink, like warm apple cider. or hot toddy Serve cold or warm when it’s cold.

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Koreans know how to put rice in everything and make it taste great. And this sponge cake is no exception.

With rice flour, bean paste and standard baking ingredients, this wrap cake looks simple but full of flavor.

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One of the best Korean desserts is the Korean honey cake. Made with pine nuts, soju and rice syrup.

This dessert is deep-fried and then topped with sweet sticky rice syrup.

It’s a delicious pastry that you can enjoy. Spicy Perfect for when you want to treat yourself.

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This half-moon rice cake has a distinct and unmatched herbal flavor that you won’t find in too many desserts.

Contains pine needles, sesame oil, tea powder and other interesting ingredients. together to create a delicious taste

The cake has a spongy texture, soft and chewy when biting in.

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If you want healthy Korean dessert try this fancy melon.

This dessert is suitable for people of all ages. From babies to customers With healthy ingredients and soft texture.

An ingenious combination of melon balls and sweetened milk is served inside hollow melons for a beautiful presentation.

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Banana Tteok is not a typical Korean dessert. So you can open up your culinary world by making this recipe.

It’s a simple formula. mix bananas with rice flour or various binders. This creates soft, round balls that look like donuts.

But boiled tteokbokki is healthier than fried donuts.

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There’s nothing easier than this microwave-baked rice cake.

You can make this delicious Korean dessert in less than 10 minutes and experience all the great Korean flavors you could desire.

Mini rice cakes use traditional Korean rice flour. And the soy coating delivers a smooth, creamy taste in the mouth.

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This Korean dessert can be made with a variety of bean fillings. But I love this hazelnut black sesame recipe because of its rich and warm flavor.

You can make sweet waffles in the morning and treat yourself to a luxurious Korean breakfast. Or make dessert and top it with ice cream.

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Hwajeon is definitely one of the most beautiful Korean desserts you can make.

They are small pancakes with fresh flowers inside. Usually pear flowers or rose petals.

You can charm and impress your guests with these elegant and vibrant pancakes. And when you understand this powder recipe well. You can do that at any time.

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better than ice cream cones This shaved ice dessert features red beans and sliced ​​fresh fruit for a colorful and refreshing dessert.

Shaved ice is filled with sweetened condensed milk to create a creamy texture similar to ice cream but with a richer flavor.

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This Korean dessert puts the classic fruit cake to shame!

It is a sweet rice cake made from dried fruits and nuts. It delivers the complex flavors of fruit and the crunch of your favorite nuts.

I love this recipe with pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and chestnuts, but you can use your favorite nuts like pistachios or pecans!

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A lovely Korean dish is sweet fried dumplings.

You may already be familiar with Korean spicy dumplings. But this recipe is sweet dumplings.

With fresh flowers in the dough and fillings like red beans. This will become your new favorite snack.

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A little-known but very delicious Korean snack is Gangjeong, which is crispy and crunchy.

It’s rice flavored syrup. So it has a chewy and slightly chewy texture with a pronounced crispiness.

I love this particular recipe for Kangjeong because it uses homemade rice syrup, which tastes better than the store-bought stuff.

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One of the interesting Korean snacks is Yeongeun Jeorim stewed lotus root.

Lotus root is not a common ingredient. But these sweet soybeans have a silky texture and nutty flavor.

It is completely sticky and sticky, served as an autumn side dish.

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The classic Korean dessert you may have seen is glutinous rice dumplings.

You can usually find these at Korean restaurants or Asian supermarkets. But there’s nothing better than making your own.

They are sweet and chewy with the bright flavor of red bean paste. One great reason to make these is to store them for a long time. So keep it in the fridge for a delicious snack.

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Try these delicious Korean desserts and learn about desserts from all over the world in our blog, such as British desserts or French pastries!

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