22 Delicious Mac and Cheese Desserts to Try

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Pasta and cheese is my favorite food since I was a kid. It’s comfort food at its best. Who doesn’t love pasta with cheese sauce?

Now I do it for my kids too, whether from their favorite canned mix, frozen cans, from scratch. or ordering from the restaurant Mac and cheese are versatile and can suit anyone’s taste.

If you want extra protein, vitamins, flavor or excitement. Great selection of mac and cheese. the possibilities are endless

Here, I will review and give some ideas for meat, vegetables and other delicious ways. To sprinkle on your mac and cheese

Best Mac and Cheese Toppings

When you want to turn your bowl of macaroni and cheese into a satisfying snack or meal. Try making these toppings yourself or mix and match.


Lobster seems a bit too much for the house; for most people Cooking whole lobster is not difficult.

However, many grocery stores sell frozen cooked lobster. Lobster sweet and tender. It’s a great mac and cheese for a special dinner.

Boil your own pasta and make your own cheese sauce for extra cheese.


Scallions add color and freshness to your mac and cheese.

Cut off the roots and cut off the tops. The white part of scallions tastes like pale onions. And the dark green part will give the last scent

Use it with mac and cheese. and can be combined with most other toppings

sweet corn

You will use canned corn. Fresh or frozen

Grilled fresh corn on the cob Then cut out the seeds and add them to your mac and cheese. Or toss the canned cream corn as you mix it for a bowl full of cream cheese.


The acidity of the tomatoes reduces the fat in the cheese and is a great way to brighten up macaroni and cheese.

Try roasting tomato slices in a pan with mac and cheese. Toss 1 can of diced tomatoes or sprinkle with 2-3 grape tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper and oil.


Cauliflower has become a miracle vegetable, proving that nowhere is not available.

You can throw in some shredded cauliflower. Toast the bread in oil and coat your mac and cheese just like you would with breadcrumbs.

Or simply season and roast the cauliflower and top with mac and cheese.

Some people make gluten-free mac and cheese with just cauliflower instead of pasta!


Whether you use fresh shrimp or frozen shrimp Fish sauce shrimp or fried shrimp, jumbo shrimp or small shrimp. Shrimp has so many unexpected flavors.

If you like the idea of ​​lobster but don’t think your kids will, try adding the next box of premium mac and cheese you make with shrimp.


Beans add protein and texture. They are a great mac and cheese for vegetarians. And there are many types of nuts to add.

Try pinto beans for a Tex-Mex taste. Black beans are a great choice for a slightly more distinctive flavor and chewiness.

I like to throw chili beans or baked beans. Mix mac and cheese Then serve bread on the side, like nachos.

pulled pork

This is a classic ingredient whether you pull the pork yourself or buy it that way.

Drizzle the pulled pork sauce over the oven-baked mac and cheese during the last few minutes in the oven.

The pork is crispy without drying out while the sauce coats a delicious layer of melted cheese.

hot dog

Hot Dog Slices on Mac and Cheese is a great, quick, stress-free dinner that your kids and young family will love.

Fry the sausages on the stove until they have more color and flavor.

After pouring over the mac and cheese Beat it with some shredded cheddar cheese.

Smoked pork

I’ll take the bacon any way I can. Imitation bacon strips come in a variety of flavors and textures and are a great option for vegetarians.

Store-bought bacon is also good. My favorite is to cook thick, crispy bacon over mac and cheese.

ground beef

For the Split Cheeseburger, roast a pound of roast beef while your pasta is cooking.

Once done mac and cheese Drain excess fat from beef and combine with mac and cheese.

It’s great in itself. But it’s still fun to experiment with other burgers like pickles, shallots, and even some mustard.


Mushrooms are rich in minerals and add umami to everything they’re in.

You can sprinkle cooked frozen or canned mushrooms over your favorite mac and cheese.

I also like to mix it up by frying Baby Bellas in a pan with butter. Then added it and a bottle of Alfredo sauce to my pasta.

bean sprouts

Mac and cheese are the top layer for whatever you have in your pantry.

Add bean sprouts to your mac and cheese for extra freshness and just the right amount of crunch. Toss the top of the mac and cheese onto a plate.

Before baking, you can also spread a layer of bean sprouts and cheese on top of your mac and cheese.

Bie Cheez-Its

What’s better than cheese on cheese?

My favorite way to use Cheez-Its with mac and cheese is to use it in place of breadcrumbs to bake in the oven.

They work well even when crumbled and sprinkled on the table. This is something that kids will love!

Kiel’s Market

If you don’t like hot dogs or want a slightly more complex flavor, then Kielbasa is the topping for mac and cheese, and you can’t go wrong.

Meaty and smoky, this sausage goes well with traditional or exotic cheese sauces.

Slice Kielbasa and fry for dime before adding to mac and cheese for maximum deliciousness.

fried chicken

Fried chicken and mac and cheese is another classic combination.

Tired of leftover chicken in the fridge? Try Mac and Cheese Pull the chicken and its friends off the bone. and throw it in your mac and cheese.

Topped with some hot sauce if you dare.

ham dice

Again, ham and cheese is a classic. Salty ham goes well with melted cheese.

It’s a great way to use up leftover ham from the holiday or brunch.

If it’s the day before you go grocery shopping and you’re having a hard time. You can cut up ham cubes for your kid’s lunch. Then add protein and flavor to your mac and cheese.

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Sometimes all you need other than mac and cheese is more cheese.

Grated Parm adds a salty taste and contrasts with American cheddar or Mac and Cheese sauces.

Let it freeze on your mac and cheese by shaking it with parmesan. If you have leftover parm in the fridge, grate it over the smoking mac and cheese.

grilled onion

Grilled onions have a sweet and spicy taste that blends with the fatty taste of cheese while adding fat.

Mac and cheese sprinkles are a great way to use up leftover grilled onions or a great way to use up some of the onions you’ve left out for too long.

They are simply delicious. but also pairs well with other toppings


Jalapeños are a great new way to add spice and flavor.

You can use canned or fresh sliced ​​jalapenos. Reduce heat by removing the seeds and ribs of the peppers.

Sprinkle with jalapenos. Toast crumbs and cream cheese for jalapenos, mac and cheese

Grilled red chili

Try garnishing it with roasted red peppers to add sweetness to your mac and cheese.

You can find it in a jar or make it in the oven or on the stove if you have a gas stove.

Serve alone or in combination with Kielbasa and smoked paprika.

Truffle Oil

Another way to enhance your daily mac and cheese is to use truffle oil.

Even if you can add it to any mac and cheese. But I think it goes well with white cheddar cheese and gruyere sauce.

A little truffle oil helps a lot. So use your hands carefully. It also goes well with mushrooms and chicken.

Best Mac and Cheese Toppings

  1. shrimp
  2. Scallion
  3. sweet corn
  4. tomato
  5. cauliflower
  6. crawfish
  7. pea
  8. pulled pork
  9. hot dog
  10. Smoked pork
  11. ground beef
  12. mushroom
  13. bean sprouts
  14. Bie Cheez-Its
  15. Kiel’s Market
  16. fried chicken
  17. ham dice
  18. Grated Parmesan Cheese
  19. grilled onion
  20. salmon
  21. Grilled red chili
  22. Truffle Oil

final thought

Whether you’re craving macaroni and cheese, Or do it for what you have at home. This dish is so versatile and even tastier with simple ingredients. that you may already have

I hope this list of mac and cheese fillings has inspired you to try these or experiment for yourself. Check out our favorite cheeses to use for mac and cheese too!

For more comforting favorites Check out the best chicken wings in America!

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