25 classic French cakes to make in 2022

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French cake is the most delicious and impressive cake.

Baking and baking is an art form in France.

If you want to challenge your baking skills and be rewarded with rich, delicate, rich and wonderful French desserts, then French pastry is a must.

Some French cakes can be complicated or demanding.

But all the time I’ve been baking for years. One thing I’ve learned is don’t let fear get in the way of learning a new skill. and experience new delicious levels Most of them are not as difficult as you think.

Buche de Noel or “Notes of Christmas” is a Swiss-style sponge cake with a chocolate cream filling.

You can garnish with powdered sugar or use ganache, chocolate, and even small mushrooms. Made with meringues to look more like a Yule log.

It’s a classic, eye-catching and edible Christmas ornament.

This is a classic holiday dessert!

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Charlotte Russe is easily recognized by her ring fingers forming a pleated skirt.

This French cake recipe uses store-bought ladyfingers, arranged and placed in a Springform pan with custard and fruit.

It’s a recipe that doesn’t require baking. Pretty easy and fast. I love this great look. Consider how easy it is.

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Dacquoise is a traditional French meringue layered cake filled with toasted nuts and whipped cream.

The meringue was one of the first things I was afraid to do. And while you have to handle it a little bit carefully. It’s quite simple.

even if you make mistakes But this is a forgiving formula.

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Fiadone Corsican cheesecake is a cheesecake made with ricotta instead of cream cheese. and no need to peel

It has a texture similar to flan. Made by baking custard This is a quick and easy cheesecake.

because there are so few ingredients that I want to use the best tasting, highest quality ingredients I can find.

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The French Financier is a small French sponge cake that is perfect for a snack or an impressive dessert tray.

Financiers use brown butter, egg whites, hazelnuts, and almonds.

If you have never made brown butter You should try this recipe.

Brown butter is easier to make than it looks and adds je ne sais quoi to the cake.

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Frasier Cake is a French strawberry sponge cake with top and bottom layers topped with mousseline cream.

The top of the cake is a layer of strawberry jam. while the sides show off the beauty of strawberry slices.

Here’s another recipe that’s simpler than it looks. Fraisier Cakes make great birthday cakes for adults or older children.

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If you want a challenge, I highly recommend the galette des rois or the French king cake.

King Cake is a Frangipane almond cake.

Making your own puff pastry involves a lot of steps and can feel tedious. But nothing is more fun than making dough.

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The Basque Gateau cake originates from the Basque region of France.

This luxurious French cake features a buttery crust, vanilla ice cream, and black cherry jam.

Basque pastries are a surprise ending to a dinner party or a delightful treat to eat with coffee on a Sunday morning.

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Baba au rhum is a yeast cake soaked in rum syrup and covered with apricot glaze. It’s a complex and intoxicating way to end a meal.

Make a special occasion or anniversary dessert.

This recipe also includes raisins and whipped cream.

Although it is made from yeast dough. But it’s pretty quick and easy.

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Canneles are small custard tarts. Caramel coating on the outside

These beautiful cakes are made with molds.

Cannelés may be a rare French cake. But this recipe will walk you through the process and make this challenging cake accessible.

I have yet to create the perfect Cannes. But it’s something that I don’t mind trying again and again.

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Clafoutis are custard tarts baked in a cast iron skillet.

Clafoutis are often baked with fruit or other fillings such as chocolate or nuts.

If you’ve ever had a Dutch baby, clafoutis are similar to soft pancakes.

It’s delicious and pretty easy to put together. And I love serving it for dessert or brunch.

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I’m not sure there is another dessert that impressed me. Classic French croquembouche?

croquembouche Eye-catching and gorgeous with a creamy custard cake wrapped in caramel.

This recipe uses pastry cream to fill the cream puffs. But you can experiment with different fillers, even using different fillers for your tower.

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Far Breton is another example of how much the French love custard.

Far Breton powder is similar to clafoutis flour and has a fluffy texture.

Far Breton is usually filled with raisins or prunes. sometimes soaked in rum or brandy

For the traditional Far Breton, I wanted the top of the cake to be dark.

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Another outstanding feature of French cakes is the simple ingredients combined with precise and challenging technique.

Saint Cake Honore is based on puff pastry and choux rings filled with chiboust cream.

A round of chupuffs, a classic French pastry. Caramel decoration on Saint Honor’s ring.

Getting it right with many components is difficult. But it’s a surprising dessert that’s both light and rich.

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Also known as the Beton Classic Kouign-Amann Butter Cake, it comes from Brittany.

Kouign-Amann dough is made in a similar way to croissant dough.

Instead of just butter, Kouign-Amann is topped with butter and sugar. So layers of pastry, butter and caramel.

This takes extra effort, but it’s worth it.

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Kugelhopf, famous in the Alsace region of France, is a French yeast cake baked in a tall, round mold.

Kugelhopf usually contains almonds and raisins. It’s an exquisite dessert that will show off your talents with bread and cakes.

Enjoy with coffee or wine.

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Mille Feuille means “one thousand sheets” in French. Means the puff pastry this dessert is made from.

You will see this dessert, sometimes called Napoleon.

It’s a pile of puff pastry filled with creamy pastries and topped with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

This recipe uses frozen puff pastry to create a more accessible dessert that anyone can make. It’s beautiful and delicious!

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Paris-Brest is named after a bicycle race in France. Choux bread stuffed with hazelnut muesleine cream. Sprinkle with almonds and powdered sugar.

Choux is a transparent pastry. There’s a secret, but it’s not as hard as some people think.

Paris-Brest is the perfect combination of taste and texture. And it’s worth learning how to bake.

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Quatre Quart is a French pastry.

The key to a quart is just the right amount of eggs, butter, flour, and sugar.

This easy cake has orange peel and is baked in a loaf pan.

I use it for dessert, brunch or even an afternoon coffee snack. It will disappear quickly. So you might want to do two!

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These Canelés De Bordeaux take time to prepare and can be difficult to perfect. But they are also like French cakes.

They have a soft, creamy custard filling with a thin caramel-covered crust and are made in a mold.

with a hint of rum These rums are liqueurs and great desserts to celebrate a special occasion or party for your book club.

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If you love tiramisu as much as I do You must try the French Opera cake.

French opera cake is made from many layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee. Topped with butter cream and chocolate ganache.

Although there are many components, it is simple

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Also known as Madelines, these French butter cookies are often eaten like cookies.

They are baked in molds to achieve different shapes and folds.

Cool, soft and greasy Suitable for coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

This is my favorite thing to do when I want a cake. But don’t want to bake the whole cake?

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French apple pie is another great dessert or holiday brunch.

It’s a simple, soft, rum-flavored cake with a hint of butter and slices of fresh apple. It is topped with powdered sugar and is the pinnacle of simple sophistication.

I love French apple pie for fall dessert!

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French for “little nuns”, nonnettes are small round gingerbreads filled with jam and topped with a lime glaze.

For shape, I make it in a muffin pan. You can also experiment with the type of jam you use.

My favorite is the lemon glazed blackberry jam that adds a new dimension and sourness to the gingerbread spice.

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This easy and decadent French chocolate cake is made with just five ingredients.

Because there are so few ingredients, I use the best I can find. Let’s start with my favorite butter.

From there, you need to choose quality dark chocolate. This is where the cake gets the most flavor.

I’ve never met a chocolate lover who wasn’t crazy about this decadent cake, and it’s something you can convince.

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final thought

If you love French food, you must try these delicious French cake recipes.

Although French cuisine may seem fancy and difficult to make, many of these recipes are actually quite simple!

If you’re more into baking instead, check out our favorite French toast.

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