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French confectionery is a centuries-old tradition.

From fruit jellies with a sour texture to slightly bitter treats made with real cocoa. There are options to satisfy whatever your sweet taste is.

Luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way to France to sample these delicious desserts.

Most can be ordered for immediate delivery to your door. Some may be from France. So practice patience. But trust me They are worth the wait.

French Pastry

Let’s take a look at some of the best French desserts you can try the next time you deserve a dessert!

Flavigny anise

This French candy starts with anise. it’s the fruit of anise dipped in layers of flavored syrup.

Anis de Flavigny has many varieties. including my favorite flavor rarely found in American candy, purple

Anis de Flavigny has been in production for centuries and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

caramel caramel

Caramel caramel is a dessert caramel that is pulled into long rolls.

The ingredient list is small and simple. Mix the syrup with Carambar’s signature milk, sugar and cocoa powder.

Many caramels use starch as a thickener. But the caramel dessert is gluten-free. It is considered one of my favorite caramel choices.

Eiffel Bon Bon apple

Eiffel Apple Bon Bons A unique textured candy that’s slightly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, Eiffel Apple Bon Bons is a classic French candy.

The first time I tried these was in a middle school French class. And I’ve been missing it ever since!

These apple flavored candies are small in size. It’s the perfect snack for a sweet yet astringent bite.

Maxim’s Caramel Jelly

Maxim’s of Paris has produced some delicious dishes. including confectionery from 1893

If you want the perfect combination, I highly recommend the Maxim type. It’s famous for its jelly and caramel gift boxes.

You’ll also find other delicious options like the famous nougat and the French calisson.

Lutti French candy Arlequin

Lutti, another French confectionery company that has been making sweets for more than a century, created Arlequins in 1993.

Lutti French Candy Arlequin maker treats with clown-like pops of color!

What I like most about these hard candies is that they are not too sweet and have a pungent smell.

La pi gi chante michoko

La Pie Qui Chante Michoko is the brand’s most famous and popular creation.

Michoko dips soft caramel into dark chocolate to make it delicious.

La Pie Qui Chante introduced the original Michoko in 1936, but my favorite variation has another layer of chocolate in the middle of this elegant dessert.

Crema Butna Licorice

Krema Batna Licorice Candy combines chewy fondant with a big licorice flavor.

These delicacies have been on the market since 1961, but the brand is decades old.

Batna Candy has increased the brand’s reputation exponentially. If you are a licorice lover like me. You must try these popular candies

Pine Drops La Vosgienne

Hard candies come in many flavors. But the first taste is the most outstanding.

La Vosgienne Pine Drops combines a concentrated blend of cough syrup in candy form.

Pine gives a unique flavor not found in most American candies. Beyond originality The best part about buying me these treats is the unique tin.

Krema Regal’ad . Fruity Chewables

Another popular Krema Regal’ad fruit chewing gum from the Krema brand was released in 1961 as a sister product of Batna.

These sweet treats showcase fruit flavors like lemon, strawberry, cherry and apricot, which are my personal favorites.

Each Regal’ad candy presents the perfect balance of texture between soft and chewy.

Crispy lace crepe gavottes

While these crunchy snacks may not be what most people think, they’re definitely a treat. But it is a delicious dish that you should not miss.

Gavottes Crispy Lace Crepes are accidentally created by over-baking crepes, making them the perfect toppings for other desserts.

They are only their own too. This is my favorite way to enjoy these thin biscuits.

Calisson d’Aix

The construction of Calisson dates back many centuries, and Calisson d’Aix shares a common heritage with the city of Aix that completed it.

These desserts combine candied melons and orange peels with mashed almonds cooked in sweet syrup with added garnishes.

Calisson d’Aix reminds me of macaroons. But it has a unique fruity taste.

French almond dragees

American audiences know this dessert but may be familiar with other names. More than that, it’s Jordan Almonds.

French Almond Dragees use the same format: sugar-coated almonds with a colored outer shell.

These candies have been around for a long time and are a traditional gift for events like weddings and christenings.

Dragees de Verdun

Dragees de Verdun is a premium beverage and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

People have been making dragons in Verdun for centuries. And the locals consider it the only place where real dragons are made.

The Dragee de Verdun was once an iconic gift and was given to many dignitaries such as Napoleon I and President Charles de Gaulle.

Betis de Cambrai

Betice in English means wrong or absurd. My favorite interpretation of calling these candies is a confusing mistake.

As the name suggests, these snacks are created by accident.

Bestises de Cambrai is a mint flavored sweet in its original form. In recent technology, caramel centers have become popular.

Michel et Augustin Gourmet Cookie Squares

Another example on this list isn’t candy. But still worth checking out are Michel et Augustin Gourmet Cookie Squares.

These ganache chocolate chip cookies are individually wrapped so you can eat them like candy.

In my opinion One of the best things about Michel et Augustin, the company responsible for these cookies, is their expansion into the United States. This means it’s easier to find snacks than others on the list!

Pierrot Gourmand . Salted Caramel Lozenges

These lollipops are loved by both children and adults. It has a unique shape and characteristic caramel flavor.

Pierrot Gourmand Salted Caramel Lollipops have the same formula as the first lollipops produced by this brand since 1892.

The company has improved a number of business practices. Emphasis on sustainability with wooden slats and wrapping paper.

L’Abeille Occitane honey pearls

An export of Provence, these candies are made in copper pots.

What I love about L’Abeille Occitan Honey Pearls Candy is how sweet they are.

Although the candy contains honey and sugar. but not too sweet Choose from a variety of flavors like Lemon, Mint, Violet and Cranberry.

Babeluttes de Lille

A local candy produced in Belgium near the country’s common border along the coast with France.

small pieces of toffee They use honey to add flavor and sweetness. The sea on Babeluttes de Lille has been sold for decades.

Texture has improved over time. Makes me think it’s one of the best textured candies on the list!

Berlingots de Carpentras

Berlingots de Carpentras hard candies are Vancluse’s specialty.

These treatments started as over-the-counter medical products. Today, manufacturers focus on fruit flavors. which in my opinion differs from most

Triangular candies are always translucent and have white stripes.

Canasuc Paris L’Envie En Rose

Canasuc Paris L’Envie En Rose is a beautiful rose-shaped candy in various shades of pink.

These are one of my favorite treats and they make great gifts.

Most candies are pure sugar. So it may not be the tastiest snack. Most people mix it with hot tea or coffee.

French Chocmod Truffette

As a chocolate lover This is one of my favorite picks on this list!

Chocmod Truffettes de France is decadent. But it comes from responsible ingredients that aren’t as controversial as palm oil.

Using the finest ingredients available, it creates delicious, rich chocolate chips. Topping all the chocolate goodness is a layer of cocoa powder.

Nougat de Montelimar

Nougat de Montelimar is a traditional marshmallow made with almonds and honey. It is a local dish and has long been a favorite.

Dozens of French confectioners make this confection exactly the way it was used centuries ago.

Nougat de Montelimar received Protected Geographical Indication in 2003 to protect its heritage.

Rendez-Vous Mini Block Des Vous

Although I love the rich flavor of these candies. But the combination of honey and licorice may not work for everyone.

There are several varieties to choose from, including honey and pomegranate cranberries.

Rendez-Vou Mini Blocs Des Vosges is also very sweet! Some hard candies tend to be hard. but little candy These will melt easily.

French Pastry

  1. Flavigny anise
  2. caramel caramel
  3. Eiffel Bon Bon apple
  4. Maxim’s Caramel Jelly
  5. Lutti French candy Arlequin
  6. La pi gi chante michoko
  7. Crema Butna Licorice
  8. Pine Drops La Vosgienne
  9. Krema Regal’ad . Fruity Chewables
  10. Crispy lace crepe gavottes
  11. Calisson d’Aix
  12. French almond dragees
  13. Dragees de Verdun
  14. Betis de Cambrai
  15. Michel et Augustin Gourmet Cookie Squares
  16. Pierrot Gourmand . Salted Caramel Lozenges
  17. L’Abeille Occitane honey pearls
  18. Babeluttes de Lille
  19. Berlingots de Carpentras
  20. Canasuc Paris L’Envie En Rose
  21. French Chocmod Truffette
  22. Nougat de Montelimar
  23. Rendez-Vous Mini Block Des Vous

final thought

The hardest part about compiling this list of the best French candies is narrowing down the choices. This is a personal favorite and a centuries old candy!

When it comes to French sweets, many popular choices please palettes around the world.

From chocolate candies to exclusive creations made in France. You’ll find your next favorite on this list.

Check out other sweets from France like the best French pastries or the famous French pastries!

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