25 Delicious Vegan Desserts For You To Try

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If you’re vegan, you might have a hard time finding a snack that meets all of the criteria — healthy, convenient, delicious, and of course vegetarian!

But I have compiled a list of delicious vegan snacks that will make your life easier. (and tastier)

I will talk about different aspects of these snacks. including but not limited to what it has Flavors and ingredients highlight the best time to eat it and what you might want to pair it with.

vegetarian snacks

From savory to savory to savory and more, we’ve got some vegan snacks for you. Share this list with your vegan friends and family!


Hummus is a delicious and nutritious vegetarian dish that can be enjoyed in many ways.

Hummus makes a healthy dip for carrots, cucumbers, and other crunchy veggies. And it’s made with chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and garlic.

I love the contrast between the crunchy vegetables and the smooth creamy appetizer.

soy bean

Edamame is another nutritious snack suitable for vegetarians.

Edamame is usually steamed and salted, so it is delicious and easy to eat.

Edamame goes well with vegetarian sushi and vegetarian miso soup.


Who doesn’t love guacamole?

This dish consists of mashed avocado and often includes vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, and peppers.

Guac is a fairly easy snack to make on your own. But if you’re short on time, you can find instant guac at most major grocery stores, paired with your favorite tortilla!

kale chips

Regular french fries are often loaded with unhealthy fats and chemicals. But kale chips are a healthy alternative that retains its crunchy texture.

I like to make kale kale by mixing some olive oil and sea salt into the kale leaves for the best flavor. Then bake in the oven on low heat until crisp.


People often consider popcorn as an unhealthy snack. and not on the vegan menu. Because many people like to put a lot of butter in the bag.

But if you make your popcorn at home and use a healthy oil, such as butter or olive oil, for flavor, that’s okay. You can enjoy this whole grain as a vegan-friendly snack.

There are many different types of popcorn you can use in place of butter!

trail mix

Trail mix is ​​a fun snack option because there are so many to choose from!

Of course, you can choose to skip the M&M if you’re vegan. But you can also add a variety of delicious ingredients like raisins, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and dried fruit.

I like to plan my own route before going on a hike or bike ride.

roasted beans

This is one of my favorite snacks on this list! Roasted chickpeas are incredibly easy to make and also very versatile.

You can season to your liking. I usually use a mixture of olive oil, garlic powder and cayenne pepper, delicious!

Butter on Rye Crackers

Butter on rye crackers is a classic snack perfect for vegetarians.

Just puree an avocado and spread it on your favorite crackers.

I love rye crackers because they have a rich flavor that goes well with buttercream.

It’s like making just-eaten avocados!

Dark Chocolate Rice Cake

Dark chocolate is a popular dessert for vegetarians. Because unlike milk chocolate, it has no milk.

Small pieces of dark chocolate It’s a great snack. But making or buying dark chocolate rice cakes is a better option.

I often coat these cakes with almond butter or peanut butter, turning them into a high-protein snack.


Dates are a fruit that people often use as a natural sweetener in vegetarian recipes.

But you can also enjoy dates as a healthy snack.

Dates are high in fiber and antioxidants. It’s a good choice for those looking for a nutritional boost.

dried apricots

Dried apricots make a chewy, slightly tart snack that’s ideal for satisfying sweet cravings.

Apricots are also an excellent source of vitamin A. So, chewing these foods will help you get your daily dose of vitamin A.

I take dried apricots with me on the go or add them to my trail mix.

Fruit and nut bars

If you are looking for a convenient snack that you can put in your pocket on the go. You should choose vegan fruit and nut bars.

These snack bars are usually high in protein and healthy fats. It’s the perfect choice for pre- or post-workout fuel.

Vegetable Smoothie

Making smoothies is the easiest and most affordable way to eat all of your favorite fruits and veggies at once.

I am a huge fan of smoothies. And I love mixing and matching ingredients. together to get new taste every day.

My all-time favorite smoothie combination is spinach, banana, pineapple, and mango.

You can skip the yogurt and milk. Then use a banana or avocado for a smooth creamy finish. Or use almond or oat milk instead.

Check out our favorite fruits for the best smoothies and veggies to add to them!

fruit barbecue

Fruit kebabs are fun and easy. An ideal snack for parties or barbecues.

Just put your favorite fruit on the skewers and enjoy!

I always use a mix of berries, grapes, and melons for my barbecue.

If you feel particularly fancy You can also add vegan chocolate or caramel sauce on top.


Oatmeal is an easy snack. that you can trust that you will be full in no time

they are simple But get the job done every time.

Combining oatmeal with unsweetened yogurt is a way to make the dish more interesting.

Apple Slice Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is one of my favorite vegan-friendly spreads. Because they contain a lot of protein and provide enough energy.

When combined with apple slices It takes Apple to the next level!

heart artichoke

In my opinion, artichoke hearts are one of the most underrated vegetables.

They are versatile and have a sweet, herbal flavor that you’ll fall in love with.

I like to eat artichokes on their own as a snack or as a topping for a vegan pizza.

Chia seed pudding

Chia seeds are considered a superfood because of many health benefits.

Fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids are all healthy components of chia seeds.

when soaked in liquid It produces a pudding resembling cassava. And I enjoy its softness.

Rolled oats

Granola is my favorite snack because it’s easy to make and lasts a long time.

I like to add it to vegan yogurt or morning oatmeal for extra crunch. or can be eaten alone as a snack

coconut flakes

What’s better than coconut? You can drink, eat and use it in all kinds of health and beauty products.

It’s an all-inclusive superfood. And I also like to use it in snacks.

My favorite way to consume coconut is french fries. Because it is the perfect combination of sweetness, butter and wood.

Sun-dried olives and tomatoes

Olives and sun-dried tomatoes are my favorite snacks to eat together when I want something delicious.

I like pairs because they taste good together.

Olives give it a salty taste while sun-dried tomatoes are sweet and chewy.


Cookies are very simple. But the salty taste and crunchy texture keep me coming back for more.

I like the biscuits on their own or with a dipping sauce like mustard.

Pretzels are also a great party snack because they’re well-loved and uncontroversial.

French fries

Tortilla Chips and Salsa are classic snacks for good reason.

Together they create an interesting balance of salty, spicy, and even spicy if you like.

But even if you’re not in the mood to make salsa or simply don’t have time to do it, you’re in luck. Just one tortilla is enough to eat. You can even pick up a bottle of salsa from the grocery store!

Roasted chestnuts

I like toasted chestnuts as a snack because they are so unique and a little sweet.

Chestnuts are also packed with nutrients like vitamins C and B6 and minerals like manganese, phosphorus and copper.

Roasting chestnuts is also a good holiday activity. Why not try chestnuts next winter?


Seaweed is a great substitute for chips. If you are looking for something healthier

They have the same crunchy texture but are packed with nutrients and have a unique flavor.

I always buy prepackaged. But you can do it at home if you want!

vegetarian snacks

  1. hummus
  2. soy bean
  3. Guacamole
  4. kale chips
  5. popcorn
  6. trail mix
  7. roasted beans
  8. Butter on Rye Crackers
  9. Dark Chocolate Rice Cake
  10. day
  11. dried apricots
  12. Fruit and nut bars
  13. Vegetable Smoothie
  14. fruit barbecue
  15. Oat
  16. Apple Slice Peanut Butter
  17. heart artichoke
  18. Chia seed pudding
  19. Rolled oats
  20. coconut flakes
  21. Sun-dried olives and tomatoes
  22. cookies
  23. Tortilla Keto Chips
  24. Roasted chestnuts
  25. seaweed

final thought

This is just my favorite vegan dessert. But the vegan diet is full of possibilities.

The options are much more varied than people think. So, if you’re wondering what snacks you can take with you on your next trip or just sit together during your lunch break? We hope this list helps you!

if you are traveling Check out the vegan foods you can find at Starbucks.

What are your favorite vegetarian snacks? Let us know in the comments section!

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