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Have you ever heard the saying that when life gives lemons, make lemonade? Of course you have!

But have you ever wondered what kind of lemons those lemons could be? Maybe not! You may be surprised to learn that there are delicious and sour dishes around the world.

Below we will talk about different types of lemons. From variety to brand There are all kinds of lemons to find and use in your drinks, desserts and savory dishes.

Here are some of my favorites. And I hope they become some of you too.

kind of lemon

Learn about the most popular varieties of lemons – some you may have seen before. Some kind that you may never have!

Lisbon Lime

The Lisbon lemon is one of the most widely grown lemon varieties in California and is popular around the world.

Its flesh is highly acidic. It has a sour, acrid and slightly sweet taste. I love this lemon for its versatility.

Works well with all foods. From sweets to freshly prepared meals with chicken or fish.

Verna lemon

Verna lemons are the second most popular lemons grown in rural Spain.

Their skin is thinner and has a higher water content than other lemons.

They have low acidity and number of seeds and a pronounced sour taste that impresses lemon lovers.

Meyer lemon

The Meyer lemon is a very interesting lemon that I love to include in dessert recipes.

They are your standard lemon and tangerine hybrid. It has lower acidity and does not have the pungent smell of lemon.

But they are sweeter and are ideal ingredients for desserts.

lemon bear

Lemon Bears has a sour and sour taste. with more water than normal lemon

Their added juiciness makes them a great choice for juicing. It also helps to have fewer seeds than other fruits.

It also contains a high concentration of lemon oil. It’s a feature that appeals to bakers.

lemon baboon

This lovely lemon was first grown in Brazil. It is known for its dark yellow peel and floral aroma.

This variety has a flavor that reminds me of lemon more than any other.

This difference makes them a unique substitute in all kinds of recipes. which you may want more original taste

Dorchapo lemon

The Dorchapo lemon was discovered in 1914 and named after the first three explorers to find the lemon in Brassiere, Dorsett, Chamel and Popeno.

This fruit is low in acidity and high in sweetness. It works especially well in beverage formulations.

After making sure the shell is nice and clean, I like to leave it in my jar as a decoration.

Lemon Volcamer

Volkamer is another type of lemon that is the result of crossing a mandarin with a lemon. Make the fruit look special and different from other varieties.

instead of the traditional lemon flavor. This lemon is more like an orange. I love its sour citrus flavor.

This difference makes it ideal for achieving a richer citrus flavor in chocolate desserts.

Lemon Ponderosa

If you are expecting Ponderosa lemons to be bigger than regular lemons. You’re right!

This lemon can weigh one to two pounds and is about the size of a grapefruit.

Ponderosa is a hybrid of the original lemon and lime. Large fruit contains a lot of water. And the crust is moderately thick for fun.

Pure lemon

With high juice content and rich aroma, therefore, lemon oil from light to dark is highly valued and sought after.

Primofiori lemons have many oil glands in their peels! more than other lemons This makes it a popular product for those looking to extract essential oils.


The Interdonato variety was grown between 1875 and 1880 by Giovanni Interdonato and is prized for its ripeness. mainly in autumn or winter

This variety is resistant to diseases and pests. It has high acidity and a mild bitter taste.

It accounts for about 5% of Italy’s lemon production.

lemon eureka

Having something to say, go with what you know.

While I encourage you to venture out and try some of the interesting lemons on this list, you can’t go wrong with the Eureka lemon.

It’s a classic lemonade and one of the two most popular lemons in the United States.

It has a balanced sweet and crisp taste. They are used in food service. From appetizers to delicious lemon cocktails.

Lemon Ice Water

If you like Lisbon Lime, you’ll love Yen Ben.

The variety is grown from Lisbon lemons and was first produced at Benyende near Burrum Heads, Queensland in the late 1930s.

It tastes and looks similar to Lisbon lemons and is very popular in New Zealand. Lemons also grow in Japan.

Villafranca Lemon

Villafranca lemons look and taste similar to Eureka lemons.

with a deep yellow color This fruit does well in the home garden and can even be grown along the coast.

It bears fruit from May to November. It tolerates cold quite well. and grow vigorously Hence suitable for growing indoors

Genoa lime

with similarity to lemon eureka Genoa lemon tree is very popular with lemon lovers.

Fruit with succulent pulp, sour, thin skin, growing on low trees in a bush with many spines.

This can sometimes make harvesting difficult. But it deserves the award of this citrus fruit.

Buddha’s Lime

If you’re like me, you’ll have to look at the Buddha’s hand and wonder if it’s a prop from a sci-fi movie.

Likely to grow on extraterrestrial planets as well as in tropical climates. Buddha’s hand can be eaten!

Buddha’s hand has joints like fingers, without meat and without water. Used to add flavor, add flavor or add to chewy desserts.

lemon dust

The bush lemon is sometimes called the “raw lemon”, a rare type of lemon that grows in India.

It is said to be a hybrid between a mandarin and a lemon.

It has less meat and more skin than other varieties. But the taste is bolder and sweeter than other lemons.

Greek lemon

The Greek lemon is an ancient fruit that dates back to the time of Alexander the Great.

Not as commonly used as it was years ago. But it is still an important historical site.

There are three varieties of this timeless crop: acidic, non-acidic, and meat-free. The type of lime can then be divided into one of three categories.


Although similar to lemons, Citron lemons have some differences.

Most of these fruits are fragrant, thick-skinned, with almost no pulp and very little water.

But lemongrass can be sweetened and turned into a delicious sour. It is popular in southern Italy, where these sweets are popular.

Avalon lemon

You may have tasted Avalon lemon before and never knew!

These bumpy washed lemons are not commercially available. but due to their excellent juicing properties, they are therefore a common ingredient in fruit juices.

They do best in subtropical environments. That’s why you’ll find this citrus growing in sunny Florida.

Lemon peel

Lemon Kagzi is the most popular sour food in India.

Although sometimes called lemon. But this citrus orange is a lemon.

It is used in Indian recipes and drinks across the country. This fruit is also praised for its healing properties and can be found in holistic healing.

lemon lumia

Lumia lemon is a pear-shaped lemon with a strong classic lemon flavor and thick rind.

This lemon variety produces in all seasons of the year except winter. Large fruit Suitable for juicing and is ideal for recipes in your kitchen.

due to its vigorous growth It is an amazing decoration for your garden.

Lapith Keotiki Lemon

While Cyprus Lime Lapithkiotiki This is the main grown lemon.

Lapithkiotiki It has a thin peel and is considered a really bitter lemon. It has a high water and acid content. similar to eureka lemon

Harvest from October to February. It is a popular lemon.

yellow lemon

The Perrine lemon is a hybrid between a key lime and a Genoa lemon.

They are smaller. like a lemon in that way This lemon variety is resistant to various diseases. And it was used to fight diseases that ravaged lemon populations in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Although their meat has a sweet and sour taste. But it hasn’t seen much commercial success. Instead, you’ll find them in amateur gardens.

kind of lemon

  1. Lisbon Lime
  2. Verna lemon
  3. Meyer lemon
  4. lemon bear
  5. lemon baboon
  6. Dorchapo lemon
  7. Lemon Volcamer
  8. Lemon Ponderosa
  9. Pure lemon
  10. Lemonade
  11. lemon eureka
  12. Lemon Ice Water
  13. Villafranca Lemon
  14. Genoa lime
  15. Buddha’s Lime
  16. lemon dust
  17. Greek lemon
  18. lemon
  19. Avalon lemon
  20. Lemon peel
  21. lemon lumia
  22. Lapith Keotiki Lemon
  23. yellow lemon

final thought

Lemons Lisbon and Eureka are the awards of the lemon world. popular in many countries and suitable for many recipes

Any of the lemons I’ve written about can fit your culinary creations. Try it once!

Learn more about other foods. on our blog for example garlic or different compotes. that you can do with lemons and other fruits.

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