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Like ice cream with hundreds of flavors. There are also endless toppings.

While we usually expect classic toppings like drizzle, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries, modern ice cream parlor and Froyo franchise has topping bars with every kind of snack, sauces, fruit and nuts imaginable.

Many ice cream shops have special weekly promotions for beautiful sundaes modeled on other desserts. As creativity develops rapidly in the ice cream industry You will find mouth-watering toppings that will surprise you.

Whether they are good or bad surprises is anyone’s guess! Read on to discover my list of 25 unusual and wacky frostings.

unusual ice cream toppings

Check out these weird ice cream toppings you might love!


Pickles are the opposite of ice cream. Where ice cream is soft, fatty and sweet, pickles crunchy, sour and salty.

They say opposites attract. But this can be the exception to the rule!

To me Pickles and ice cream sound like a couple born from a pregnancy craving.

Check out different types of pickles. So try it with your next sundae!

wasabi beans

Mustard beans have a spicy taste that you can feel right through your nose. like horseradish

However, the first taste is a bit sweet. I also like their crisis.

In the case of sweet and spicy wasabi beans, ice cream can help bring out the sweetness while softening the spiciness.

There are many wasabi ice cream recipes to explore.

cherry brand

I’m not a big drinker, but I would order Old Fashioned just to enjoy the cherry liqueur decorations.

Cherry liqueur tastes almost like cherry liqueur. It has a sweet syrup with an alcoholic aftertaste.

These will taste great when mixed with Belgian chocolate ice cream for a frozen Black Forest cake.

Toasted coconut without sugar

while shredded coconut is a popular dessert and topping ingredient. Unsweetened toasted coconut is usually reserved for savory dishes like stir-fries.

The best coconut tip is that you don’t need any added sugar.

Toasting unsweetened coconut brings a rich and delicious flavor. Emphasizes rich coconut flavor. Ice cream is the sweet taste of coconut.

pearl chocolate

Pearls are gelatinous tapioca balls used in traditional Asian milk tea.

There are many flavors from tropical fruit to coffee. I like the sticky texture that absorbs the surrounding liquid. effective

They would be the perfect ice cream topper. I prefer chocolate pearls to coconut milk ice cream.

local honey

Honey is delicious and no two bottles are the same.

It depends on the climate and ecology of your local honey supplier. The flavor profile ranges from floral to sour.

The best part about honey is that it never goes bad! I pour honey on cakes or sorbets. I think it will taste better than lemon gelato.

caramel corn

My food stall at a county fair or farmers market is caramelized corn.

Who can resist the smell of freshly baked popcorn and caramelized sugar?

I was wondering if mixing caramel corn with cream would make fresh and hot caramel corn less delicious.

lemon peel candy

Lemon peels are just like other orange peels. extremely bitter

That said, we grate oranges to absorb the orange oil in many desserts.

Lemon peel candy with sugar It almost turns into a lemon-flavored marshmallow.

They are delicate coils that turn ordinary ice cream into works of art.

crispy beans

A crunchy nut is an uncommon thing I can do.

It’s hard not to finish the crunch before it reaches the ice cream.

Crispy nuts come with cream and caramel binders and simple syrup binders.

I’ll mash the crunchy pecans on top of the chocolate chip ice cream.

Grilled Pepitas

Pepitas seeds are the Spanish word for pumpkin. Green seeds swell when toasted.

They are goofy but light and airy. Baking will change the flavor and better consistency.

Baked Pepita is better than cinnamon and vanilla ice cream with apple juice.

pineapple juice

The removal of fruit from the juice creates its proprietary sugar and flavor.

I used to make compotes with perishable fruits like peaches.

I’m sure the pineapple dip is as good as it sounds. I like to try it with tropical flavors like coconut or banana.

Check out other compotes and compotes you can use!


Balsamic can be a type of vinegar. But it’s definitely the sweetest of the bunch.

There are aged balsamic and reduced balsamic, sweet and syrupy.

You’ll see balsamic ice cream sprinkled in fancy restaurants. marketed as a superfood

You can roll your eyes, but this is one topping to try. It tastes better than strawberry ice cream.

Edible lavender

Edible lavender is dried lavender.

It’s not just a beautiful periwinkle color. It also adds a unique floral flavor and subtle crunch to your ice cream.

You can also save the flowers for tea after eating ice cream. Lavender goes well with vanilla ice cream or sweet ice cream. They will also stain the dissolved residue a light purple!

Crispy fries

My favorite is dipping fries in a rich chocolate milkshake.

Fries as a frosting are the next logical step. Saves you the trouble of making milkshakes.

The most important thing to me are the fries. Whether it’s ice cream or topping, it’s crispy and delicious.

olive oil

Dripping fatty oil on an overly greasy cream may seem superfluous. But olive oil is an unusual cream with lots of toppings.

High-quality extra-virgin Italian olive oil adds rich flavor to sweet ice cream. I recommend pouring it over the pistachio gelato.

Ginger juice

Ginger candy is a delicious treat with the granulated sugar outside forming a chewy texture.

It’s a strong ginger flavor with an interesting texture. I recommend cutting it into smaller chunks because a little helps a lot.

I think ginger ice cream is better than mascarpone ice cream.

Crushed Gingernap

Gingersnaps are a classic fall dessert made with concentrated sugarcane juice, powdered ginger, cinnamon, and cloves.

It has a firm, sticky texture that doesn’t break when milk or cream is absorbed.

Crushed ginger on pumpkin spice ice cream or coffee ice cream will delight the crowd at any holiday party.

Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is a thick, creamy custard made with egg yolks, sugar, lime juice, and lemon zest.

Lemon meringues and lemon bars are the best examples of using lemon curd.

Egg yolks add firmness and smoothness. while juice and zest enhance the fizz.

Lemon curd goes well with vanilla ice cream and graham crackers.


Cocoa nibs are unprocessed beans from the cocoa tree, where chocolate is produced.

However, chocolate uses roasted cocoa mixed with lots of sugar and milk.

Cocoa Nibs has a chocolate flavor without the sweetness.

I think they would taste great with sweet cream like sweet cream or Mexican vanilla cinnamon.

canned peaches

Peach preserves jellies and compotes with a gelatinous texture and large chunks of peaches.

I like the yellow peach jam because it’s a bit more sour.

I think peach jam would go well with raspberry ice cream to serve as a classic Peach Melba dessert.

Vanilla Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel is a coarse-grained sea salt commonly used as a seasoning for savory and sweet dishes.

Large salt particles will give a rich salty taste. Salt is an essential ingredient in all desserts because it adds and balances sugar levels.

You’ll find caramelized almond or sea salt bars and salted dark chocolate at every grocery store.

Vanilla fleur de sel is unique in that it adds a unique vanilla flavor to the salt. I would use it more than caramel ice cream.

Spanish salted peanuts

Spanish salted roasted peanuts, also known as Valencia peanuts, are thin, long roasted peanuts.

They are one of the best tasting peanuts in the world and the perfect bar snack.

I love peanut-inspired desserts. From peanut butter cups to frozen yogurt peanut butter.

I recommend sprinkling Spanish salted peanuts over dark chocolate ice cream.

Grade B maple syrup

Grade B maple syrup is the strongest and darkest late season maple syrup.

As a result, it has a darker logo and a more mineral-rich composition. Maple syrup is my favorite sweetener, and grade B is the cream of the crop.

I’ll drizzle with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream.

Smoked salt pork

Bacon is the pinnacle of savory decadence and goes well with sweet ingredients.

If you’ve ever eaten the maple syrup that oozes from your pancakes on top of bacon. You will know how delicious the sweet and savory combination is.

Sprinkle some bacon over the most “unusual” maple-flavored ice cream.

Ground coffee/espresso

There is nothing better than the faint aroma of a bag of freshly ground coffee.

It’s a scent I enjoy with every sip in the morning. That said, I hate it when I swallow the coffee grounds floating in the bottom of my cup.

So I was wondering about adding it to ice cream. I think the grainy texture is much more than a delicious coffee flavor that soaks into the cream. But some people say so.

I think I prefer an affogato-style espresso!

unusual ice cream toppings

  1. pickles
  2. wasabi beans
  3. cherry brand
  4. toasted coconut
  5. pearl chocolate
  6. local honey
  7. caramel corn
  8. sweet lemon peel
  9. Crispy nuts break into small pieces.
  10. Grilled Pepita
  11. pineapple jam
  12. balsamic
  13. Edible lavender
  14. Crispy fries
  15. olive oil
  16. Ginger juice
  17. ground ginger
  18. Lemon Curd
  19. Sleep
  20. canned peaches
  21. Vanilla Fleur de Sel
  22. Spanish salted peanuts
  23. Grade B maple syrup
  24. Smoked salt pork
  25. Ground coffee/espresso

final thought

Next time you are planning an ice cream party or visiting your local ice cream parlor. try to think outside the box

Any choice from my list of unusual toppings makes for a delightful dining experience.

Check out popular ice cream flavors to try these toppings. or classic gelato flavors for an Italian twist.

You can even combine these unusual toppings with some of the weirdest ice cream flavors we’ve ever heard of to create a unique flavor.

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